[Suggestion] Attach C4 to players/self

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sagolsun, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. sagolsun

    I'd like to be able to attach C4 other players and myself. I can already drop some C4 on my quad bike, but I have to get off or ram to detonate. The physics are also behaving wonky and larger vehicles are needed to make use of mobile bombs.

    It's the only effective way to fight magriders and I'd like it to receive some love.
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  2. IshanDeston

    I am not sure if OP is serious, but either way: No.
  3. sagolsun

    Why not?
  4. SinerAthin

    Don't need more kamikaze/suicide bombers.
  5. Hydragarium

    While I can easily imagine the tons of fun this could be, observing a C4'ed victim run over to his friends and get blown to smithereens, I don't think it would fly with the Americans. Too many uncomfortable similarities to terrorism.
  6. LameFox

    Can you do that with the sticky grenades? I always wondered what the point of those was.
  7. Sith

    We have enough suicide bombing going on as it is.
  8. Clay Pigeon

    Perhaps allow attaching it to MAX, but not general infantry? Max are larger, slower, and more metallic.
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  9. SenEvason

    I'd love to be able to do that. Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid.
  10. sagolsun

    That is kind of a good point, I'd expect a Fox News headline "New Online Game from Sony teaches players how to execute suicide bomb attacks"

    Edit: TERRISM IN MAH MURRICA? Who cares, this is a game.

    Still, humans are used as guidance/delivery systems when appropriate - in the case of middle east it's because of technological and economical limitations. Since human life is an effectively limitless resource on Auraxis I don't see why it wouldn't be utilized in this way.

    Gameplay-wise I it's an interesting twist - limited in application by the high cost of C4 while providing an interesting new challenge in CQB chokepoints.
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  11. IshanDeston

    Nah, its not. If you want that, drop a Granade at your feet. You can do that, no need to have me TKed half the time, because derp tries to rush the enemy when loaded up on C4 at his body, because its "funny".

    So no.
  12. PieBringer

    I say allow it, but only on ENEMIES, so you can't just attach it to a teammate with bad aim, you have to attach it to an enemy that is unaware, wait until he's close to his buddies.

    "Hey, Jim, what's that on your back?"
    "It's called a jump jet, you have one too, you know."
    "No, that grey thing, it looks like a brick or something..."
    "Has a label... What does "C4" mean?"

    Or, better yet... Make an INFILTRATOR only version, that can be attached to enemies.

    Would make for some very fun times when sneaking around.
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  13. Raneman

    I would love to use suicide bombers as part of my outfit doctrine. I support this idea.
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  14. Clay Pigeon

    They added an alternate fire for nades that isnt THROW AS HARD AS YOU CAN?
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  15. PieBringer

    Another idea, if put on a TEAMMATE (if allowed), they also get credit for any kills the C4 scores. (or at least assist. They carried it, why shouldn't they get some amount of reward for dying for a teammates' kills?)

    Just imagine the kinds of things you would see in chat.

    "Looking for Medic with C4." The same way we already see people asking for liberators to gun for.
  16. Brutus

    This is all that would be appropriate.
  17. Arcanum

    Pretty sure they don't care about video game tactics.

    I think this is bad because it gives too much room for sabotaging your own faction. You can plant C4 on a friends ATV and detonate when he gets to a magrider if you want to or vice-versa.
  18. Raneman

    You can do this already. It is actually a great tankhunting tactic. What he is suggesting is removing the middleman and just allowing us to place C4 on our friends.
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  19. JojoTheSlayer

    I really hope the Devs dont listen to Troll tactics like this idea above.
  20. smokemaker

    AKA suicide bombers
    would love it.
    give me a voice over :

    "Alla snackbar alla snackbar!!!!!!!"

    but i bet a group would get offended and start killing their own to prove some point. lol