Attachments for NC LMGs

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by William Petersen, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. William Petersen

    So I'm slowly trying to work my way to the GODSAW! I know it's not that impressive of a weapon, but I'd like to play around with it.

    So I'm here asking for what attachments I should get for my EM1, Gauss SAW and Gauss SAW S. Already Auraxed my GD-22S, yay! Love that gun; just a sight and it's good to go.

    Wondering if I should get the EM6 or the Anchor as fifth LMG (and naturally what I should fit on them). I was thinking maybe the Anchor 'cause it's almost just like the GD-22S, and I really liked that gun.

    The reason I ask is because I went and puttered around in the training room and it /seems/ like the foregrips I got for my two SAWs are totally worthless. The guns just don't (seem to) pull the side. And even the ones that do (Anchor and GD-22S) don't seem to be that impacted by having a foregrip. so I figured I'd ask for input from people who probably have a log more experience/knowledge.
  2. Pfundi

    EM1: I am using Ext Mags, 1x Reflex and Softpoint. It has high velocity. So it can take the Silencer as well (Wrel is using this setup)
    Gauss SAW: Everyone says use a 2x or a 3.4 or 4x scope. The grip, and the compensator. (As I dont have used it with all this (working on EM1 Auraxium. My first auraxium :) ) I just can once again say, that Wrel said the Bullet speed isnt worth the recoil of the HVA)
    The S could use pretty much the same things. When it got less recoil probably forget about the compensator and take the better hipfire (as SAW S is more like an all round weapon)
  3. NCstandsforNukaCola

    EM1 : Ex mag or Forward grip, SPA
    EM6 : Ex mag or Forward grip, Compensator, HVA(personal preference)
    GD-22s : Laser sight
    SAW S : Ex mag, Compensator, SPA
    Anchor : Adv laser sight, SPA

    SAW needs forward grip unless you are using that gun only within medium range.
  4. MrWolf3

    EM1-Ext mag, soft point, suppressor(when needed)
    Saw S-Basically the same as the GD-22s but with better suppressing power(Id go Ext mag and whatever you liked on the GD)
    Saw-Foward grip, compensator, wouldnt go with HV ammo.
    I'd go with Anchor but honestly I would forego the Guass Saw and just aurax both(they are both just better weapons in my opinion)
    I have auraxed all of the LMGs available to the NC(except for the Anchor which I am working on)
    You can find me on Emerald as dawolfman369
  5. Ruvan

    • EM1: Forward Grip and Soft Point Ammunition.
    • Gauss SAW: Compensator, Advanced Forward Grip and High Velocity Ammunition.
    • Gauss SAW S: Compensator, Forward Grip and High Velocity Ammunition.
    EM6 and LA1 Anchor are both good. LA1 Anchor is perhaps the front runner though.
    • EM6: Compensator and Forward Grip.
    • LA1 Anchor: Forward Grip or Advanced Laser Sight (personal preference) and Soft Point Ammunition.
    The two SAWs do have noticeable horizontal recoil, however, it's quite low so you won't notice it until firing at something quite far away. Still, the Forward Grip is worthwhile because these weapons are inherently long range anyway.
  6. agentpuhpul

    I do love the GodSaw, it's pretty fun to use, given that it's so freakin hard. But seriously, after a few days with the GodSaw your aim with any other weapon would be.. pretty godlike. Given that the Godsaw's recoil makes everything else look easy...

    Anchor imho is the best NC lmg because it offers that tight COF with the Adv Lsr... pretty much headshot galore on anyone at 5-10m, which is something the rest can't do (besides the EM1, but I REALLY dislike that weapon)

    em6 is also a great weapon, but it behaves similarly to the SAW... same sort of mid range/long range play style, but just easier recoil. However, if you want to switch things up, definitely go for the anchor... imo the em6 and the SAW are pretty similar, but the anchor is rather unique.

    attachmentwise, pretty much what everyone else said... I'd DEFINITELY get adv laser for the anchor. if you run forward grip, may as well get the em6...

    the forward grip, i'll have to agree I don't feel that much of a difference with the SAW and em6... but I just put it on for placebo, if it makes any difference, sure i'll throw it on there. Anchor you can feel the difference a bit more, but if you run a forward grip, it just makes the recoil less horizontal.. and at that point, with those stats, you honestly might as well go em6 for that sort of playstyle. the recoil on the anchor is pretty easy to master, just takes a little bit of practice
  7. SharkSpider

    This is an easy one. Forward grip and sight of choice, soft point if available. If you have a hard time pulling down on the SAW you could slap on a compensator but it's unnecessary in general. For the most part everything else is a downgrade or an extremely situational pick that hurts your performance overall. The biggest offenders are flash suppressors (higher RNG on your shots) and high velocity ammo (the higher recoil actually hurts your performance at range).

    If you wanted to pick the best LMGs to Auraxium I'd say forget the EM1 or Saw-S because both are extremely underwhelming. Between the Anchor and EM6 it's an easy pick, the Anchor is the best NC LMG and easily one of the best guns in the game.
  8. tgipier

    Anchor is probably one of the best LMG in the game.