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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TRspy007, May 23, 2020.

  1. TRspy007

    Would be nice if they gave ASP points every 10 ranks, that way we would have 11 points to spend, making the system a bit less restrictive.

    Or make ASP tokens purchasable through a7. Finally that stuff would be useful past a week after the new additions.

    ASP token refunds could also be nice.

    The "no directive weapons" is pretty weird. Given how bad most directive weapons are, I wouldn't say there's any reason to prevent them from being used through the system. Stuff like the directive SMGs would literally only be "useful" if you had them as a secondary you could decide when to pull out.

    They could also add new ASP tokens provided they add more ways to earn them. Maybe a second tactical slot, a third universal weapons slot (maybe make this pistols only), the archer for infiltrators, the possibility of equipping 2 defense slots /chassis on select vehicles, universal carry of an extra consumable, etc.

    Tons of ways to improve this "prestige" system that was never really worked on effectively.
  2. Liewec123

    yeah ASP is just another half baked idea that they said they'd work on going forward, never happened.

    i'd like a heavy weapon ASP for engi so engies can use grenade launcher and MCG :)

    also finally some sort of MAX ASP, either reduced cost or something more interesting
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  3. TRspy007

    MAXes should just have a reduced cost in general considering how bad they are.

    Btw, I found how to refund ASP token. Those guys hid it in the "boosts and utilities" section of the store :D

    What an idiot I was looking for the refund where it said "ASP skills".

    Now I know where to spend 5000 certs lol.
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  4. The Shady Engineer

    Heh, yeah, there's a 5000 cert refund option but it is unnecessarily hidden and a pain in the *** to find unless you know what you're looking for. Honestly, as far as late game cert sinks go, the ASP system does it right imo. Unlike implants where it's a complete dice roll, sinking certs into an ASP refund actually feels okay because you know what you will be getting.

    Engineers already made out like bandits with ASP unlocks. The ASP'ed out engi wombo combo of AR primary, shotgun secondary and an EMP grenade is actually pretty bonkers bordering on being overpowered. The only thing keeping it in check is the fact that it's on the weakest 1v1 infantry class in the game and it is hard to unlock so not many people run it.

    Also generate pretty interesting tells. When heavies Q spot and realize they're fighting an engineer, they always push. They never expect a Nighthawk (which I endearingly call the "attitude adjuster") secondary and get massive twists in their undergarments after getting blasted.

    Went a bit off track there. :confused: Point I was going for was engineers already have really good ASP unlocks, any more would be unfair to the other classes I think. Massive +1 for some MAX love in the ASP system though. Tin cans need all the help they can get.
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  5. KhlorosTesero

    Def agree that engi out of all the classes make out like bandits with the ASP system more then any more else. Getting access to LMG, carbines, SMG, shotguns, AND ARs. On top of that they get shot gun secondaries as well which is just nuts.

    IMO, which is not worth much, i would like to see other classes get more love. Like Heavy assault for example and infultrator i think have it the worst for ASP. Heavy assault only get a heavy secondary which, is only really good for NC who get access to their heavy shot gun. Thumper is alright but idk if its worth an ASP point. Secondary shotguns, or secondary battle rifle for heavy would be great. Hell i would kill if i could give up my Rocket launcher for a mana turret.

    I would also like to see ASP points unlock more gear not just weapons. Like the hard light barrier is cool and all, but there is not enough of that kinda unlock for the rest of the classes.
  6. Liewec123

    i prefer running my engi with an LMG, an auto shotty, 2 spitfires and cloak, and yup, ASP engi is OP!
    but i just feel like the heavy weapons would be a good fit on engi, grenade launcher especially
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  7. The Shady Engineer

    If you have an extra token coming up or want to experiment in the future, I can't recommend the EMP grenade enough. Especially if you're investing in an auto shotgun secondary. Edit: (also very useful in current beep-pocalypse spitfire meta.)

    It helps solve the auto shotty's biggest weakness when compared to pumps: it can't kill many people per mag. Throwing an EMP grenade changes the equation completely. You're fighting disoriented people who have 500 health (other than the occasional Carapace obv) and your shotgun does 750 damage per click. The carnage one engineer can cause is incredible.

    LMG vs AR is subjective and I can see arguments for both. What brought me over to AR's side is the better hipfire and DPS, but I see the benefits a large mag can bring in point hold situations. Seems more niche but it's got its uses.
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  8. McToast

    Some ASP vehicle love maybe :)?

    Oh, and make the ASP refund token 5000 Certs or 5000 A7. Aaand ASP BR120, with a final token at 120.
  9. KhlorosTesero

    Yo if we are giving Engi Heavy weapons, then i demand that heavies get carbine access.
  10. Peebuddy

    It would be nice to lower the bar for asp points, atm you have to be over br 100 which is months of work. Not good when a player asks how you get a shotgun secondary and you tell him "Oh just half a year of near continuous play". Maybe the plebs could get a asp token every 33 levels, then every 25 levels after the prestige switch. Which would mean current asp players would get an extra 2 points, which would allow more diversity in point picks without completely buying out the market with one every 10 levels.

    Sadly the ASP system is just another one of daybreaks unwanted stepchildren, implemented into the game with high hopes of expanding it. Only to be banished to the attic (the basement is reserved for construction), having forced to give his room to the new favorite child; escalation.
  11. KhlorosTesero

    I would also love this, its really disheartening when the grind to even get your first ASP point, takes months of continuous play like this entire weekend for the double xp, with 2 50% xp buffs playing for 8 hours a day, i got like....7 levels maybe? It takes forever.
  12. Peebuddy

    I remember when the game first came out 7 years ago. There I was with the founders pack exp boost, membership, and still in college with free time and it still took me nearly a year to reach 100. The games gotten a lot better in ways to earn exp basically for free but even now it's a huge commitment.

    The game is long over due for a rework on progression, there should be rewards throughout ones game career. The current system of everything reserved for long time players or outfit leaders really needs to be addressed, player retention is planetsides biggest problem. You need to give people tangible rewards after a reasonable amount of work, not this "play for over a year then you'll see end game" bullcrap
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  13. KhlorosTesero

    Thats just unforutnatly the curse of being a FTP game. They have to make the game take forever with out buying into it.
  14. Peebuddy

    It is a free to play game, so why doesn't it use common f2p tactics? They always have something to dangle right in front of the player who's thinking of quitting "Don't stop now buddy, only a few more BRs until you get your first ASP token! Don't you want that shotgun secondary? You'd be so much better if you had that shotgun instead of a crappy pistol"

    But daybreak for some reason doesn't do that, it's an all or nothing type of deal which really baffles me. Want that bastion? Too bad, make an entire outfit, what's an outfit, oh boy you better just quit while you're ahead. Want to build bases? Well that'll be 25 thousand certs otherwise you only get 3 ****** paper mache walls. Want versatility with classes? Play for a year then we'll talk.

    Then they wonder why people don't stick around past BR 10 #pikachu face
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  15. Liewec123

    i have thought about EMPs, but i just looove stickies too much, there is little that is more satifying than throwing 4 sticky nades into a clump of enemies XD
    or sticking a dude before he runs into his spawn room!
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  16. McToast

    As far as I understand it, ASP is meant to be an "endgame" thing. Players who aren't already BR 100+ are supposed to unlock other stuff and play with what they have. ASP is supposed to mix it up for those players who already have everything.
    I agree that it's not implemented very well though. Some of the infantry perks are interesting, vehicle stuff is meh.
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  17. TRspy007

    we also don't have enough points to actually experiment with stuff. Basically just dump everything into the engineer and that's it.
  18. KhlorosTesero

    this is pretty much the case, there are a lot of possibilities they could do. Just from a HA stand point they could
    -Give us access to secondary shot gun
    -Access to carbines or AR
    -Rocket rifle inplace of launchers
    -primary or secondary mana turret.

    Like unless you are an engi your kinda sol with ASP. As a TR HA main, really all i have to look forward to is...secondary chain gun or thumper? Yay?
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  19. JibbaJabba

    The Baby Gate secondary is powerful during pointholds. You gotta know your science though! :D
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  20. TRspy007

    How depressing is it that launchers are so bad this would actually be a good perk?