[Suggestion] ASP Perk: LMG Access for Infiltrators

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by WindMaze, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. WindMaze

    I am very disappointed at Infiltrators not getting any new weapon unlocks in the ASP ever since Carbine access was removed. However, @Roxxlyy stated that sometime in the future, we might get more ASP perks:

    Now, as many of you read the title, I have an idea that may sound crazy, but it will be worth the trouble in the end: Infiltrators getting access to LMGs.

    Unlike LMGs in real life, PlanetSide 2 LMGs function like heavy Assault Rifles instead of squad support weapons. Each faction has a bunch of LMGs, but there isn't a whole lot of variety.

    Even if Infiltrators only get access to half of them, their playstyles would still be the same: ADS, try to go for headshots, control recoil, and manage the Cone of Fire (CoF).

    Q: "But WindMaze, wouldn't LMGs make other weapons (SMGs, full auto scout rifles, sniper rifles, and battle rifles) obsolete?"

    A: No. LMGs are specifically meant for medium range, which puts them on edge with full auto scout rifles. If you're looking for a CQC weapon for your Infiltrator, pick up an SMG. If you want to fight at long range, take either a sniper rifle or a semi auto scout rifle instead. LMGs basically sit somewhere in between these ranges, kinda like where battle rifles are right now.

    Full auto scout rifles must be buffed in order to prevent them from being obsolete, certain SMGs might have to get buffed as well to at least make them useful in combat, battle rifles are all about accurately spamming bullets, and most sniper rifles are used to kill enemies from far away (except for CQC sniper rifles and the TRAP-M1). You need to use the right weapon at the right range.

    Now I know that a lot of you will ask me if LMGs will make SMGs (in particular) obsolete due to most Infiltrators having CQC playstyles, and the answer is still no. Even if an Infiltrator has access to a close range LMG, they will most likely lose to an Infiltrator with an SMG for a number of reasons. This makeshift comparison will explain why:


    - Large magazine sizes and large ammo pool
    - Long reloads
    - Low to average DPS
    - High vertical recoil
    - Bad moving ADS accuracy
    - Low recoil recovery rate and high first shot recoil multipliers
    - Long equip times
    - Worse hip fire accuracy than Assault Rifles and SMGs
    - Medium range weapons
    - Low to medium rate of fire
    - High muzzle velocity


    - Small magazine sizes and small ammo pool
    - Short reloads
    - High DPS
    - Low vertical recoil
    - Good moving ADS accuracy
    - Inconsistent CoF bloom per point of damage
    - Short equip times
    - Good hip fire accuracy
    - Short range weapons
    - High rate of fire
    - Low muzzle velocity

    What both LMGs and SMGs have in common:

    - Damage degradation
    - Attachments
    - Notoriety on Auraxis

    LMGs are about scoring multiple kills (by ADS) before having to reload, and usually send a lot of fire down range. SMGs on the other hand are meant specifically for hip fire and "spray and pray"; they're as close as anyone can get to a Run & Gun playstyle.

    Here's the thing: unlike Heavy Assaults with their overshields and rocket launchers, Infiltrators are all about cloaking and using recon tools. In order for ASP Infiltrators to use LMGs, they have to remain uncloaked for extended periods of time just to lay down fire on enemy players, essentially changing Infiltrators' roles to a very interesting, but unorthodox playstyle. Additional testing is required to determine how this works out.

    TL; DR: LMGs are sidegrades, not upgrades like carbines. If Engineers with LMG access have no complaints about using them, why should Infiltrators? LMGs don't have accurate hip fire when jumping and falling down now, do they?
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  2. WindMaze

    Trying out LMG Infiltrators on a PTS first would be a great place to start before releasing this unlock on live servers.
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  3. Xebov

    Im against this.

    You already gave the reason yourself. It doesnt fit with the Infiltrators roles. Currently the Infiltrator has various roles. He can be the Sniper on the other end of the Battle Field. He can be the supporter with Battle and Scout Rifles in Mid to long range. He can ambush enemy lines from all sides effectively disrupting enemy movements. Thats what he got the cloak for to enable him to move around.

    LMGs on the other hand fill 2 roles. They are there to allow storming of areas by laying down alot of fire and for holding points. Both are roles the Infiltrator is not made for. Giving LMGs to infiltrators would just wastly improve their potential to ambush. You could as well give Sniper Rifles to Medics because it creates "paradox but interesting playstyles". I think you get my point here.

    I agree with you that Infiltrators got the short end of the stick with ASP, but there is not much you can do for them. They already have alot of weapons fitting their role and other weapon groups dont realy fit. Primary Secondaries doesnt work as long as they dont rework the stalker cloak (it currently only disables slot one, but doesnt force secondary weapons). Its not easy to find propper bonuses. For Medics and Engineers its alot easier as their holes are obvious.
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  4. WindMaze

    What do you want me to say instead: give shotguns to Infiltrators instead of LMGs? Give battle rifles to Light Assaults? Give Heavy Assaults 2 LMGs? Give MAXes medkits? As cool as these sound, I don't think anyone would approve of those suggestions whatsoever. If you're assuming that LMG Infiltrators are game breaking, then you are horribly mistaken.

    DayBreak got Combat Medics and Engineers right in the ASP because Medics are the most versatile class in the game and Engineers have proven to be the weakest class in direct (infantry) combat. The ASP essentially gave Engineers a chance at fighting enemies head-on and Medics even more versatility than ever before...provided that you spent ASP points on either class.

    I did not mention at any point in this thread that LMGs won't "fit" the Infiltrators' roles. I said giving LMGs to Infiltrators would provide "a very interesting, but unorthodox playstyle," which means that this is going to be highly irregular (and a bit weird) for Infiltrator mains. It's almost like playing a sub-class like Ambusher Jump Jets on Light Assaults for example. Even skilled Infiltrators can't take full advantage of LMGs because all weapons have strengths and weaknesses. "No weapon is inherently stronger than another" (that's a tip taken from the game).

    Keep in mind that some testing on the PTS is required in order to come up with a final verdict on whether Infiltrators should have access to LMGs or not. Just because LMG Infiltrators are irregular doesn't mean they're ineffective (or too effective, whichever one).

    Infiltrators with LMGs are NOT going to be OP because LMGs are situational (like every other weapon in the game) and meant for medium range engagements. If I wanted to fight in close quarters, I would grab an SMG or a close range sniper rifle; if I wanted to pick people off at far distances, I would take a battle rifle, a long range sniper rifle, or a semi auto scout rifle instead depending on the range of the targets. It's all about bringing the right tool for the right job...or in this case: the right weapon for the right engagement.

    If LMGs aren't going to be available for Infiltrators, then my previous suggestion was to buff (or even revamp) full auto scout rifles so that they can compete and be on par with LMGs. Something must be provided to help Infiltrators engage efficiently at medium range, and so far, we got nothing except weak full auto scout rifles, empire specific semi auto sniper rifles, and Vandals (the best scout rifles Infiltrators currently have available).

    I may not be a DayBreak dev, the the best thing I can do is voice my opinion about topics and share my thoughts with other people.
  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Because Engineers cannot wipe your squad of four from a cloaked ambush after tracking you on their motion sensors and EMP-ing your shields away.

    As much as I would love it as an option, Infiltrators with LMGs would go over like a turd in a punch bowl. Bad players already whine about infiltrators enough as it is, there is no need to give them any ammunition. If you are an infiltrator and you want to pack an automatic you already have two options:
    Close Range? SMG.
    Medium/Long? Auto Scout.

    But if you can pack an LMG, why bother with either when you are only slightly less effective than an SMG up close, only slightly less effective than an Auto Scout at range and better than either in most relevant combat ranges? This on top of a mag size 3-4x greater. Call it a sidegrade all you want but if it's a choice between the Artemis or the Orion, the CARV or the Armistice, the Cyclone or the Gauss SAW, I know what I would be taking every time.

    There is no need to try to force classes into roles they were never meant to fulfill. It doesn't add variety, it dilutes it. Worse still, it would do so in a way that 3/4 of your playerbase will likely never get to experience aside from being on the receiving end of it.
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  6. Xebov

    The issue i see here is the mag size. So far tehy can use SMGs to move and ambush ppl. The Mags however limit their potential so they have downtimes for reloading. The problem i see with larger Mags (LMGs have 50+ on larger damage models) is that this downtime shrinks and ambushing starts to become much more impactfull as they mow down groups. As an Engineer with ASP i know how much damage LMGs can do if you flank or ambush groups of players and getting into position is much easier when you have invisibility.

    This should happen anyways no matter what they add to ASP. Scout Rifles are a weapon group that rarely ever got balanced and touched. If they get closer to carbines and it works out maybe they can actually add carbines to ASP.

    And i support this. Its important to get different viewpoints together.
  7. That_One_Kane_Guy


    I would love the see some faction flavor added to the Auto Scouts in the future, but I don't think they are underpowered by any means.
  8. Xebov

    Not underpowered, but after years a closer look cant hurt.
  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I would like them to add some ES traits to these guys, if only to make using them unique for each faction. Otherwise they may as well be NS weapons.

    According to this data, based on the average player's accuracy stats*, the Scouts are already comparable to Carbines. Although to be fair, the Scouts usually have the first shot advantage which probably biases their accuracy stat. That being said, they are definitely solid as it currently stands.

    *(Avg. Accuracy and HSR from dasanfall)
  10. Blam320

    If we let Infiltrators get LMGs via ASP, I expect Heavies to get ARs as well.
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  11. LordKrelas

    AR's are superior to LMG's; An AR has better accuracy, faster reloading, for a smaller magazine.
    For practical Sense, an AR & LMG have the same diverse ranges, but the AR is more combat effective.

    Infils have nothing close to LMG's, in the same field; SMG's are close-combat, SR & BAR's, are medium to long-range focused on accuracy,
    So if Infils oddly get LMG's, they get a weapon designed for sustained fire, but aren't taking advantage of anything the class brings.
    They're long-exposure weapons; the infil has less health.
    They're inferior up close, compared to SMG's.
    They're vastly incapable of matching BAR's, and are different beasts to Scout-Rifles.

    An AR, however on an Heavy-Assault, is a superior LMG.
    It's akin to saying "Let the LA, the Assault Rifle, if the Medic gets the 'Rebel'."
  12. WindMaze

    Bad players whining about Infiltrators? I agree with that, but they don't know that Infiltrators have strengths and weaknesses just like every other class, weapon, vehicle, and faction in the game. If my enemies complain about my Infiltrator, they're not focusing on beating me.

    Infiltrators always have ammunition available at most fights: resupplying at a Sundy or an Equipment Terminal, Engineers dropping ammo packs, the Ammo Pronter implant, conserving ammo if they land their shots right, etc. Using an Equipment Terminal in particular to switch classes can actually change the tide of certain battles from time to time.

    Let me give you a more accurate comparison of SMGs vs. LMGs since we're talking about close range weapons:

    - TR: Armistice vs. MSW-R

    - NC: Cyclone vs. Anchor

    - VS: Eridani vs. Orion

    - NS: NS-7 PDW vs. NS-15M2 (just for those 4th factioners out there)

    Obviously, I would take SMGs in close quarters because of the hip fire accuracy. However, if I were to have engagements where my enemies are outside hip fire range, then I would go for the close range LMGs instead. I would have to make judgement calls every time, but it's all about constantly hip firing or constantly ADS-ing (and making quick decisions).

    You have to bring the right weapon for the right engagement, not what's considered "best" or popular by the community.

    I can agree with you to a certain extent on this one.

    I understand that the ASP lacks variety and somewhat makes classes function the same (based on what unlocks you've chosen). However, it is entirely up to the player if they want to have access to the ASP or not — this is completely optional. No one is forcing BR 100+ players to buy ASP, it's up to them to decide if they want to go through PlanetSide's Prestige Mode (and spice their gameplay/playstyles up a bit) or not.

    For example: a Heavy Assault with a Reserve Hardlight Barrier is one of the most pointless unlocks in the ASP. However, a small group of players will take advantage of this by either role-playing for a cinematic or being in a squad. As situational and niche as this is, only a VERY small group of BR 100+ players will ever do this.

    Being on the receiving end of weapons is the norm, but it's highly unpredictable to be on the receiving end of an ASP player without being made aware of it first. If players don't pay attention to detail (which they most likely don't to begin with), then they won't even figure out that they're getting farmed by an ASP player. They will care more about the player than the ASP.

    The ASP is what made some impossible things possible, and it's up to the BR 100+ players to take advantage of it carefully.

    LOL nope. This may be irrelevant, but that's not gonna happen since Heavy Assaults are the most ADS-centric class in the infantry department. Combine that with assault rifles — the most versatile and (arguably) the best weapons in the game — and you can see why DayBreak rejected this suggestion:

    Heavy Assaults + overshields + good aim + Assault Rifle access = OP
  13. WindMaze

    Sorry, I meant Ammo Printer (I hate auto-correct).
  14. Xebov

    Infiltrators are already a pest. Dont get me wrong, they have their use, but especially in smaller fights you can se alot of SMG Infis running around. Its very easy for any halfway good Infi to score kills. The efford required to stop an SMG Infi is much higher than the efford required by the Infi itself.

    The issue is not the availability of ammo. Its the Damage potential per Mag together with the Mag size. Have a closer look on the table you postet. All of the guns you posted have a higehr damage potential per Mag, be it by damage model or by Mag size.
  15. TR5L4Y3R

    ... give them AV grenades ..

    .. lmg´s .... hmmm nah ... as someone else said .. why ever take a scoutrifle when you have access to the gausssaw or EM 6 ..

    scoutrifles may still need a buff ..
  16. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Trust me, I 100% agree, however we have recently seen these Devs go after things that have been status quo for years just because the complainers had a loud enough voice, and their preferred method of dealing with balance issues seems to always be the nerf bat.

    The issue with the LMGs is exactly what Xebov has pointed out above: magazine size. All of the infiltrators weapons are designed around the ability to pop out to kill one or two targets quickly before needing to reload and probably relocate. These forced downtimes mean players have an opportunity to react if teammates suddenly start dying behind them. The best flanks exploit that initial confusion that exists before enemies have a chance to realize what is happening. An LMG with 75-100 bullets means you can exploit that confusion for longer.

    In my opinion, a weapon that is simultaneously almost as good as both the SMGs and the Auto Scouts while having more damage per magazine, on a class that can control its engagements to a greater degree than any other, is the right weapon for almost any engagement.

    The problem here is that ASP should have been all about enhancing the areas where a class already does well, but it's ended up as a "what things can I get from other classes" and "how many primaries can I carry" perk that complicates balance and riles the community.

    For what its worth after some investigation this isn't as bad of an idea as first glance would suggest, and it probably wouldn't hurt to see what it would look like on the PTS before judging too much. I personally think the infiltrator class is just too big of a force multiplier for LMGs to be balanced, but I could be wrong.
  17. Blam320

    I was half-joking. Seriously, we don't need Cloakers with LMGs. Imagine minding your own business, when suddenly you're on the business end of a nano-armor infil wielding a Gauss SAW. Otherwise, the day Infiltrators get access to LMGs is the day HAs get access to ARs or Carbines.

    I would personally rework Pistol Primaries so it bypasses Stalker Cloak; giving it an actual use and giving Infiltrators a tool to make Stalker playstyles a bit more versatile and overall viable, since everyone knows there are only four pistols Infils use when in Stalker.

    An alternative would be to give Infiltrators an ASP perk that enables them to use enemy Flails, Glaives, and Orbitals. But that might be too powerful.
  18. WindMaze

    In order for an LMG Infiltrator to ambush groups of enemies with 75-100 round mags, they would have to do one of the following:

    - Remain uncloaked for most of the ambush and magdump (it takes a while to fire 75-100 rounds, you know, especially if you're using an LMG with a low rate of fire like the Gauss SAW)

    - Cloak back and forth between engagements, pick enemies off one by one, and risk going through the long reload once all enemies are killed (or have a few rounds left in the mag and go through the short reload, whichever one, but this could lead to danger if you get ambushed yourself)

    LMGs take some time to reload and can use up a large portion of the Infiltrator's cloaking energy...depending on which LMG and which type of cloak you would use. It's either guerilla warfare with the hit and run tactics or reveal your position for an extended period of time. The choice is yours.

    I agree, and DayBreak didn't really think this through. So much for having new weapons come out in a steady and predictable fashion.

    Testing LMG Infiltrators out on PTS is EXACTLY what I've been trying to tell everyone the whole time! We need some testing so that we can come to a final verdict, and who knows...maybe I could be wrong.

    If I were on the receiving end of a Nano-Armor cloaking NC Infil with a Gauss SAW, I have plenty of options to choose from: medkit spam, juke, run to cover, bunny hop with Catlike 5, return fire (if possible), hide in a claustrophobic location (or in a building) and force him/her to come inside a CQC environment (which is NOT what the Gauss SAW is meant for), etc.

    However, I always prefer to troll enemies whenever I get a chance, so I'll go with all of the above and try not to die in the process of being in the receiving end of a Gauss SAW Infiltrator. Situational awareness is key to success in this case.

    Also, as I've mentioned in a previous reply: Heavy Assaults will not get assault rifles or carbines because (1) that's OP, (2) the HA skill floor and skill ceiling will be much lower than what it currently is, and (3) DayBreak rejected this idea already — odds are they're sticking with it. I know the Combined Arms Initiative caused more harm than good, but at that rate, you might as well kiss game balance goodbye if HAs get ARs or carbines (unless you come up with the best persuasive essay ever). Infiltrators with LMG access on the other hand have a chance.

    It's "Sidearm Primaries." Stalker Infiltrators can't use 2 pistols because the primary weapon slot is disabled, and if they could, Sidearm Primaries have 2 or 3 massive problems:

    1. This ASP unlock lacks versatility, even with the right loadout and max rank implants

    2. It's STILL not as combat-effective as other weapons due to small mag sizes

    3. Auraxium pistols can't be used in the primary slot (this is unconfirmed, and if I'm proven wrong, this problem could be solved if the Auraxium pistol is in the secondary slot and a different pistol is in the primary slot instead)
  19. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I have already stated that I would be fine with seeing this tested, and that remains true. However please allow me to continue playing the Devil's Advocate here:

    This is the scenario to which I am primarily referring. What will typically happen when you flank a group of players as an infiltrator is that you will kill one or two, then be forced to disengage to reload. Your Damage-per-Magazine is simply too low to allow for the proper exploitation of the flank, and in the time it takes to retreat and reload, even the most un-observant players will typically realize that something is amiss. With an LMG, even if your DPS is slightly lower, your DPM is much higher, which means that instead of having to pause for a reload halfway through a flank and sacrificing your element of surprise, you can simply keep killing targets while you have ammo and exploit the chaos as long as possible.

    I would rather kill 5 enemies loudly before they had time to react than kill 2 silently and leave 3 alive to investigate what just happened.

    This is another favorable option. One of the many reasons the Phaseshift is so good for a sniper is the fact that you can maintain an unexpectedly high combat tempo without the typical downtime between shots players are used to expecting when facing an infiltrator. An LMG may not have infinite ammo, but compared to the alternatives it may as well.

    Also, sitting out the Gauss Saw's reload as an infiltrator would be infinitely preferable to any other class.

    As I stated above these are both effective options. The big issue you now have is to convince everyone that a weapon which performs only slightly worse than two entire weapon categories at their best, is on par or better everywhere else and carries more ammunition to boot is not going to have an impact on balance. You have to convince not only the Vets of this, but also the New Players who will have no idea why that Pink BR 100 Infiltrator with the flaming helmet can use the Orion on their infiltrator but they can't.

    Real Talk here. If you are on the receiving end of a NAC, Gauss Saw-wielding infiltrator*, you have one counterplay option: Die
    It's like saying you have counterplay options available if you turn a corner and run into a MAX, or a Shotgun, or an MBT. The only way counterplay is on the table is if they make a mistake. Seeing as how they will be an ASP-Holder in this scenario, I wouldn't count on that.

    *This is assuming they have ambushed you and are already firing at you.
  20. WindMaze

    Nobody's stopping you from disagreeing with me. I'm OK with disagreements and I always want to know why (from other perspectives) so I can understand situations better. The same should go for everyone else in this thread.

    Agreed. As long as you have the element of surprise on groups of players, that's exactly what's going to happen based on a weapon's DPM. If it's too low, you're going to be discovered while retreating and reloading; if it's high, you will most likely eliminate groups of players at the cost of making your presence known (before and after they die). If you're using a suppressed LMG, you could potentially take your flanks to a whole new level...and suffer the penalties for using a suppressor, of course.

    Again, you will end up making your presence known if you're going to kill 5 enemies loudly. Also, since you're mentioning the Gauss SAW quite a bit, I have to something to say about this situation if you're using it:

    1. Since you chose to kill 5 enemies loudly, your Gauss SAW will most likely have a compensator to obviously compensate its high vertical recoil at the cost of making your hip fire accuracy worse and — most importantly — increasing your minimap detection range (when firing).

    2. Even if your enemies pay the slightest bit of attention, they will most likely try to find your muzzle flash (which can be seen), and...

    3. ...they will also see your bullet tracers, which means they will know where you are before they die. By the time they respawn, odds are they will start looking for you and they will try not to make the same mistake twice (unless your enemies never learn).

    Every action has a reaction — and no, I'm not talking about Newton's 3rd law of motion.

    The same thing goes for the Obelisk. Not every weapon has the heat mechanic like some VS weapons, anti-infantry MANA turrets, anti-vehicle MANA turrets, and repair tools. However, if you combine the high ammo pools LMGs offer with constant resupplying (from Sunderers, the Ammo Printer implant, equipment terminals, or ammo packs), and LMGs will "feel" like they have infinite ammo even though you'll end up reloading from time to time. Not only can you can do this with LMGs, but with any weapon for that matter.

    Vehicles in particular "feel" like they have infinite ammo on their weapons because the drivers and pilots resupply at ammo towers, Ammo Sunderers, and landing pads, but the result is the same: if you want a killing spree to keep on going, you're going to need a refill or two.

    "If you're not resupplying, you're gonna end up dying."

    As long as you have a fully charged cloak at max rank to consume, then yes, I can agree with you here too.

    With both cloaks at max rank, Hunter Cloak lasts 12 seconds while NAC lasts 8.5 seconds. These can last longer than both the Gauss SAW's short reload of 6.5 seconds and long reload of 7.5 seconds. You can comfortably reload the Gauss SAW with Hunter Cloak, but with NAC, you have to make sure it's fully charged before proceeding to reload. Otherwise, you will have to either remain uncloaked or cloak/decloak back and forth (and make some noise) to go through the entire reload. You'll end up waiting either way.

    Wouldn't the new players complain about Medics having carbines? Engineers having LMGs? Heavies using 2 Heavy guns or an LMG/Heavy gun combo? Or players using 2 primary weapons instead of 1? If they don't spend time, effort, and maybe a bit of money to make the grind to BR 100 and unlock ASP, then they never will experience the ASP for themselves. If they want something, they have to go get it.

    The vets on the other hand are going to be a bit tricky to convince. Sure, I can mention how LMGs are slightly worse than 2 entire weapon categories at their best, but they're most likely going to end up complaining about this suggestion just like the new players. If they get a chance to experience this on a PTS to see what it's like (to be as both LMG Infiltrators themselves and on the receiving end of LMG Infiltrators) and be OK with this, then maybe — just maybe — LMG access for Infiltrators might go live.

    If I'm up against a NAC Gauss SAW-wielding NC Infiltrator that knows exactly what they're doing, when to time the ambush, where I am, doesn't spot me, where to find a good position to engage, gives me almost no time to react whatsoever, has good aim, successfully catches me off guard, compensates the Gauss SAW's high vertical recoil, goes for headshots, disappears before anyone else finds out what happened, and doesn't make a mistake in any of that, then of course I'm going to die. That's A LOT of factors you have to take into account in order for that NAC Gauss SAW-wielding Infiltrator to score that "perfect" kill, and this has to be a very good player that I would unfortunately get killed by.

    These are enemy players we're talking about, not bots or AI. They are only human, and they DO have flaws, both in-game and IRL.

    As I stated above, we're fighting with and against human players that have flaws in some ways, shapes, or forms. If they make a mistake, punish them for it; if they don't, then avoid them until they do. To add on top of this, not every player you encounter will be above average. Some of them might be below average, some might even be just average. You will not only fight good players, but you could also end up fighting newbies, casual players, scrubs, regular n00bs, credit card n00bs, campers, average players, vehicle mains, tryhards, MLG wannabes, and anyone else that "thinks" they're good (even though they actually and/or statistically aren't).

    In PlanetSide, knowledge is key to success, and in Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," the 3rd chapter — Strategic Offense — states:

    "...if you know yourself and know your enemy, you will gain victory 100 times out of 100. If you know yourself but do not know your enemy you will meet one defeat for every victory. If you know neither yourself nor the enemy, you will never be victorious."

    You have to trust yourself and your teammates if you are ever going to succeed in combat against every enemy player you go up against...whether they're the best players in the game or brand new to PlanetSide. Knowing who you're up against is very important because you could have methods and loadouts meant specifically to counter them (or their playstyles). Your mind is more powerful than any weapon you will ever wield, because if you know how to use it effectively while simultaneously avoiding its weaknesses and if you know your enemies and their tactics, then you will be successful in the game.

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