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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by VhynSeven, May 9, 2018.

  1. VhynSeven

    So I was looking at the new ASP skills for the Engineer, and though : "Wow, Engie really took the cake on this one !"

    I feel like the Assault Rifle - Shotgun combo would turn the Engineer into a powerhouse, able to fight both in CQC and mid-range very effectively. LMG is an alternative I would call fun-oriented, since this class isn't a breacher, although it can be played as a supportive fire playstyle. And EMP grenades... The ability to remove enemy shields...
    So far the Engineer was the "worst" class for direct gunfight, due to the lack of any skill usable in direct combat situation. Now a lvl 50 ASP Engineer can equip 2 primaries that complement each other's effective range + EMP as an anti-shield option. I kinda find this a bit too much.

    Am I the only one with this feeling, do I overhink ?
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  2. k9delta

    Yep, because there're 5 ASP points only (once you've upgraded something you can't go back!) and many other upgradable stuff, i think nobody would just spend 3 ASP points out of 5 --> 1 ASP for EMP engee only + 2ndary shotgun engee only + LMG/SMG guns engee only.
    What about all discounts? what about all the rest?
  3. VhynSeven

    You got a valid point.
    Thing is, I main Engineer, and I play this class like 99% of the time. Second, I'm not a driver, I barely use Flashes for mobility, or Sundies when I think of it, so... I guess I was biaised.
  4. Sir Sovereign

    You only get 5 points total? I'd spend every single on on my engineer lol
  5. IroncladBomber

    LMG for Engineer is pretty good. The TR Watchman is good when you have Unlimited Ammo and a Turret watching your back. AV Nades are going to be my Second Choice....if ASP Didn't glitch for me and not give me my Second token at 25. Gives me more AV potential and Anti-Max Potential.
  6. Littlewhitehilt

    On live playing lmg emp grenades grenade bandolier wall medkit is hilarity. running assimilate battle hardened. Not really worried about vehicles. Engi's av comes in the format of driving tanks or planes. AV turret is just sniper bait.
  7. Desann

    I do not think anything is a bit too much. I am rocking assault rifle on my engie now and am loving firefights. Seems like I am able to actually kill stuff past 30m effectively with rifles. Now I don't have to play medic just to use a cool gun.
  8. YellowJacketXV

    Yeah Engineer is my favorite class and I'm probably going to dump 3 ASP (if I ever effin get there) into the class with the others in discounts. ASP loves engineer, the engineer ASP skills are arguably the absolute strongest.

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