As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. LordMondando

    Well whilst the patch appears to have completely borked the game for about 20-30% of the player base, equal if not greater numbers appear to have actually got a significant improvement in fps. I know from where we are sitting thats hardly a comfort, but taking it all back to the drawing board beyond loosing whatever small gains they have is probs not on the cards, also it is arguably, a massive P.R fail to do so.

    There is also the new content, which does really address some of the big issues in game-play mechanics.

    Its obviously hugely frustrating as a bunch of us do the junkie shuffle.

    All we can do is make sure they don't forget about this issue, by politely and constructively making sure it remains in their awareness and wait.

    Also now in effect the servers have become the test servers. Whilst I am in the mood for gaming not play testing, the more data we can actually collect the better.

    I encourage everyone with this issue to submit a support ticket referencing this thread and giving them the dxdiag and msinfo32 data they are looking for.

    Its the fastest way of fixing this. Or as I put it, no point moaning about bugs if your not going to help fix them.
  2. LordMondando

    Also, though I think we have assembled quite a good compilation of footage in this thread, if anyone see's anything that is undeniably this issue, but somehow looks different (i.e something that might reveal the nature of this bug, better), please record it and post if (if you can). Every bit of empirical evidence helps with this.
  3. Jed142

    Yeah, when i submitted my ticket I referenced this thread :)

    My data/experiences so far.

    - Game can be perfect for about 5 min, or maybe untill i enter a heated battle or maybe when there are more than 5 people around me.
    - warping only happens to moving objects.
    - One touch of w,s,a,d, can make the game think you've moved 0-30 m? proved via moving around hostile spawn room. also via repairing, or hacking etc.. you move and it stops the interaction thinking you're out of range.
    - (before hotfix, not sure if relevent, this was the first time it happen to me) map icons warping, I see everyone normal except for stuff int he back ground. I was able to fly around in my lib and kil **** and they couldnt get a hit on me.. after maybe 3 min of warping, flickeriing started, constant flicker, but still playable... stuttering fps spikes too..
    - (more recently) I play for 5-10 min with the warping, Some thing happens in the game and boom, game must overload or something and just crashes. Freeze with no error, have to ctr_alt_del, then find my mouse then end process.
    - I have netgear CG3100, 60+Mbps, 2.4upload, 5 min on speed test. Ps2 Ports all forwarded.
    - Happens on other servers.
    - other games I play are fine.
    - I seem to be the only person in my outfit with the issue.
    - AMD HD5870, i7 930, 12GB ram, temps all fine.

    - i run though steam,
    - I have validated my files..
    - It can fix itself, turn on and off...mainly comes back when I am moving

    - Objects only warp if you're NOT looking at them, fly around and see for yourself. Keep an eye on your map and take them in and out of view. see them warp then stop warping once in view? I believe this is an important indicator!

    Is there anyway to not run it though steam? ill try that...
  4. BenYeeHua

    Just disable the steam in-game community, which show the OSD in the game. :)
  5. LordMondando

    Yeah that makes sense and coheres with my observations, it points to the the issue being between the server and the client communicating. The error must be in the netcode that handles the Synchronization of the entities location between the client and server. In short when you or anything else is moving, packets have to be exchanged detailing this.

    How this could cause the 'overload' (im getting this as well about 70% of the time) in either a hard crash or 'fps dropping 1 style flashing world bug' no idea however.

    Good work.
  6. LordMondando

    Mine's been disabled the entire time, not whats doing it. Whatever's causing this is fairly fundemental in PS2's engine and most likely is an error in how the server and client are communicating.
  7. BenYeeHua

    Yup, I think this issues more like a server and client communication problem.
    Which I don't facing it.
  8. mowmow556

    "SoE listen to your community
    1) We need a test server, sorry QC has failed in house.
    2) Better Communication Via the forum please."

    Their mgmt feels too stupid and tries not to care for admitting mistakes.
    Calling "The Team" in on the weekend, was this planned? GG, everyone's a winner when you play Planetside.
    Twitter gives the perfect separation, even the IDF coyfully hides behind Twitter. Oh look at that, the Pope, LOL.
  9. mowmow556

    Dude, this isn't ******* Congress.
    Take the dick in your *** like a man. They don't, give, a ****.
  10. LordMondando

    Trying to constructively analyse and help fix a bug. Take the e-rage outside please.
  11. Partybooper

    I don't use the steam version and got these problems. Deleted the UserOptions.ini, tried everything else, nothing works. It's definitely a bug we can't fix ourselves. SOE simply needs to become aware of this problem. It would really be great if they would comment on this matter, or even better, in this topic.
  12. LordMondando

    I think higby's statement about connection problems roughly covers it, though if people want to tweet him to clarify, not going to argue against that.
  13. Partybooper

    I hope so. "Connection problems" could mean anything, from generally higher latencies to not being able to log in at all. Hopefully, they know about our specific problem.
  14. LordMondando

    Well again, some sort of official communication by one of the tech support/customer rep people on this very site. Would kind of be nice.

    Again i'm tempted to bump, until this happens. If they really are looking into so called : 'connection issues' then it should be a mere formality. Where SoE tend to fail in this regard is as I've noted before presuming cryptic tweets are sufficient.

    I am, the choice of the word connection, my connection is fine. I've made a point of contacting B.T and testing it on nearly every other format I can imagine. My issue relates not to my connection but to Client / Serve desync, presumably (again, I can't imagine what else it is) due to changes in the code backend of my PS2 client and how its interacting with certain hardware set ups which include my own.
  15. Bloodlet

    Yooohoooooo devs, or someone who can speak on their behalf; please acknowledge the existence of this unique issue which is seperate from the FPS issues that others are having!
  16. LordMondando

    Well the more I think of it the more it might not be totally seperaet (in its symptoms it might be, it its root cause maybe not). I point to the fact that the way the map works was fundamentally altered this patch and the issue is largely a problem of the client and server respectively being able to assign where a player entity is on the map.
  17. Bloodlet

    While I know changing one thing can effect a lot of other systems in game, I'm not sure I agree since if the root cause is the same between FPS and desynch problems, why do they manifest so differently for different players.

    All I really know is that I basically have not played for going on 3 days now due to this. I don't think it's asking for a miracle for someone from the dev/customer support staff to shed some light on this specific issue. Even if it is to say that the root cause is the same and they are already working on a solution.
  18. Bloodlet

    Back up top.
  19. Sam101

    Im having the same issues, **** crack :(
  20. LordMondando

    Finally got a response to my ticket, can't say im impressed.

    and my response