At what point in upgrading jumpjets will the jumpjets begin to improve?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by LameFox, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Paqu

    Really?! Well that certainly indicates nothing has changed and they are still broken the same way they have always been.

    Man this is starting to get confusing and Iam not so sure if I want to invest my hard earned certs into it after all..
  2. Achmed20

    basicly none for me. i might recharge a little bit faster but thats quite it. height is qite the same.

    compared with the drifter jets upgrades this is a total letdown. but it seems to bugged anyway. the discriptions aysw it gives more fuel and more fuel also means more height. since its not giving more height/fuel it must be bugged.

    got both on the highest rank and its a total let down.
  3. ozziewolf

    My testing was at the warpgate. I will say that the differences between ranks is very small until rank 6 and even then it's not a massive difference. The main benefit to upgrading is the increased regen rate which allows you to feather your jump jets longer and jump across larger gaps.
    One example is the tech plant SCU roof top connected via bridges. With rank 2 or 3 (I forget which) If you are on the left or right edge of the roof and feather your jets you can just barely make it across the gap. With rank 5 you can easily cross the space. (Rank 6 more so of course.)
    Most people watch the beams you can run across but not as many watch the edge of the buildings allowing you to flank people camping on the roof tops and having left over power to jump again if necessary comes in handy.
  4. Paqu

    Any chance you could make a video where you try the jumpjets in a same place at amp station under the pad where Skiptis performed his tests as well? I would be curious to see the difference.
  5. ozziewolf

    I would only be able to show Rank 6 Jump jets since that's what I have now. If you're interested in seeing rank 6 I can see about uploading a video tonight.
  6. Paqu

    Yeah thats fine. Now that we have seen where level 2 and 3 can go in amp station and can see the recharge time from Skiptis videos it would be nice to see what kinda difference does it make if you put 750-800 more certs into it.
  7. ozziewolf

    The one thing I find necessary is to avoid draining my jetpack completely. There is a good 2-3 seconds of 0 regen if you let it go completely empty. I'll see about doing the video tonight.
  8. Skiptis

    If I can get my hands on clips of level 5 and 6 I could make a montage of all JJ cert levels, since I currently have 1, 2 and 3 across three different characters and spare cert points I can throw into 4 on my main. If you feel like taking up the task I'd suggest making two separate clips for each of the 5 and 6 levels, one where you fly up on the support strut I've used for comparisons (use all your fuel and drop down on it) and another where you go for the flight pad. Daytime preferred, night time got real dark on video. If you have ideas for better locations I'm all ears, though I don't think any location can really give a comprehensive view of what the upgrades feel like. Have to play with them for yourself for that. Actually, the main reason I posted my videos was just to confirm those particular levels weren't bugged, so yeah. :9

    I only used the ingame recording on highest quality and (I'm not sure this is something one should admit) Windows Movie Maker (saving files as "for HD screens (1080p)" or somesuch) so you hardly need to be a tech guru to pull it off. The output clips after you run them through WMM are fairly small even at that quality considering the clips are short, roughly 1MB per second of video.

    @ozziewolf: As mentioned previously if you keep flying you get more flight time than the fuel meter suggests (but can't reactivate the jump jets until it has regenerated at least one pip) so it's not quite as clear cut as "stop just before you run out of fuel". It's more of a theoretical exercise though, since if you get to where you were going before you run out of fuel you stop for regen regardless and if you don't you fly as far as you can because it's better than falling down. :p
  9. Paqu

    Sounds good to me. I have just pressed the youtube button from movie maker to upload it directly. The ingame recorder is pretty good and sure is more than enough for this job.

    Would be nice to get clear answer for this matter and to see if it is really fixed or not since you hear both. At first I was in the impression it now actually works even if its not accurate with the description, but at least you would see improvement over each level. But Runkel's comment about level 5 making it worse sounds its still the same bugged out jet.

    Anyways thanks guys for taking the time and effort to test this one out!
  10. ozziewolf

    I fell asleep on the couch last night so I didn't get to this. I still intend to make a video of rank 6 probably tonight.
  11. Intrinsic

    This is my experience also, 4 seemed decent enough, with 5 it's either the same or a tiny bit worse. The 1st thing i noticed was when i said to myself "hang on , i used to be able to jet upto this place when i had 4"

    It would be easy to test if we were able to pick the different levels to use like for some other certs.
  12. Paqu

    Could you please post a video about the level 5 jet? Preferably in an amp station under the landing pad next to the entrance which leads inside the facility. You know in the same place where Skiptis on the previous page made his comparison videos about level 2 and 3.

    And if ozziewolf happens to wake up from his couch some day we could get some footage about level 6 as well. :p
  13. Intrinsic

    Sure i'll do this now, and just hope the upload works fine :)
  14. Intrinsic

    Holy ****su, have i found a bug with LA jet packs, after using more than once/twice after a respawn it doesn't work as good as the 1st time! I'll upload 2 vids showing this.

    Edit: Unable to totally reproduce this every time i want to, maybe the LA jetpack fuel bar is bugged in some ways. I'll add a 3rd video showing it working beyond where it should.

    Edit 2: I found the issue, if you move in any direction other than up your fuel supply gets used up faster, which sort of makes sense as it has to fire additional thrusters :/ I'll still post the vids as examples. But looking at the 2nd vid again it doesn't look like i actually changed direct, maybe a moved a tad forwards but that's it, still you can see even a slight keypress sucks up a lot more juice than you'd think.

    In the 3rd vid you see the pack worked long after my the guage empties, but notice when i touch down again after using the JP to slow myself it suddenly fills up slightly.
  15. Paqu

    Ah thats good to know. Seems like it works the same way as drifter on that matter. If you just hover in one place the fuel goes down way slower than if you start moving in any direction.

    So at level 4 you got higher than that?

    And thanks for the videos btw.
  16. Intrinsic

    Because of the movement thing i may have been mistaken on that and maybe it is "Working as intended" the guy with lvl4 still will need to test again without press any movement keys and see how he gets on to be sure.
  17. Eyeklops

    Sigh...the current JJ's suck hardcore compared to the Icarus ones we had in Beta, those were the best. I play LA quite a bit, and almost despise the devs (not really) for the Icarus not making release.
  18. Intrinsic

    Icarus were too good i think, normal JP already gives us a massive advantage, Icarus would be nuts ;p
  19. Skiptis

    The bug with flight time extending past fuel meter depleting is present on all levels of jump jets, Intrinsic. See my previous replies and check the comparison videos I posted. At least it was present on all the levels I compared, I reported it as a bug but I guess we'll see if anything is done about it.
  20. MykeMichail

    I noticed an improvement with every level of jump jets, with both total fuel and recharge rate.

    Sometimes I forget how weak Level 1 jump jets are and frequently say "follow me!" to other light assaults who then die from fall damage when they try to jump up to where I'm leading them. Sorry guys. :-(