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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Multispastic, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Multispastic

    Is there a reason there is no Asian server? there are many ppl here that want to play but only get 180ms ping to Australia... its unplayable.

    And please stop maxes dying to being run over by a buggy...its stupid

    My favourite FPS !!
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  2. adamts01

    An Asian server really needs to happen, and then a reasonable ping limit. But 180 isn't so bad. I get 220 to Connery from the Philippines and don't have much trouble. It's 350+ where funny things start happening.
  3. Peebuddy

    There were Asian servers but they were done with a third party that was rampant with hackers (even more than our servers), so they all came to US servers. No point in creating new servers if they can't promise better anti-cheating, which good luck finding anyone in Asia who can do that atm

    Ure totally out of date.
    They are already on a new Asian server.
  5. JadeSinn

    as the rumors go. there was an asian server at one time. the rumor is that it was boycoted by the asian players. becuse they wanted to play on the connory server with the NA players the other rumor is that there where to many hackers on there servers and they left to move to one that had fewer hackers only issue is they draged the hackers with them

    jump to today. its rumored that there is going to be a new asian server out of tokyo or something and that there planing to put a high ping lock on all the servers to region lock the servers to each regions player base. and that there going to give a 1 time free char transfer to all the players that live near the new server inorder to transfer them over. meaning any player that lives in the area of the new server will have 2 options take the transfur or be ping locked out of connory forever.

    ill beleave it when i see it personaly.

    if they wanted to fix the servers they would of done it by now. players have been demanding that the asian player base get there own server for some time now. and the devs have heard the demands but have ignored it for the most part from what most have seen.

    i do beleave that a ping lock needs to be put on the NA servers if your not part of the NA contanent then you dont need to be on it. you need to be on the one closest to you. not the one furthest from you. that means that australia needs a server and all of asia needs one as well. sorry my auzy friends but you guys lag too sometimes. and we all know it.
  6. Multispastic

    i had no idea of new asian server on the cards..if its true then fantastic... where is that news?
    I live in Cambodia and tokyo would be great for me.
  7. JadeSinn

    its all rumors on the rumor mills. it travels around in game in outfits and platoons. it could all be hear say. and be a lie. but if its real it would be worth it. and make alot of players happy

    They tell it sometime.
    Source dbg
  9. darknessqq

    yeah open atleast 1 asia server please
    i love this game, but i quit because of the lag
    normal pings 300, and sometimes go to 3000 or even more
    cant even have fun with that lag, everyone just teleporting and cant target enemy
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    We do have plans to open up an Asia server when we can spin up all of the resources for it. It will be located in Tokyo, as that's where our data center is located.
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  11. Coliax

    You don't have an Asian Server? But there are some dirty picture with asian Girls in underwear with a planetside 2 Background ._.
  12. HippoCryties

    Probs the Asian guys fantasies lol
  13. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    It's not just the Asian guys.
  14. MrDaleJrNr3

    Any update on this? I played PS2 (and LOVED it) before I moved to Tokyo, and if what Roxxly say is true and there would be a Tokyo server maybe somewhere down the line, I'd love to pick it back up.
  15. aynn

    Not sure if you're joking but the Tokyo server "Soltech" opened up last year October.
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  16. MrDaleJrNr3

    I've not been playing since last year's August (on EU servers, paying little heed to news ever since), so I'm not joking. Thank you for the swift response, I will download the game and jump back in!

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