[Guide] Attention LA no reload exploit users, I got "official" confirmation, this is considered exploiting

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NotziMad, May 20, 2020.

  1. NotziMad

    Bear with me for a second, cause this is coming from a good place, honestly.

    I got warned / suspended for "stat padding" for killing turrets. I didn't know it was against the rules, I saw it as a very boring farm that helped a lot to complete the Kraken directive.

    I never would have a guessed that it was against the rules to do that, I assumed that if I could do it, then it was intended, and that if the devs didn't want us doing it then they would use some feature to stop us (like not giving you a "kill" if you kill a turret).

    This is why I'm posting this here, it's the same thing with the LA exploit. I know many people may use it thinking it's a bug but nothing more. Or, I also know players who know that it's an exploit, but do it anyway thinking they don't risk anything by doing it, that no one will report them.

    I drive sundies like all the time, so I'm always defending sundies, and this has been happening to me a lot lately, and I got pretty pissed off, so I made a ticket with support, and I won't quote you all we discussed, but just one thing that may be relevant :

    But cause I'm a good guy, cause that happened to me, but yeah, I admit, beause maybe I'm hoping this might stop some of you from doing it to my sundy (so yeah, it's a little selfish too), I'm sharing this information.

    Cause to be honest, I didn't think it was a bannable offence.
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  2. FLHuk

    They've had ample chance to post on here in confirmation or denial on the rocklet bug and have not.

    Same as the Bastion spawn killing bug, same thing imo. Crouch macro, spotting macro, anti recoil macro, etc.

    I loathe and detest the lack of official comment on these bugs left in and seemingly ignored. That one guy using the rocklet bug to attain several thousand kills, videos galore of him submitted, multiple threads debating it, publicising it but it's our fault somehow.

    So what we're seeing here is the rule with exploits is.
    • Many things are exploits even if we've never said. If you're the one guy in hundreds we cite for it our incompetence in not enforcing or stating it as an exploit it is irrelevant. Our right to enforce sporadically is reserved.
    Much the same as directives.
    • Here have a thing that encourages you to find ways to pad, we may punish you later, probably not. But we might.
    Can absolutely guarantee there will be no official response to this thread ( bait deployed ) :(
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  3. TRspy007

    Any abuse of a bug to get kills/avoid death is an exploit.

    It's harder to deal with because the guys aren't necessarily manipulating anything, they are abusing of known flaws. The team needs to be more proactive about dealing with bugs, or at least be a bit more careful about implementing them.

    However if you are able to record a video of a guy exploiting, it could go to great lengths to get them banned.
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  4. TRspy007

    Actually someone I "know" got reported by others for killing turrets (launchers directive) and banned for a week.

    I know another dude who would go around killing turrets to get his vehicle auraxes.
    He eventually got banned too.

    I agree there's a lot of directives that need reworking.

    Don't bother baiting them here, they'd have to read the forums to actually get baited lol
  5. Quimcity

    Strange they have not limited the number of turrets you can kill and get XP for, rather than allowing you to keep killing them until you get a warning/ban.
    If you hack multiple turrets as a cloaker you get XP for a fair number of them but after a while you just get the message Turret hacked but with no XP. If they can do it for hacking turrets surely they can do it for shooting them.
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  6. Liewec123

    They could ban people for doing it...but they dont.
    They could fix it...but they dont.
    They could remove the survivalist implant until a fix can be made...but they dont.

    The reason people keep abusing this is because they've become accustomed to DBGs inaction,
    They know they can abuse this crap all day every day for a year and this incompetent company will do NOTHING.
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  7. InexoraVC

    No reload for Rocket Rifle is the annoying bug. It appears if you play Survivalist implant.
    For me it appears every evening and the only way to get rid of it is to relogin.
    DBG|RPG could fix it, but they dont!
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  8. NotziMad

    I've had a ton of LA use this bug on my sundy, a ton, but I never reported any of them because even though I was the victim of this, I didn't think they were doing anything "legally" wrong. As in, there would be any point in reporting them.

    Basically, support told me : "they are exploiting, you should report them."
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  9. Liewec123

    its incredible that such a gamebreaking exploit with such simple acquisition (you just die repeatedly with survivalist 5...)
    can stay in the game for this long.

    if it was any other company i'd question why, but hell, its DBG, we all know they're utterly incompetent.
    fix game breaking exploits? nah lets just think up new ways to RUIN THE GAME.
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  10. FLHuk

    Wow, no response. Shocked I am, shocked!
  11. Werkitten

    What is it all about? What is the exploit you are discussing?
  12. FLHuk

    First point was about padding, not an exploit.

    Second was the rocklet reload bug.
    To name just three threads on the subject with no official reply. Also not counting Facebook posts, Twitter and Reddit posts all without reply.

    There's also a detailed guide to how to do it on this very forum again without official response. :(
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  13. The Shady Engineer

    This bug has been around for what, 3 months now without anything being done? At this point it's more of a feature than an exploit.

    Hell, the rocklet rifle itself was a bad idea to begin with. I remember when there was talk about LA's getting a tool slot and everyone speculated on what it was going to be. Most common ideas were something that helped with squad spawns or some sort of anti recon-dart device. But no, LA main lead designer thought it would be a good idea to give the class even more AV capability because having 2 C4's on a flying infantryman wasn't enough of a kick in the dck for vehicle drivers and the class needed a better ability to nuke deployed Sundies on its own and kill fights.

    But I digress.... :confused:

    The fact that Survivalist is one of the more "meta" implants at the moment doesn't help the situation. There could legitimately be people abusing this bug accidentally.
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  14. NotziMad

    [quote="FLHuk, post: 3552737, member: 125384"Also not counting Facebook posts, Twitter and Reddit posts all without reply.

    There's also a detailed guide to how to do it on this very forum again without official response. :([/quote]

    Well, you could say that the response I got after making a ticket about it to support was "the official response", and that is (paraphrase, not quote) :

    "The devs are aware of the issue. In the meantime it is considered an exploited and you should report anyone doing this."
  15. TRspy007

    You gotta email their CS directly. They don't usually check/reply to the forums.
  16. TRspy007

    not to be the picky *******, but I just want to point it out so there's no confusion/issues next time:

    "_" is used for direct quotations

    '_' is used for paraphrasing

    Otherwise you can simply summarize the reply, without the need for any special quoting.

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  17. NotziMad

    yeah that's picky

    hahahhahahahahah I really laughed :)
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  18. TRspy007


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