AT mine + C4 brick combo trap

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by unsinnsschmierer, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. unsinnsschmierer

    Anyone knows the math of placing AT mine + C4 brick traps instead of 2x AT Mines?

    I was wondering how would that work against the different vehicle types and against load-outs (mine guard vs. the armor upgrade). I have no clue about how much damage each explosive does, what are the hit points of each vehicle and the exact effects of the upgrades. Anybody knows where to find the stats?
  2. Tanelorn

    Um, can you actually carry both?
  3. unsinnsschmierer

    No, but you can place the mines, then go to a console, change to C4, go back to the spot and place the C4 on top of the mines
  4. Compass

    1 Mine + 1 C4 destroys all tanks, regardless of Mine Guard level.
    1 Mine + 2 C4 destroys all Sunderers, regardless of Mine Guard level.
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  5. KM131

    I have tried it awhile, but it was not that satisfying.
    At first you need more time to set up the mine traps, c4 is a way more visible than at-mines and 1 at-mine plus 1 c4 is not enough for sunderers.
  6. unsinnsschmierer

    I see, I guess I'll have to find another use for the C4...
  7. Compass

    Try sticking it on the Sunderer and letting it drive off.
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  8. LameFox

    I bet you could chain some hilarious explosions in buildings though. AP mine for a trigger, AV mine or C4 within the blast radius (and another in its radius, etc). Put the trigger mine at the end, so a guy runs along with some allies behind him, hits the last mine and blows everybody up.
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  9. flipmoomonkey

    Just tested it out on my Ammo-Bus Sundy(with no Mineguard or Blockade Armour obviously) and 1 AT Mine + 1 C4 put it onto red and then exploded 1 second later, effectively one-shotting any moving sundy that doesn't have Mineguard. Depending on what sort of cert level you are at and how many munitions you have available then I could see it being useful in some situations; 3AT+1C4, 4AT+2C4,3AT+3C4 all seem pretty decent crossover points depending on how you're upgrading the munition certs. The obvious downsides are you need a good long time to set them up beforehand and it costs you 25 more resources per pile than the normal double AT.
  10. KM131

    the blast radius of c4 is not that great.
    in theory such linked traps sound funny, but they are not that practical. there are too much granates and rockets in the air.
  11. Hecket

    As a LA i ussualy place 2 bricks [before the hotfix3] on a fully upgraded minegaurd, then bumrush it with engineer with 3 AT mines. It is gauranteed to blow up.
  12. Shiaari

    Very true, but that requires me to go back to a terminal. I'll just drop two tank mines on it.

    Frankly I think tank mines should arm the moment you drop them, and that 2 C4 should once again destroy a Sundy.
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  13. Chiggerbite

    I do this with an AP and AT mine in the Biolab spawn rooms right before we lose the Biolab. Placement is key. It's got to be far enough back to allow several of the enemies to enter the room, still be somewhat hidden, yet where you know someone will walk. ;)

    I'm not the only one that knows this trick on my server... which is why I'm NEVER the first one to enter a Biolab spawn room after we've taken it... lol.
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  14. LameFox

    Do the pain fields not kill them now when it changes hands?
  15. Chiggerbite

    Unless something has changed (and I didn't notice... which is possible), pain fields don't destroy mines. They will destroy turrets though.
  16. firelog4

    The gentleman refers to this method, I believe.

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  17. Czuuk

    It's madness.
  18. Takoita

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  19. Dakkaface

    I have a friend who sets up big explosive chains like this to detonate spawn rooms when a base flips. All those idiots who go charging into the spawn room when a tech plant or amp station flips die - AI mines in the center of the room/stairs, AV mines in the AP blast radius, C4 under the infantry consoles. The people pour in, AI mines trigger the whole shebang. I think he said his personal best was 15 kills at once.
  20. o.Solei.o

    After one of the patches they started doing that. I thought it was intentional and stopped making these traps. If it's not, I'm glad to hear that. I really enjoyed this kind of sabotage. >:D