[Suggestion] Attach C4 to players/self

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sagolsun, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hydragarium

    Yeah that's what he said. You just repeated him.
  2. Xaturas

    Allah Akhbar and into a room full of enemy.
  3. smokemaker

    I am american, I have no issues with this in game.
    I see suicide bombers as the evolution of stupid in RL.
    In game, could be useful.
    or at least entertaining.
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  4. PieBringer

    Technically it's the evolution of cannon fodder.

    Answer to ally that can't actually aim well (much less kill an enemy)... Use as a meat shield, or bait.

    Improvement on the above... Attach explosives to him and wait for enemies to get that delicious melee kill on an enemy.
    I'm actually fairly surprised someone hasn't used the "bum bait" tactic in this game yet. Have a friend stand still pretending to be afk, put some C4 or proximity mines where he's sure to come from. Wait for enemy to take the bait, instant satisfaction.
  5. Regpuppy

    Too late, I've already seen a platoon of Mosquitoes strap C4 onto the front of their plane and ram it into armor columns and bases. Can't really say it's that effective, but it's mildly humorous. There's also smacking some on your flash and ditching it towards last second,... and detonating when it's nearby the enemy of choice. Actually works and for a cheap extra price.
  6. SinerAthin

    Speaking of which...

    I once had an enemy ESF crash right into my Magrider and received a kill, ESF kill and... ram bonus? :O
  7. Garrix

    Put 6 c4 on a max then boost into.a crowded room or near a sundy or something... Unload all your mags, then been. Fun times.
  8. Tasogie

    This isn't America though, an its got nothing to do with real world.. its just a game. I think if people link a game with real life, they have serious mental issues an should NOT be online in first place.
    Not trying to wind anyone up, just simple fact, no matter what country.
    I love the idea of C4 vests, I couldnt imagine anything more fun than getting 4-5 guys to plant a dozen C4 on you, then you run into a group of badguys an BLAM!....
    major fun.
  9. Bad News

    Guide for suicidebombing

    1. Unlock tank mines
    2. Spawn an Engineer
    3. Spawn a flash
    4. ???
    5. Profit
  10. L1ttlebear

    The last thing this game needs is a bunch of muslims running around blowing themselves up. They already addresed the ariel musliming, they dont need to ADD a ground variant.

    Even as far back as BF1942 that stuff was annoying as crap lol