As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. LordMondando

    Thats the presumption im working on now, some bug in the netcode is causing certain configerations to progressively go into serious dysync.

    Whats interesting though is that there's no apparent lag from the players perspective. Just **** flying everywhere.

    Well if you'd not had responses to the various 'derp I has lost my fupuses' threads within about 2 hours fo the patch going live. I'd be a bit more sympathetic to that view.

    I'm not asking for a fix, just acknowledgement of the issue.

    Its how most MMO's do this. I'm not trying to be a whiney ***** or anything, but at this point their current QA testing protocols just look utterly inadequate.
  2. Sprintfox

    I can understand you completely. Thing is just, we've Sunday and... yeh, they've released the patch unaffortunately on a weekend. But you're completely right - one way to improve quality assurance should be to test something completely out, instead of trying to feed the people with fast-patching, which in the ends brings more issues with it, than it should sort out.
  3. LordMondando

    I don't think when is really that relevant, and I commend them for coming in on the weekend.

    Its besides the point though, this patch that was meant to fix a bunch of serious issues, infact has introduced several new game breaking bugs into the game.

    If game breaking stuff is making it through. Your protocols for pre-release de-bugging simply are not fit for purpose. There are clearly sigificant bugs that made it through in the render engine and the necode.

    But I take it we are basically in agreement on this.

    I also think it may be time to move away from the ONE EPIC PATCH PER MONTH model and move to incremental patches alike the hot fixes in early January. They were far easily to handle when something broke. So I don't think its 'fast vs. slow patching' thats the issue so much, its this commitment to making the game magically supreme in another 5 patches that worries me a bit.

    I think the issue is trying to please everyone at once, thats causing the problems.
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  4. Jachim

    Okay, so confirmed that a complete wipe of PS2 from my computer and reinstalling from scratch has done nothing to fix this problem. In fact, the desync seems even worse for me as when I shoot at someone, it doesn't even register and suddenly I'm dead while standing up then fall over and warp 20 feet in a random direction the game thinks I'm apparently at.

    What the hell SOE.
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  5. Feral

    well thank you for the attempt regardless jachim, least we know now its not a viable solution, lets keep this up in hopes of something showing up.
  6. Jachim

    Yeah, I'm about to flip a table.
  7. Sprintfox

    Don't do it! It's not worth! :)
  8. VarkaanPT

    You get the message to get out of a restricted area because you are in places you dont even know. I think this problem was even before the latest patch. A month ago i was inside the spawn protected rooms of a bio lab, and i saw an enemy entering the room making me think "how did this guy managed to went through the shield?". He was flashing like some kind of ghost and i shot him. Then he accuses me of hacking because he was safely on the vehicle spawn and i could not killed him there. When i told him where i killed him he was like "WTF!!"
    Apparently this issue is a lot more common since the last patch.
    I never had that problem in PS2, but i had a similar one on Test Drive Unlimited 2, as i saw other drivers warping all over the place. My problem was a strict NAT and i no longer had problems after i opened some ports.
    Unfortunately, last time i checked, there's nothing about portforwarding on PS2.
  9. Revanmug

    Feel like this should go back up. Still a pretty broken issue.
  10. Jachim

    Tested it some more just now. I found interestingly that when I drop off a building, it takes about 5+seconds for the fall damage 'thump' and then another 5 seconds or so for the 'pain' indicatior to show up.

    Serious desyncing I think. Still no response from SOE. I'm fed up.
  11. Jachim

    Confirmed also that it gets increasingly worse as time goes on.
  12. Feral

    Having to agree with it getting worse as time goes on, also it seems to be tied in with the amount of people in the general area as well. I took a quick video just to showcase it myself, keep in mind im getting a steady 40 fps while this is all occuring.

  13. Jachim

    It's not to do with how many people are in an area. I was at indar WG Waterson very few people tjhere and it happened as time goes on.
  14. Bloodlet

    Bump for SOE acknowledgement.
  15. Jachim

    Just fyi from twitter an hour or two ago, I'm @netsquall on twitter and had tweeted him to at least respond

    Matthew Higby@mhigby
    @netsquall we've definitely heard the reports and are looking into possible causes for performance and connection problems some are having.
  16. Azzer

    Some? SOME!? I'm in the largest Vanu outfit on my server (Cobalt) - almost EVERYBODY online was having issues with FPS spikes and "lagging". Some with things flying all over, others saying their FPS would randomly spike between 80 and 5 (and switch to "CPU" instead of "GPU" when doing this). I can count on one hand how many spoke up and said they weren't having any problems at all.

    There is no way that this isn't affecting the majority of players. I suspect any players that say they haven't had it occur yet, are either in the lucky minority, or have only tried playing for 10 minutes and only in quiet areas, and so haven't seen how bad it is yet.
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  17. Niian

    I'm not sure how wide spread this is among the average user, but its been preventing me from playing, on both Matherson and Connery, just about everywhere including the warp gates. Clearly a segment of the population is unaffected or fewer bullets would dot my corpse. I just hope we see a fix coming with everyone getting back into the office tomorrow morning.
  18. IronZuuL

    Yeah the thing is, not all the players come to the forums and take the time to inform SOE about this problem, they just want to play the game and so they "endure it" (some better/worse then others) as is.

    More people reporting this issue could only help. The silence from SOE makes me think that they believe, that this is not a major problem affecting alot of players, just a few, so why bother being urgent about it.
    I know for a fact that many in my 1k outfit members keep complaining about stuff warping around and fps going crazy after every single new hotfix.

    - On a side note:
    At least the tanks are fixed (now that was game breaking huh! lol) , I can now shoot stuff while enjoying a random 0 fps slide show. ;)
  19. LordMondando

    Good work Jachim.

    Now just to wait.

    Obviously its a fairly widespread problem at this point.

    You might want to correct '@HomeGuardClan' as they seem to think its a simple 'useroptions' issue.

    lol no.
  20. Jed142

    i wish they would just revert the changes. i just want to play...