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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Sagabyte, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. Sagabyte

    I have a bunch of random Medic changes and additions that I thought would be cool to increase the variety of the class.

    Basic Class Changes
    -Med Tool uses heat as a resource like the engineer device
    -Current med tool is less effective overall
    -Triage is buffed, affects 10m around the vehicle, and heals 5% per second at max rank
    -Revive heals MAX units to half health, but takes slightly longer
    -Left or right clicking over enemy corpses will prevent them from being revived
    -Anyone who requests a medic will provide a +10% XP bonus for their healer, if attended to within a short amount of time.
    -Those you revive start recharging their shield immediately after resurrection

    Med Tool Replacement

    Concept 1 -
    -Left click: Heals person 25% faster than normal
    -Right click: Repairs the shield of a target at +25% speed
    -Cannot revive dead soldiers
    -Left and right click can be used at the same time, at the expense of greater heat gain

    Ability Replacement

    Concept 1 -
    Use ability: Throws a deployable shield, which stops enemy gunfire until it expires or is destroyed. However, allies cannot shoot through it. The shield itself is translucent, allowing allies to see the enemies.

    Concept 2 -
    Deployable: Jams enemy healing in a small radius, preventing health regeneration and resurrection.
  2. Gromwort

    I don't like any of these ideas except a deployable shield.

    Giving medics a small transparent shield witch would block projectiles (but anyone can walk through it) would be cool.
  3. Raysen

    I do feel like infinite healing without a heating system is a bit exagerated. If not like that, at least make it so the tool breaks the heal ray once the target has full health, and the player can only click it again if aiming on a harmed one.
    (anyway it's really annoying when in a group of soldiers your healing tool sticks to people already at full health while trying to help the one harmed)

    For the rest, I feel the class doesn't need other concepts. Maybe the shield is an interesting ability, but the others thoughts are rather gamebreaking, causing too much unbalance in a fight.
  4. Shiaari

    Ok, the current rate of healing provided by the medical applicator is balanced around the fact it doesn't have heat. If you introduce a heat or other such limiting mechanic then you'll also need to significantly buff the heal rate within that span of time. Otherwise, its just a pointless nerf.

    Why is it a pointless nerf? Because, it is always harder to kill an enemy being healed. Always. You can't "nerf" that effectively, unless you just want to make it so medics can't heal players who are taking damage, which really would ruin the class entirely.
  5. Littleman

    Unless it's an HA with resist shield active, I'm not sure how. TTKs are generally so fast that that healing MIGHT grant them 2 bullets extra life. Maybe.

    As for the shield idea, that sounds pretty neat in my mind. Drop that in front of a door, granting the team some breathing room when entering or exiting a building. Fewer angles of ambush = good when moving through a door.

    Though I'd still like to be able to carry smoke and flash grenades.
  6. TheKhopesh

    I'd like to see an HCAR (Heavy Counter-Assault Rifle).
    It fits quite well for an NC based weapon.

    Excessively low fire rate (say, 515 RPM), high damage (167/143), high damage range (max damage out to 15m, min damage out to 85m), but with pinpoint sustained accuracy to balance it's horribly low fire rate.
    And only 25 rounds per mag (again, to focus on it's ranged accuracy niche, forcing it's users to aim for the head to remain competitively efficient).

    I imagine it with NS-11A accuracy stats, but an outrageously low 0.05 ADS bloom-per-shot to make it a headshotting machine for high aim players.
    This would make it a relatively useless weapon for those who can't aim straight and stay pointed at the head.
  7. Archard

    Slightly smarter targeting mechanics on the tool would make me happy. Trying to revive a bunch of people who died close together is a nightmare. I always get that one guy who takes several seconds to accept the revive making it impossible to target the others until he does.
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  8. Vortok

    I think Medic concepts might benefit from focusing around how to be the backbone of an infantry push. Reasons beyond revives that you'd want them in the thick of things, shoulder to shoulder with other infantry (in comparison to the more detached, support nature of non-vehicle Engineers).

    The first one would be better suited for an Engineer. The second has some potential to it - particularly for going against the x4 med kit lone wolf playstyle. Either would require some consideration to their impact in various areas, but neither is something to immediately dismiss.

    Doing more with shields is the other strong idea that comes up from time to time, but the rest of them could use more contemplation and revision. A med tool that heals faster wouldn't really help that much. TTK is so short that a constant heal beam style (aka, Team Fortress 2 Medic) isn't too relevant, nor would I want PS2 to copy it to that extent. Combat Medics are a bit more offensive minded and not so purely heal/support, though having a flexible range to work with to suit personal tastes is good to strive for. That and it's already pretty fast to heal someone up to full if they're hurt so a med tool that heals faster isn't that amazing - even moreso if they've been out of combat for a little bit.

    However, an alternative med tool that gives up the ability to restore health for the ability to heal shields would be interesting. There's still the healing aura for health restoration + it'd follow the same revive mechanics (max rank = full health revive). I rather like the idea. Always kinda bothered me that I could only get people to 'half' health and could do very little about the other (shield) portion. The shield deployable is a start, but would like to see multiple options.

    I rather like the buff aspect that Blizzard has included in the above class preview. Worth taking inspiration from.

    Some type of damage boost ability (anti-infantry weapons, don't need to buff infantry AV/AA) could prove interesting. Possibly an aura, but might work better as a grenade with a radius like the healing/rez nade.

    In relation to that, a defensive buff added for being inside of a healing grenade's radius (25% reduced incoming damage or something like that) could also prove interesting. Would apply that damage reduction to both shields and health.

    Both would give Combat Medics more of a purpose in when a group is trying to push or hold a control point, generator, or other area of interest. Main problem with grenades, over something like the healing aura, is that you need to resupply them. They just don't have the battlefield presence and constant availability of something like the default healing aura that just needs to recharge. Their consumable nature does let them have more instant potency, though.

    As a bonus, maybe attach to Triage a buff that reduces incoming damage and potentially also increases (AI) damage output. Something that builds over time (max potency after minute or so?) so that it's more for an initial burst after actual transit (Gal/Sunderer). A bit of extra oomph for the initial shock troopers to establish a beachhead. Not quite sure on duration after disembarking. Minute or two maybe. Would need to be a little careful about rumble seat shenanigans (and rule out possible behavior of sitting in a phalanx turret just to activate the buff). Perhaps limit the vehicle types that give the buff to mainly the transport ones.
  9. Vurvu

    They worst thing you could ever do with Planetside 2, is change the way it works currently.

    Even if it feels like a really good idea and a good time to try it.

    It's a vicious cycle only history can verify and the future is ready and willing to prove.

    I was reading that line above and thought it would be better if it read "a future ready and willing to prove" and was probably a bit too good.