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  1. faykid

    Hello, dear aces. What can you guys tell me about his thing? Can it be used in PS2?

    I tried learning airgame several times, with different keybinds, and everytime i fail with my wrist hurting and my rage boiling. I was hoping a stick could change it, make it easier. This one is very cheap, but will it do?

    I read some random posts about joystick vs. PS2, seems like there have been some issues. But what is the current state? Should i buy and try?
  2. Exonis

    I believe joysticks don't work due to the way the aircraft controls are binded, they're different from every other game pretty much; you can't fly them like a jet, but lots of practice in the VR will help.
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  3. faykid

    Thanks for the clarification. You saved me money. I guess I'll quit trying to get into airgame then. When it comes to aircraft control, I lose my ability to even. Its just pure frustration.
  4. entrailsgalore

    As someone who plays games like Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, and a vet SWG:JTL player, I primarily use a HOTAS setup for most of my flying these days. Unfortunately, as mentioned, since you can't fully rebind p/y/r in this game, using a flight stick or full hotas is almost impossible, and flying must be done with a mouse and keyboard.

    This is something that took me a few weeks to get used to, and a few months to really build muscle memory and come to a point where flying in PS2 is like riding a bike. Even if you take a break, you can spend 10 minutes remembering everything and jumping back in.

    If you are in the market for a flight stick or full hotas because you play other flight/space sims and wanted to use it in PS2, then thrustmaster stcisk are a very solid choice. I personally use the x55 Rhino, but Saitek's QA is sort of a gamble now that madcatz owns them. Mine works well though. CH products seem to be the "cheap but will last" sort of product, although their asthetic design seems to be a bit dated. The best flight stick on the market right now imo is the Thrust-master Warthog, but it's also the most expensive.

    Now, if you planned on getting a Flight stick JUST for PS2, you would definitely be wasting your money. In the future they may open up the key mapping configuration, and we may eventually be able to use hotas after a week of re-learning to fly.

    TLDR: As of right now though, it's mouse and keyboard.
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  5. Tommyp2006

    It'll be a lot easier for you to fly in this game if you bind pitch up and down to either mouse thumb keys if you have them, or easily accessable keys on your keyboard.
  6. faykid

    I used one of the rebind suggestions which recommends binding pitch up/down to Q and E respectively (thumb button for change camera and next weapon).

    The main problem I have is that with Q being bound to pitch up I lose my ability spot enemies. What's worse, it applies both to air and infantry situations.

    I remember there was a way to keep Q bound both for spotting and piching up, but I can't remember it. But when i was able to combine them, it annoyed me that every time i spotted enemy while gunning gal/lib i would simultaneously pitch my gun, too.
  7. Liquidrider

    Use Q and E for roll left roll right

    Tommy is correct you want to bind your mouse for a pitch up pitch down. So if you can get a 4-6 button mouse it will make your life much easier.

    This game is not joystick friendly in the slightest. I tried many times.
  8. Prudentia

    Alt is a decent key for spotting, because it doesn't require you to let go of anything but the spacebar to spot.
    i put mousemode on "-" tough it's a german keyboard and i have to watch out to not press alt and shift because it then changes to merican setup and i open the chat instead of spotting... i should probably change that...
  9. MahouFairy

    Here's tip: get a good mouse pad that complements your mouse

    No im not talking about those that cost hundreds of bucks. Just get something that complements each other. I used to suck even at basic maneuvering, but after changing my mouse, I found out that my controls were smoother.
  10. faykid

    thanks, this actually sounds promising, i'll try it. how does it feel when you use it on the ground? does it impairs your performance as infantry?
  11. Ballto21

    i used to feel this way too, but after thousands of wasted nanites, many hours in VR and live practice, i now survive 20 seconds against decent pilots instead of 5! and get a 0.9 KDR if im doing well!

    Its a giant pain in the *** to learn to dogfight and ive barely gotten on the bottom rung, i just spend all my nanites then go snipe for awhile until they recharge to do a bit of kdr padding and actually get some certs
  12. faykid

    Actually i did get myself a large textile surface mouse pad just yesterday. One of those which come in a tube and are larger than A4 paper format. I'm now adjusting my sensetivity because with textile it kinda slowed down.
  13. faykid

    i envy your resolve, to be honest. i also try flying in the VR from time to time, but after 10th suicide i just say "fudge it" and go play infantry.
    i'm not even trying to fly outside of VR, i can't win any engagement, and cant get even close to any fight. once i see an enemy aircraft i start tracking it and trying to shoot, but end up flying too low or too close to mountain or tree and normally just crash before losing the dogfight
  14. Ballto21

    I grabbed the Anteres LC and started shooting from about 75-110 meters out when i first started getting serious, using the Rangefinder implant to figure out best ranges on the weapons, as i learned to hit more reliably i started moving about 25m closer each engagement. I ran lockons for awhile but i found that i was winning a bit too often when i probably shouldnt have and wasnt learning much, so i fully certed afterburner pods and have been running with those ever since. If youre like me and had/have a lot of trouble tuning to if attacked or need to quick turn I rebound my E key to analog throttle and my eject key to *. Analog cuts your momentum, i cut momentum, roll on my side. hold my pitch down key, vertical thrust key, and afterburners and when ive turned i just stop pitching down and i roll back to normal position to shoot more accurately. Ive gotten proficient enough to at least damage people enough to call it a closeish match. Best advice i can give you for learning (based on what ive been told and working on)
    Run either the Anteres LC or the default gun (im assuming youre VS by the sig) and afterburners. Its tough, but youll learn the hard way
    Fire suppression is a pseudo replacement for flares as you can repair lockon damage and you can heal yourself in a dogfight. G2A lockons are easy enough to afterburn away from it. Nanites over comp armor, hover stability over dogfighting. Ive seen and heard of a few VS pilots running racer but general opinion is hover airframe
    If youre absolutely sure you will not win, ram them. At least you technically got a kill.
    Dont fight the NC if you can avoid it. The 320 rotary is way to powerful for inexperienced pilots to have a chance. Its not a bad thing, its not unbalnced in a game breaking sense, but if youre fighting someone at a skill level equal to or higher than you using that gun youll have a very small survival chance. fighting the TR is more 50/50
    Rage heavy/MAX or sniping is a good way to cool off if you ragebuild quickly. Ones calm and detached and getting kills the other is just a **** you to everything.
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  15. Prudentia

    even less than while flying, because if you are not a fulltime light assault you probably don't need to hold space while trying to spot
  16. Onhil

    I have always wondered if I could dogfight easier if I bound pitch to Q and E or somehwere on my mouse, but I would have to learn how to use it effectivly. And to do that I would probably have to fly around in VR for a few hours or days, but I'm a huge KPH ***** I get pissed when it goes below 60.

    But then again I fly with quite the high sensetivity (2500 dpi and 1 flight sensetivity) So doing that might not even benefit me at all
  17. Pirbi

    I flew using a joystick until a patch made changes for the PS4 that screwed up some keybindings for the PC. It was never great but flying with a mouse and keyboard just doesn't feel like flying. I did re-learn to use the keyboard and mouse and it is easier to dogfight with that setup as opposed to a joystick. It just feels kinda corny to me. Still need more practice.
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  18. Onhil

    I find it much easier to fight NC in the air as I usually like to be at I belive 50+ away from the enemy. And with the Reavers "Brick" hitbox it is quite easy to hit unlike the "neddle" hitbox that the Mosquito has. And when I fly with alts hitting Schytes is pretty easy
  19. Illucidator

    My mouse thumb key is binded to third person camera. Idk if thats a good or bad thing but i constantly swith from first to third person while flying.
  20. Ballto21

    scythes have the widest front on and biggest top down frame. not surprised.

    I usually get shredded by 320 damage noseguns before i can even get 10 hits in