[Suggestion] ASP - ability to buy 1 weapon from the enemies faction

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by typnct, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Erendil

    How about Jackhammer + Giraffe camo.

    You could kill NC all day and they wouldn't bat an eye. They'd just chalk their death up to another TK.
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  2. DeadlyOmen

    In a game with friendly fire, sounding like the enemy is NOT a good idea.
  3. Luicanus

    I guess, but at the same time if you cannot get the best/more unique weapons then it becomes kind of a meh ASP skill.

    Personally I'd not want Proxy Mines or Bouncing Betties anyway but I'd imagine Claymores would be popular, as would the Striker. I suppose I'd be interested in the NC or VS equivalent of the Jaguar and maybe an LMG or two would interest me, but mostly I'd not consider them worth an ASP skill.
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  4. AlcyoneSerene

    I like this more than a permanent weapon with ASP, and make it cost some nanites (250?) on loot, give it faction-specific color for its projectiles, and no ES specialty weapons, only regular ES and NS.
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  5. typnct

    sounds good 250 nanites for the use of the enemy weapon
    totally worth it(although 100 150 is enough as you are infantry and as you know they dont survive for long in huge battles so it doesnt need to be too expensive)
  6. typnct

    i would take the lancer or the phoenix prob
    or my fav so far the nc lmg saw
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  7. Yessme

    Battelg + Anchor for 1 Class a infan. class can`t more OP :/
    I see the time coming, if all runn bettelgoose in game :/
    no really no, just make game more boring
  8. typnct

    no aurx weapons... thats too much hhhh
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