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  1. Un1337ninj4

    Been wanting to play for a while but had a potatoe, now that I own a more capable machine I'm now waiting for the Steam download, real question is...

    On a scale of 1-10, how dead am I?
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  2. Casterbridge

    If you are like i was when first starting PS2, no real previous FPS experience probably going to get nailed pretty hard at first. It's all good though. The game can be a lot of fun once you get into the groove and your skill, tactics etc start improving and you find what you enjoy from the game, and there's a lot, infantry fighting, tanks, planes etc.

    If you have experience with other FPS games then you will be better off, though dealing with the vehicle spam may take some getting used to.

    The game is going to start you off as a Light Assault for some reason, I recommend start off with using Medic or Engineer at first, weapons are easy to use, and you can act as support while learning combat.

    Also join an outfit, while I eventually quit my first outfit and lone wolfed for a long time after, I don't actually regret being in my original "zerg" outfit (an outfit that pretty much invites anyone) it got me into the game helped me learn the basics and probably the main reason I stuck with the game till I started figuring things out.
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  3. Paragon Exile

    You're going to get nailed to the wall for 20 hours. Non-stop total fail.

    You'll then get wrecked for 50 more. Prepare your anus.

    You'll break even for 100 hours after that. Meh.

    What's beyond that is up to your personal skill.
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  4. Eyeklops

    What server and time of day do you plan on playing? I have been known to take a newb under my wing on occasion.
  5. PurpleOtter

  6. Canaris

    Be prepared to be told "Welcome to Planetside little noob" a lot ;)
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  7. DFDelta

    If you have experience with this kind of game you will not be that screwed against infantry.
    The weapons you get for free are quite capable, even though a few (and really, just 2 or 3 across all factions) of them require attachments to get their full potential.

    Against tanks you'll be screwed somewhat, since you only have one class that can fight them until you unlock the AV turret for the engie or C4 for the other classes, but the launcher you start out with is quite good. (Personally I consider the basic launcher to be the best handheld ranged AV weapon)

    Against air you'll be screwed hard, as air needs a lot of unlocks to fight against, as well as a lot of unlocks to use yourself.

    If I could get a tip or two:
    Stay in infantry combat for the beginning, stick with medic and heavy assault until you have gathered a few certs. Make sure to get the high levels of the medic tool early, and try to get your hands on revive grenades. They both seem expensive, but they generate an insane amount of certs compared with anything else you can do as a fresh player.
    Once you're swimming in certs (relatively speaking) start kitting out the other classes.

    If you really want to play tank improve the engie tool. Look for tanks to gun for, do what the driver says and learn from them.
    If you make some friends that way theys might even borrow you their tanks.
    Use the certs you earn that way to build up your own tank.

    If you're interested in air do the same as with for tanks, just gun for liberators or the odd combat galaxy.
  8. Corporate Thug

    1 Being alive for more than 5 minutes and a 10 having died horribly within one minute of spawning, I would say you are a solid 8. Listen to the other posters. Join an outfit by inquiring on the forums or ask in game at a busy warpgate. You also can join a random platoon and most of the open platoons recruit, some even say it in the advert.

    If you are really curious about the game and want to learn then watch plenty of videos, streams will also do and usually have viewers that can answer some of your questions.

    This might also help some.

    Good luck!
  9. Iridar51

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  10. Ribero

    Hope you brought Vaseline.
  11. Key Pusher

    They deleted post saying "as dead as this game."

    They know their game is dying and don't want people talking about it.
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  12. Nerp

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  13. PieBringer

    As fresh meat you serve one, and only one purpose.

    Soak up bullets for your team so they can shoot the ones sending those bullets. Until you have learned to aim, this will be your purpose.