[Suggestion] ASP Perk: LMG Access for Infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by WindMaze, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Demigan


    For example the Armastice and MSWR have similar DPS, and in CQC engagements that the SMG's are useful in you can hipfire most weapons, in fact even the Gauss SAW can be hipfired for most of the effective range of an SMG.
    One of PS2's weapon problems has always been that unless the DPS was significantly higher, a long-range automatic weapon is simply better. Long-range automatic weapons can easily compensate for most of their CQC drawbacks while a CQC weapon cannot compensate half as much for its ranged drawbacks. To add insult to injury the LMG's have deep magazines, and no class has the sheer power of Infiltrators to get in from a flank and lay waste to enemies. Right now that CQC power is curbed by the magazine sizes and lack of versatility, but LMG's break that.

    Also lets consider this: Infiltrators already have SMG's, Scout Rifles, Battle Rifles and Snipers available to them for one of the most well distributed arsenal availability in the game. In the meantime the ASP weapon unlocks on other classes (aside from a main gun as side-arm) are just weapons they should have access to by default. Like LMG's for Engineers or the superfluous Carbines for Medics. Giving the Infiltrator access to LMG's you might as well give him access to every damn weapon in the game as there's practically no reason not to.

    A better idea would be LA's with Battle Rifles, Scout Rifles and Snipers. LA's might be able to get into a lot of spots but they are also much more vulnerable while using long-range weapons compared to Infiltrators, who would have a much easier time counter-sniping them and detecting+avoiding enemies who try to kill them.
  2. Nehlis

    I'd have to disagree with the OP strongly. Classes are designed to have specific inbuilt weaknesses to balance their strengths. Infils have the cloak, which allows for a lot of positioning options that most classes, including Light assault plain and simply will not be able to achieve, as well as an escape option if used correctly. They have the draw back of having the weakest innate Anti-vehicle capabilites (You get Hunter QCX explosive, Underbarrel Grenade launcher and Wraith Fury Flash, and NO C4) and limited selection of automatic weapons (SMGs, Auto Scout rifles, certain pistols) and lower than average innate shields.
    This is the same reasoning why Light assaults never will have good long range weapons like rifles.

    SMGs all suffer from high spread, and high damage drop off from range, and while they have a very low TTK within optimal range, they can realistically only get approximately 1-2 kills before needing to reload.
    LMGs go in the opposite direction design wise. They have significantly less dropoff across the board, Long reload times with large magazines.

    On an infiltrator you could get many kills before being forced to recloak and reload, and the largest drawbacks of the weapon (poor hipfire, long reload) is almost completely negated due to the cloak.
    Heavy assaults get them by default since the class is built for a head on forward facing fight. Engineers can have access with ASP because they are typically positioned as a frontline supporting role (honestly the AI MANA turret works better as a choke point suppression). Getting flanked by an LMG user means that either they put in a lot of time and effort to route to a good position, or literally nobody in whatever infantry mass is there is watching the flank, which means that they kind of deserve to get wiped.

    I would be (tentatively) alright with giving infils access to carbines, but it may still be a bit much.
  3. Demigan

    It's the same reasoning but it doesnt apply to LA's!

    Getting into a good long-range shot position is almost trivial in this game. There's plenty of spots to get to without a jetpack. The big power is the ability to remain cloaked and have the time for each shot, which the LA does not have. Infiltrators also have mines and recon equipment for detection, distraction and killing purposes that the LA does not have access too.

    LA's are more vulnerable getting to a sniping spot than Infiltrators, they are easier to find, counter and hunt down than infiltrators, they are easier to counter-snipe than infiltrators, they have less success escaping from enemies who get close to their sniping spot. The only thing an LA has over the Infiltrator is the speed at getting to a sniping spot and how many are easily available. Basically LA's could get any weapon that isnt an LMG or Assault Rifle and you are fine.

    Also no, carbines for Infils is a no-go, they have far superior short to midrange capabilities compared to SMG's. People would wreak havoc with a Carbine Infil that would make SMG infils look like a cakewalk.
  4. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah, one problem: that would require skill.

    Instead of landing 1 headshot, they would have to land 4 consecutive ones, with recoil, bloom, cof all being a factor.

    I actually approve of this. Remove the 1hk stuff, get rid of stalkers, and actually give the class some weapons that require skill to use.

    yeah an interesting idea, but people don't use infiil for a challenge lol. Just imagine their reactions when they can't cherry-pick kills anymore. lmao would be great
  5. Booface

    I know, right? Remove sniper rifles and cloak, and give them LMGs for balance. Give them back their health so they have the same health as other classes as compensation for the sniper rifles. And off course, if you remove cloak, you'll have to replace it with something for balance. Since they'll have trouble getting close to targets, and they're using close to mid range weapons, I would suggest something defensive, like a protective shield.
  6. JustGotSuspended

    stop it patrick you're scaring them!

    People play infil because they can't play heavy assault! As amusing as it would be watching these people run around like noobs trying to kill something with a normal class, I'm sure if you remove their ability to cherry-pick kills from miles away or exploit clientside with their cloak and 1hk ability, these "players" would surely have a rage tantrum and delete the game.

    I'm sure no one would mind, but the devs would be losing quite a few paying players.

    But great suggestion though, I like it! Rebalancing to make the class function more like a fps, combined arms infantry unit.
  7. Booface

    Honestly, Light Assaults too. Their ability to jump at the speed of hit detection with ambushers, or attack from odd angles that shouldn't be allowed in a true FPS is insane. And then rocklet launchers to make vehicles impotent. If you replaced their jump with a shield, you could give them a better gun like an LMG to compensate. And without the mobility of jumps, you could up their anti-vehicle capability with a more traditional rocket launcher, and we'd have gameplay much closer to more modern AAA titles without LA's jumping around everywhere third-partying honest LMG duels.

    And don't get me started on Medics undoing your hard work seconds after you've downed somebody in a shootout.

    Engineers can stay, though.
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  8. JustGotSuspended

    Engineers are the OG class, especially with asp.

    I feel like the original light assault was better balanced. The ambusher jets are situational and they force to sacrifice an implant slot. That said the rocklet rifle is stoopid, and should be deleted. C4 should return to how it was before, with no delay. That way an LA can only take out one tank, or 2 and best, and not delete sunderers.

    Technically carbines and ars are better than lmgs in terms of ttk.

    With the jumps and catlike it's possible to get into most places light assaults can, so their jet's aren't that much of an issue, especially since the light assault remains completely visible.

    Yeah sometimes medics can be super annoying, thankfully most of the time they just feed us free kills.

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