Attack on Auraxis: EU Edition

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  1. kidRiot

    Hello. Fortunate enough to be able to stream on the official Planetside 2 Twitch every Thursday from 12pm - 1pm PST (8pm - 9pm GMT). I'm glad to be able to cover EU prime time and do what I can to involve more of the EU community in the PS2 channels new live streams.

    I've had a lot of fun being involved with the EU community via casting with Fara for Server Smash, Klyka with Community Clash and speaking with various EU outfits to help organize scrimmages, matches, streams and even the All Stay game for the pre-season 1 of the Community Clash.

    Looking forward to hearing all feedback as I'll be looking to improve every week!

    The theme is the following: providing a stream where I roll with recognized and competitive top-tier outfits, breaking down what they do through live discussion, analysis and content. I may not always follow an outfit, I may go over a video of a competitive match from Season 1 Community Clash and talk about ways live server outfits can learn from the tactics & strategies used. The primary goal is to improve the experience of any player looking to improve.

    Note, when I use competitive in this context it means exactly that, "competitive" and not eSports.