As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. ThereIsNoTry

    A word of warning and a question!

    After I applied this pretty much all it did was giving me a game which has a 50% chance to crash during loading screens (which hasn't happened in months before)
    So while it might help users please be aware that it also seems to have a huge downside on some setups.

    I'm currently trying to revert the changes, if anyone could tell me what the defaul win7 command line is this would be highly appreciated.
    I am still more likely to play a game in which I am bound to play a pure support role then one which crashes almost every time I see a loading screen.
  2. ThereIsNoTry

    As I cant edit my post anymore:

    as it seems the crashing was related to running the game with admin rights and disabling desktop effects while playing. After I undid that the crashes seem to have gone. Or at least do not happen that often anymore.

    But cannot tell if the desync issue is gone as the recent patch cut my fps in half and finally made the game completely unplayable.
  3. Syncaidius

    I really wish they'd sort this problem. Its gotten worse for me since GU4. People are teleporting and flying all over the place, which prevents me damaging them and according to my squad friends, sometimes its reversed, where I'm lagging all over the place to everyone else, but everyone appears fine my side.

    I'll probably end up having to find something else to play though... at this rate. Its been happening to alot of people since beta, and still not fixed.
  4. Nate1

    sucks to be you guys LOL :D
  5. Playbizzle

    bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock is the command to put it back to normal. I do have low frames doing it this way but seems to be the only way i can play the game
  6. OmegaSupreme

    grrrr missing all the fun double xp .......... unplayable for me .....
    no i havent changed anything on my computer same setup , every update u *** somethin else.
    all of the players here on the thread that cant play wants a compensation for the lost gameplay and lost double xp time.
  7. Phaze

    Day 16 and counting....

    SOE continues to remain silent.

    I don't know if this is the same with others - but the thing I've found very frustrating with the bug is that it is possible to play from time to time... If I feel like logging in and out for about half an hour, I'll eventually get a stable session where I can play for a while (hour or two), until I'm eventually forced to reboot because of other PS2 issues.

    But - I can't put my finger on anything consistent as far as the conditions for when it works and when it doesn't.

    The only consistent thing is this issue started immediately after the merge/patch.
  8. Bluebullet

    day 46
  9. wopolusa

    Had this since the update before last. slowly as time passes my registered hits and glitching players gets worse and worse. I've seen peoples PS2 harlem shake and I wish my issue was that bad. I literally teleport EVERYwhere, I've jumped out of a stationary AA installment and the loading screen has come up and I've dropped by air into the VS deployment. I've seen sunderers literally fly over bio labs. and pretty much exiting any vehicle results in A) spawning or dropping into the VS deployment, or B) pod dropping right where I left the vehicle. I've also had a glitch where my gun is a little off centre of my screen, and I'll literally shoot bullets like way off to the right even when I aim straight. NOT to mention the issue a lot of people have where if you look in a certain direction only the skybox renders and none of the map itself.

    AMD FX-6100 6-core processor
    Gigabyte Radeon 6850 1GB overclocked
    Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 motherboard
    G. Skill DDR3 (1333Mhz) 16GB (4x4GB) memory
    Win7 64-bit

    never had anything even slightly resembling this issue before. (excluding the occasional issue where you can only see skybox when looking in certain directions)
  10. BigBlackenstein

    If I had the money to fight it, I'd of honestly filed a lawsuit by now. Sure EULA, ToS, and T&C say Sony owes me nothing, but uh, there's that, then there's blatant robbery. Good to know what had potential turned out to be nothing more than BS. Oh and my favorite:

    "We cannot give you a refund that is that far back." ~SOE CSR

    What I stated at the beginning 2 weeks before that response:

    "I was going to ask for a refund, but as show of good faith and support I won't".

    You stay classy SOE.
  11. Zakuak

    As of 9pm last night Higby put out a tweet that they have found the FPS/Lag problem and "fixed it" as well as a few other performance issues. I hope the one of the other issues they came across addresses the Desync cr*p.

    I've not had the issue but a couple times since I disabled some settings in AI suite...but that's just a work around and I'd much rather have my software for my mobo able to use it's sensors.
  12. OmegaSupreme

    still no fix , thats anoying as hell, zakuak what did you do to try and deal with this problem?
  13. Zakuak

    I have an ASUS motherboard and have the ASUS "AI Suite" motherboard software installed. From the task bar I open the program and click the "setttings" button. In Settings I uncheck the options for sensor monitoring ( there are a few IIRC and I do not recall exact names), No harm so just uncheck them if they say "sensor".

    A forum member named Shasbot stumbled upon it two weeks ago. Also users on Gigabyte boards using their "easytune" found similar results by disabling or was it uninstalling the software...?...sorry I don't remember exactly.

    There is a thread with "Desync" in it's title that I believe has more details.

  14. Swarley

    Just got done playing and desync still exists, but no lag. Hurray. 2 months of this so far and no fix. Come on 3 months, come on! You can do it SOE!
  15. NotTheMomma

    Search for "desync workarounds", that should find it.
  16. Zakuak

    Ouch, Bumber Swarley I really had hoped they nailed that one =\
  17. Vachek

    Played all weekend without issue other than the sluggish servers. Today after the patch i can't play for more than 5 minutes and im desynched. I've never over clocked my cpu, I don't have software installed that does, I've checked my timing and its fine. I appreciate the community's efforts to find work arounds but none have worked for me. I find it disheartening that after 50+ pages on the forum there is STILL no official word.

    Should I cancel my sub? Seems the only way to get a company's attention anymore is to speak with your wallet.
  18. Phaze

    That's the route I went. Not a lot of other options.
  19. Lostami

    I have the same issue, and personally? I'm sick of it. The game is fun when it works, which is rare.
    But as it is, it's not worth my time, I will come back to this now and then and see if the game runs better.

    Planet side 2 is to buggy, I have read lists of game breaking bugs that have come and gone since launch and it's clear to me now that this game is simply broken, if not doomed. They need to get to it and start fixing these issues instead of adding more micro-transaction content, if the base game does not even work then who do they think will buy there item shop content?

    As for the comment about talking with your wallet, Yes, cancel it's really the only way to get them to look down far enough to see us struggling with there broken game.

    Normally I don't gripe about F2P games, there free after all, that is usually enough, but this level of dysfunction is just not good enough.
  20. Swarley

    I just keep coming back to this post and saying that it is still broken. Never once even considered getting a sub with how unreliable the game has been for me, though unfortunately I did spend money on upgrades for a few things as well as cosmetics.

    Just keep posting here daily/weekly or in any other desync post if it still exists. I mean eventually this thread has to generate more attention from these blind developers.. Right? Right....?

    I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

    PS; It's still broken.