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  1. TRspy007

    I don't understand why they haven't done this, but we need ASP 4 and even 5. I shouldn't take much effort to add, and I believe it's necessary as many have already unlocked ASP 3 on multiple chars, and even despite reaching br100 on asp 3, there remains 9 abilities that are still locked. Adding asp 4 and 5 would allow for these to be unlocked.

    It would also be cool if they added more abilities like having a 3rd implant slot, additional tactical slot, extra consumables, or something like that. But at the very least add asp 4 and 5, so we can use our useless certs and have the possibility to unlock all the asp perks.
  2. MonnyMoony

    A third implant slot would be massively OP.
  3. AuricStarSand

    If that's what you want. sure.

    I rerolled nc so I only got to asp1 now.

    As for extra implant slot / tactical slot; those are requests for everyone.
    Meaning free for lvl 1's & not ness asp related.

    They still don't have a Infil ASP section; Infil doesn't need " special grenades " besides smoke grenade.
    So sticky access and flash access are meh. Nobody plays Infil to throw grenades.
    They'd have to add stuff to the Infil asp section.

    * Infils get a Avatar bow with feather arrows *

    " Your 2nd Knife kill scores you x2 jump height for 60 sec, stacks with catlike implant "
    They can add killstreak buffs, that activate after 2 to 4 to 6 kills.

    They can allow medics to use motion sensor tool?
    However I think noobs need.
    Since noobs play medics.

    So anything added would have to be something new players don't need to survive.
  4. LluisXimi

    Yes,i am a noob with a pump action shotgun who can 1 shot you and later revive the ally that just died nearby.

    Meanwhile infiltrators antivehicle capacity is unquestionsble.
  5. LluisXimi

    The things is that all classes have strong/weak things,but the medics,are on their own,shotgun primary,asp scout rifle secondary,c4s,nanoweave armor,the hability to regen own and others health,revive others,ammo implant,explosives jacket implant. They do not need anything else. And they must do a lot of fast thinking work in hard fights. However if i find a class for solo play,i stick with the engineer or infiltrator both are fun,engineer can f*ck the enemyes and infiltrators can shoot from a safe place.
  6. AuricStarSand

    lol. I don't think anyone's scared of a medic with a shotgun / scout rifle.
    I didn't say that medics need more ness; just that Infil vets play running forward
    & spotting tools are not running forward items.

    As for Knife / Pistol / Smg = Spotting tools are boring for.
    As for Sniper / Scout = People are already annoyed from Snipers / Scout rifles kilinng them; for Reddit; so why would you want to give snipers spotting tools, which means when you arrive at the mountain to " hunt " the sniper; he sees you first and avoids you.

    So SPOTTING TOOLS for Infils are a Lose / Lose.
    Front Line Infils find spotting tools boring. They delay the run speed momentum.
    & Back Line Infils are already op, and shouldn't be able to see people hunting them in the mountains,
    when those people just trekked a mile to find the Infil.

    Also Why would I need spotting tools?! IM FREAKING INVIS I HAVE ALLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO SEE ENEMIES, without the darts or pods.

    Not to say spotting isn't helpful to hunt enemies at times; it's just unnecessary.

    So who does spotting tools benefit? nobody. besides the op sniper which needs counters to anyways.
    Who needs spotting tools? Medics. So new players can avoid danger?

    To be fair spotting tools might be op for Medic; so I'd give spotting tools to Engineer. Not Infil.
    * Spotting Dart / Spotting Pod = Now given to Engineer. No longer for Infil *
    * Infil given throwing stars that don't do much dmg; yet slow the enemies movement by 40% for 8 seconds *
    * Infil given throwing stars that when thrown at a Ally, give the ally 60% run speed for 10 seconds *
    * Infil given any tool offensively that may be used for running forward *
    * Jump speed injections / 60% jump speed for 60 seconds / stacks with catlike *

    Asp Infil Skill: Side to Side movement " 80% sidewinder side step effect after wielding knife for 10 seconds *

    - Infils get Offensive Running Tools > to replace their stop & wait scouting stuff.

    - Engineers become the scouting class, since their role isn't good enough.
    Their just corner campers meh. They need other roles.

    - Heavy Assault either become the TANKING DOORWAY CLASS FOR 20 ALLIES
    or step the heck out of the line & be known as the twitch dps headshot hunter brrt class

    Then they have to make a real infantry class who absorbs bullets for their team. Who isn't a max either. Simply Infantry man who tanks doorways for 20 allies class. & so far that's not HA's function.

    - Medics become the healing class; while giving better buffs to allies. Allies also need more HEALTH points;
    Meaning forget basing the game around 1 hit snipers & just give all Infantry bonus health points by default.

    Seeing as healing the tiny amount of green health players have, isn't enough green health bar to make a difference.
    Then the blue bar you're not even able to buff or heal, just throw a pod down to speed the regen speed.
    Speeding the regen speed of the blue bar + some tiny green bar heals with your tool,
    is so minimial compared to what healers from other mmogp's are able to support their team with.
    Medics get to ress; that's good. The heal aoe guns are a start. Still what else?
    Tool guns that give bonus blue shield bar to allies. Run speed buffs. Support buff effect guns shot at infantry.
    More guns that shoot random buffs at infantry allies; for medic to utilize.

    - Light Assault. Everyone and their neighbor is bored of Rokklet rifling. It's still fun at times sure.
    Yet were still semi bored of only having one tool for LA for ages. I mean was the TOOL SLOT always suppose to have only one item to pick from? Why is it even a slot then?

    How to make Rokklet rifle more entertaining? Add Anti Infantry ammo to Rokklet Rifle.

    As for a new tool for Light Assault; Well I've mentioned before. Stuff to throw over walls; fish nets.
    Harpoons. Boobie traps. Anything that is able to be thrown over a wall or even deploy ontop of Waterson's walls.

    As for other LA new tools; anything that synergizes with drifter, icarus, or ambusher jets.
    If LA is the " Flanker " what other tools help " flank ".
    Rokklet Rifle does zero for helping LA flank a door or roof verse infantry.
  7. AuricStarSand

    As for if Medics are advanced. Because shotgun / scout. Scout Rifles are op; yet I haven't seen the op few who know how to rapid 2 tapp with 120+ fps; being used with medic; they play Infil.

    Shotgun? Psh naw. Shotgun on LA you barely see on killstreaks; so shotgun on medic is average.

    Most of the " OP Medic moments " are from Assault Rifles from a guy with 120+ fps; who hs's you while he was on the stairs above. Near a railing. & was near Outfit War times. & even then that's only a few guys.

    The other 99.9% of Medic moments; are 6 to 24 medics, hugging the sidewall of a door, not able to enter. Until a vet LA c4'es them all. That's the other 99.99% of medic gameplay.

    Solution? YE MEDICS NEED SHIELD ITEMS to shield their selves when they're hugging walls & shields that let them enter the doors as well. Apparently Hardlight Canopy and Caltrops aren't nearly good enough.

    Pretty much! What the freak does a New player say to themselves; " Heyyyy buudddyyy I'm out to enter this door that's being rained down with enemy bullets; " " ookkkk here I goooo "; * dies "; * gets ressed before the door *; * tries to enter again *; * dies *; * gets c4'ed by pro enemy LA * * dies * ; * gets ressed again * " What do I do? "

    *deploys a mana turret* enemy throws a grenade or snipes him. or Lashers him.
    * guy runs through door* * 20 enemies shoot him* lol.

    " guy runs through door; 20 enemies shoot him " - is my favorite base design
  8. AuricStarSand

    Lets say medic's have some BR 30's who are lost. Who ran from one building to the other. So when they / he's lost alone, mid field. Between 2 buildings. He's a easy target.

    HA takes too much quick twitch time for a new player. Isn't a long lasting easy to use shield. It's a quick thinking shield that is mostly just so you have 0.1 more seconds to score a H.S. before your enemy. The HA shield; not a shield for a new player to use. Not a shield to defend your team with. Not a shield for door entries even solo, non the less for your team.

    To bring the topic back to the lone medic lost walking; between 2 buildings. " The new player medic alone around some grass " .
    Ye that guy needs help, he's either gonna A) gets killed by a Vet LA or B) gets killed by vet HA or C) gets Run over or D) get Sniped.
    So new player medics don't just need " door items "; they also need easy to throw out; lone walk items to save new players when their exposed around open fields. Instant pop up cover, without even needing to deploy a greenlight build menu.

    2 different sets of items. One is for doors & hallways to enter safely.
    & the other set is to save new player medics who are walking outside alone.

    Forward pop up energy shield pop; instant deploy time 0.1 seconds;
    easy to use for new players. Instant cover.

    Then they'd have to lower assault rifle dps to compensate for all the new medics defense items. However that's what a new player experience edit is.

    1) Do new players headshot hunt with assault rifles with 100+ fps?

    2) or do new players more likely die alone walking around the grass between 2 buildings? / die at doors?

    If I had to vote, I'd say option #2 is 1000% more prevalent.
    & new players medics outnumber vet main medics; 100 to 1.

    A) Faster defensive forward shield throw pod, that deploys x2 faster then first enemy bullet. For easy target medic noobs lost walking in a open field.

    New Medics who are about to die to enemy LA, at a angle they aren't used to being shot at. Essentially MOST MEDICS alone walking around grass field are DEER & LA Vets are the Hunters.
    & We hunters find the deer; way too easy to kill.

    B) Even more Medic shield items to get them past doors & tunnels & get their team as well; not just for 1vs1's scenarios.

    I think " healing teamates " with medtools isn't fun enough. As stated earlier; their isn't enough green bar.
    & healing allies by shooting them; with Headshots granting bonus health; sounds more fun than a auto link tool.
    Least AOE heal guns, if not Aimable HS blow dart heal guns.

    More green hp for all infantry. More guns that buff blue shield bars.
    How ever else to make healing infantry entertainment interesting.
    Without mentioning blessed mortar shells.
  9. LluisXimi

    WoW,from all the hieroglyphics you say,i understand the 5 per cent. No ofense,just i do not understand anything. The only things i understand is that you hate medics and you find the useless with a graphic card who give less than 120 FPS. I forget to say,i play on PlayStation. Is a whole world appart. Remember,we do not have updates since 2022.
  10. LluisXimi

    I readed again,you say infiltrators do not need recon darts,and need side to side things and buffs. Also give recon darts to engineers. My friend,you want to make a mess with the game. Infiltrators are the scout class,and need tools for detect enemyes,not only for you, but also for the allyes. This game IS massive,you are not playing alone. If so,go play call of duty campaign. No ofense. This is a mmofps. And all the classes have their roles. Do not make a mess of them!!! Because imagine i want overshield from heavy assault to my medic. Is converted in assault medic. Oh new class. No. Please.
  11. LluisXimi

    Sorry but is much wall of texts,i read another things,medics with battle rank 1 are farmed from vets la or ha. And who not? Even a battle rank 75 whoever the class can be farmed if the situation is done. It is too much wall of text,and i just awake. From all the things you say,you make another wrelside. Maybe they listen you and implement those things for medic but for my part i do not like the idea.
  12. LluisXimi

    And we are far from the topic of the thread. We talk about asp,not how you find a medic useless.
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