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  1. Mikezat

    Greetings CM Mithril .

    We haven't met, and I have no other way of getting into contact with you. I hope this message finds you. I'm known as MikezatNC and I'm second in Command of The Whiskey Storm Core [1WSC] on Emerald. I'm here to extend an offer directly to you. Others, and myself have exhausted all other options so I'm giving it a go here.

    The Emerald Community has a discord and is looking to extend an invite to you. It houses the outfit lead and 1-2 representatives of most outfits on the emerald server. The discord is highly structed and moderated and is a 100% community effort. We use it as a central hub to organize server wide events and work with content creators and streamers. We have people like ArsheeTV and Commander Cyrious to name a few that are also part of the discord in case you question its legitimacy.

    I believe it is a great opportunity for both parties to have some form of direct communication with you in a limited and controlled capacity. We would love to get into contact with you sometime. Any sort of reply or information you can PM me would be apricated. I can also meet on Planetside 2 official discord if needed. Anything works, even if its a simple no.

    Thanks for your time and I do apologize if this is breaking some sort of rule here on the forum as I'm not too familiar with it. This was the only place i could make a post from what I could find.

    - Mike
  2. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    Please reach out to me on the public discord located here.
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  3. Mikezat

    Thank you so much for your reply and quick chat. Give it some thought and think on it and Ill let the right people contact you as I will be relaying it to the correct people. Its a much appreciated that you got back with me.