At what point in upgrading jumpjets will the jumpjets begin to improve?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by LameFox, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. LameFox

    I think I've got two upgrades left on these things and I've yet to notice any difference whatsoever. Does anything ever, like... happen?
  2. Iridar51

    Don't know what're you talking about, I've noticed every upgrade.
  3. LameFox

    I don't seem to cover any more distance than I did the first time I used the things. Am I supposed to equip each new level separately or something?
  4. Paqu

    Jumpjets are currently broken. There is a video here somewhere where someone tested the difference on each level. If I remember correctly it was like this; level 2 gives little boost, level 3-4 does nothing, level 5 actually makes it worse and level 6 gives tiny boost over level 2 which of course helps but is not even near to the level that the description says.

    So unfortunately at the moment going past level 2 is just waste of certs. Drifter jet upgrades works and you get significant boost on each level, especially the last two levels.
  5. biterwylie

    Good morning

    The jumpjets were fixed. You should be able to notice an increase in performace with each boost. The increases are however small.

    If you exit the warpgate and stand below the landing pads you will see that you can get closer to being able to go from the floor to the pad with each increase until you can get onto the pad at level 6.

    At level 5 you are able to reach nearly every area you could wish for with good control. Level 6 adds a safety net incase you mess up and also extra glide distance.
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  6. LameFox

    When you say 'small'... is it really doing what the tooltip says? Because that made it sound like a pretty dramatic change TBH.
  7. Ghoest

    So your saying it does something now but not what it says it does?
    I wouldnt call that "fixed."
  8. Skiptis

    The upgrades definitely work now. Having gone out and tested it, I can get to places higher up on my VS LA with JJ 3 than I can on an alt with no JJ upgrades. Specifically, the support struts around the top of amp stations (the white and yellow ones with the stylised "NS" Nanite Systems icon) that hold up the flight pads (there are identical struts under the "power legs" that sit slightly lower that you can get up on without upgrades). With JJ 3 you can just about get up on top of them starting from the ground below and by the corner of the metal ramp into the base and with no upgrades you'll just reach the side of the strut before running out of fuel.

    That isn't to say they aren't bugged. Currently you keep getting flight time past the fuel meter having run out as long as you keep holding down space. It's not just a UI bug though, because if you fly just until the fuel meter visually runs out, then let go and immediately hit and hold space again you will not get any more flight time until fuel regen shows up on the fuel meter; you need at least one pip showing to be able to activate the jump jets.
  9. LameFox

    Eh, I guess it just sounded more... more... as the % in the tooltip.

    lol. I always assumed it was just like my car and that was the reserve. Though it is kinda annoying that it won't activate until the actual bar displays fuel.
  10. Rogueghost

    Make a new character and try to use those jumpjets, you'll notice the difference immediately.
  11. Skiptis

    Night time turned out pretty dark on video but here's the comparison I outlined earlier in case anyone wants recorded proof.
  12. FleshIcon

    They recharge quicker too.
  13. KRE8R125

    I noticed each and every level improvement. Can't wait for lvl 5!
  14. Krona

    Unless they finally fixed it, everything passed rank 2 does nothing.
  15. Paqu

    You compare level 1 and level 3 when the real question is that is there any difference between level 2 and level 3?

    Thats what I would like to see before Iam willing to spend any certs on jumpjet over level 2.
  16. Skiptis

    Your wish is my command. I forgot to show certs for the NC alt clip (I reshot that clip and only showed certs in the clip I discarded) but take my word for it, it's level 2. Also, daytime, wohoo. No more squinting.

    No Vanu were harmed in the making of this video.

    If you want to make a comparison like this for yourself, keep in mind that after purchasing an upgrade you need to find an equipment terminal and resupply for it to be equipped. It might be obvious but it's not necessarily intuitive, which caused a death on the TR alt I used in the first video when trying to make this one since I did the test first after purchasing level 2 and then again with level 3s... except, ofcourse, both times I still had default equipped because I hadn't resupplied inbetween.

    To be honest the fuel regen is probably the biggest part of upgrading jump jets looking at average play because it means less waiting time. The places were upgraded jump jets let's you get up where default jump jets fall short are fairly rare and you can usually find an alternative path to the same destination with more but shorter jumps. Getting up somewhere or not is a more easily determined difference, though, which is why the clips are of what they are.
  17. Paqu

    Thanks for testing it again. It sure looks it gives little extra over level 2. And when I compared level 2 to level 1 from your first vid there is a difference as well.

    Sorry for being bit demanding but do you have any idea does level 4 further improve it and with level 5 could you actually make it to the landing pad or at least almost make it? Yes you are right about the fact that the little extra high most of the time makes no difference, but faster recharge sure can be a life saver.

    Once I get home I'll give level 3 a try and maybe even level 4 as well. Cant afford to go to level 5 atm, but I'll record those level 3 and level 4 differences. Not because I dont believe your results are accurate, but just to double check. :)
  18. ozziewolf

    Rank 5 will bring your head just above the landing pad. Rank 6 will allow you to easily land on the landing pad with about 3 feet clearance.
    People have said Rank 5 was worst in the past but I never experienced that.
  19. Runkel

    I just bought lvl 5 Jump Jets and they are worse than lvl 4... it's a bummer but not a big deal sience i planned to upgrade to lvl 6 anyway :)
  20. Paqu

    Just to make sure, where did you test it? On amp station like Skiptis seems to have done or in warpgate?

    Because the pads are clearly on different height on these places. I can almost make it on top of the pad in warpgate with my level 2 jet, but looks like in amp station it doesn't even get close.