Assault-Infiltrator help?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Okjoek, May 24, 2015.

  1. Okjoek

    I've played snipers and stuff, but I find them borring and was thinking that since that cloak is so useful for crossing open field in a fight and for taking peeks before leaving cover so why don't I make an assault-ish infiltrator? I started the load out by mounting nanoweave armor because I plan on getting my hands dirty like I would with the other classes and I want to be more part of the team rather than lone wolf.

    My biggest gripe is that there are so few automatic weapons, and even less cheap ones. I have the TR's SOAS (w/ 2 x scope + laser sight) which was the cheapest thing I could find at 250 certs (might have changed recently) that fires automatic and I find the ammo capacity unforgiving, but the only other option seems to be sub machine guns. I think I will switch to the armistice with an extended magazine once I get enough certs. It's too bad I can't get that NC SMG with the 167 base damage because I think that would be amazing for this.

    I think I will stick with the tool that shoots out the darts that detect movement because it's more suited to aggressive builds I feel.

    Any other tips for going into this?
  2. agentpuhpul

    I've actually been working on an aggressive mid range build just like this. I find in BIG fights using the SMG makes me fight too close, hence I over extend myself often -So i'm stuck with skirmishing on the very fringes of the battle (i've used the armistice, cyclone, blitz, NS7, MKV, tempest and the sirius all extensively). Yes, smgs are awesome, but they require a lot of movement and flanking to use effectively...

    What i've found is that the auto scouts (yes the SOAS, Artemis, and Stalker) are AMAZING for mid range gameplay..All you do is cloak, get behind some cover, and take out targets that are within your effective range. This is great for situations where the fight is indoors and it's like 50 players in there so it's too much of a clusterfk to get close with an smg... The only terrible thing is the ammo count is so low, but work on your aim and it'll be a lot easier. I like to use either the x1 scope or the x3.4 scope for situations like these.

    Make sure you BURST a lot!! do your very best to aim well... and focus on mid range engagements.
  3. BloodyG

    I'm not as fan of the SMG's i don't get them to work at all...

    If you get the drop on a group of people you will kill 2-3 max. before they shred you to pieces and most of the time they will know you are there before you even get close thx to the cloak noise...

    I find it better to get close with the BA Scout+silencer making the oneshot+knife combo, or headshot them from a save location from the back (but that needs some practise and luck with hitreg...)
  4. Okjoek

    Actually I am doing a lot better with my automatic scout rifle with practice. I tried the 3.4x scope, but I didn't like it as much. I may just stick with this weapon. I just need to be very careful with that limited magazine size and always be ready to use my sidearm to finish a job.
  5. breeje

    first you start out with the auto scout and you will need the fore grip for this one and a low zoom optic of choice
    start to pick off people one by one in the close medium area never go for 2 people at the same time unless you are in trouble
    if you feel comfortable in this range you can go for the smg

    going from sniper to smg, my recommendation
    sniper rifle, scout rifle, auto scout, NS smg to smg, every weapon will take a 1000 kills
    all these steps will force you closer step by step and you can switch to the next weapon if you feel comfortable at the range
    for the TR only, i will place the Trap after the auto scout or even let it replace the NS smg's (if you like the Trap)

    do not be discouraged if you get killed more then when you where a sniper this is normal to start out
    it will take you a 1000 kills to be good with every weapon and only play one weapon at the time
    if you keep switching weapons you will never have the feeling for the one you want to play
  6. agentpuhpul

    Yeah for the auto scouts, I use x1 scopes.. But recently i've been trying 3.4x scopes on them (sort of trying them out after testing out 3.4x scopes on LMGs -which is btw, with some practice, extremely powerful for farming people with :p)

    The trick with the 3.4x scopes is to start by aiming towards their belly/chest and use the recoil to kick up to chain headshots. and burst like crazy, like 2-3 round bursts.
  7. giltwist

    In both of the below cases, the number one thing you can do to improve your CQC infiltrator game is learning to wall-hop. This gives you mobility almost as good as a light assault. This thread has a great video of wall-hopping. Coming from above is not something people expect from infiltrators. Also, understand that as a Infiltrator, you will never have a good k/d (compared to other classes) unless you spend all your time sniping. The Infiltrator's job is to turn the tide of battle.

    1) Stalker cloak, adrenaline pump, blackhand, activatable knife, proxy mines, emp grenade, sensor cloak implant, radar deployable

    Equip the knife but only activate it at the last second or in very noisy fights, because it does make a noise that high BR players will notice. When activated, it OHK's anything but a max or an overshielded heavy. I have, once or twice, managed to take out an inattentive MAX with the knife but only when it was taking enough damage from the front to not notice me behind because it takes a LOT of hits. The blackhand really reveals you, so it should only be used when you know you can 2-hit them and you can't close the distance (i.e. engineer on AI turret). It is also useful for killing mines and deployables of all sorts. It is a terrible emergency weapon because of its 4-round clip. Don't get caught.

    The following also applies to the Hunter loadout, but I'll just say it now. The default with the proxy mines is to use them to guard a door, which is OK but most high BR players will check for that. There is a reason why my number one go-to weapon is the proxy mine (in fact, the only thing I've auraxiumed and I'm BR 66 atm). There are two better ways to use the proxy mines. One, put your radar deployable somewhere easy to find but where the enemy has to come around a corner to kill it. Put a proxy mine on top of your radar deployable. Two, get into an area where the enemy is tightly clustered, especially with multiple engineers working on a MAX. Drop both mines then your EMP grenade. The EMP drops everyones shield and activates the proxy mines. Flak armor won't save them now. This is a suicide run, but well-chosen moments often net 5-10 group kills, including the MAX. This effectively ends grinds in 9/10 cases. You are going to die 7 or 8 times trying to get in there, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you've turned the tide of battle when you succeed.

    2) Hunter cloak, nanoweave, CQC BASR (the one that has iron sights by default but I recommend 3.4x), commissioner, proxy mines, emp grenade, regeneration implant

    Run with the commissioner out by default. With the 2x scope, it's even a decent mid-range sniper, although it is more about deterrence than kills. That heavy on the tower will decide its not worth spamming his rocket launcher, even if you can't kill him. However, it's sufficiently fast, even ADS, to work as CQC weapon. You need to have the jump to win CQC fights, but you CAN win CQC fights if you flank properly.

    You CAN swap out the BASR for the tier 2 SMG, and I sometimes do for biolabs, but the BASR is overall more versatile once you get good with the commissioner as your CQC weapon. The reason why you want the BASR is because your job will be counter-sniping as well as taking out pesky engineer turrets and the occasional slow medic or scope-blind heavy. You need to be down in with the troops to do this. A good sniper is running silenced, so you won't find them by minimap pings. You need to be watching tracers and how your fellow soldiers are dying. With nanoweave maxed out, you can even tank a sniper shot under the right circumstances to find where they are hiding. An engineer turret is probably in the doorway of a building or other enclosed bottleneck, you can't hit them from the periphery of the base.

    Also, be on the lookout for enemy CQC infiltrators. Because you are one, you know where they will be. Invest in a good set of surround sound headphones so you can locate them by their cloaking sound.