As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

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    I even got a new video card (not related to PS2 purposes, as I can't play it regardless :rolleyes:) and new cable modem since my old one died, no changes. Not that I expected any. So my setup is still the same as before but I now have an ATI 6770 HD. I guess those of us with non Asus boards are still screwed. I have tried pretty much everything in this thread, from messing around in BIOS, using bcdedit, port forwarding, driver changes, everything. AGAIN, this game ran perfectly fine and was perfectly playable prior to the big GU2. I have an MSI board and AMD proc and I guess there is no hope for me. It just hurts to see my money (or time? with premium) bleed away with no compensation as I do want to play, but I want to be able to actually move around and shoot things for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

    I've moved back/onto other games as I'd rather relax and have fun gaming rather than tinker endlessly on my PC that works perfectly for literally every other application besides PS2. I'm not paying any more for this game and after my premium runs out in May I'll assume I'll be done with it for good, as who knows if we'll get anywhere with this problem. Feeling pretty sour. Here are my settings again for ***** and giggles

    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
    AMD Phenom II X4 955
    Deneb 45nm Technology
    8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 606MHz (9-9-9-24)
    MSI 870A-G55 (MS-7599) (CPU1)
    VE208 (1600x900@60Hz)
    AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series (XFX Pine Group)
    Hard Drives
    466GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKS-22V1A0 ATA Device (SATA)21 °C
    466GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKS-00A7B2 ATA Device (SATA)22 °C
    Optical Drives
    ATAPI iHAS224 B ATA Device
    Realtek High Definition Audio
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  2. Being@RT

    You guys should give CMH a medal. And you too!
  3. XOLiD

    This is what happened to my friend last night.
  4. Playbizzle

    Please release the hot fix already it cant do any more harm then what were dealing with right now is the worst bug of all. The only bug that can be worse then this is not being able to log in. Ya know this wouldn't even be a problem right now if this was just happening to the Terran Republic :)
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  5. Playbizzle

    Ok sounds good chop chop lets go!! Maybe by now if you had done this it would have been fixed. We are going on over a month here of not being able to play the game that i dumped all that useless money into i mean come on its only money right no big deal maybe next year i will be able to enjoy all that useless money i put into this game
  6. broderbund

    If you are still having desync issues try this:
    1. Search for "Choose a power plan" in control panel.
    2. Change your power plan to "High performance"
    3. Click "Change plan settings" next to High performance
    4. Click "Change advanced power settings"
    5. Expand "Processor power management"
    6. Confirm that "Minimum processor state" is set to 100%
    I was having desync issues since early March where players would start flying everywhere like in the videos that have been posted in this thread. Setting my minimum processor state to 100% eliminated the desync issue. I have played for over three hours with no issue whereas before I would desync in about 20 minutes.

    Also when I first tried WinTimerTester I was getting a stable 1.0000. However I was watching the timer the whole time so my system was basically idle. The next time I tried WinTimerTester I loaded my system by refreshing several tabs in chrome. The timer result immediately jumped to 1.0007. After fixing the minimum processor state the timer sits at 1.0000 even under load so I am satisfied this is a valid solution.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Ironpalm

    I'd like to throw my WinTimerTester results into the mix, for what they're worth. As with all the previous workarounds your mileage may vary. The results below were all done on a Q9000 CPU and GTX280m GPU - both are overclocked (they are old - they need it). The HPET is also enabled. I also don't have any monitoring software (that I'm aware of) that I can mess around with (as ASUS motherboard owners have been getting results with)

    Anyway, I logged into PS2 while running WinTimerTester in the background. As soon as I got to the character select screen, my timing ratio started to climb. Before loading it was stable at 1. So at this point I'm not surprised, but it was good to confirm what I had suspected.

    My workaround starts here by changing my screen resolution and window mode - after each change I would reset the counter on WTT and then leave it for a couple of minutes to stablise. The results were surprising. Most of the resolutions and modes resulted in a ratio ranging between 1.0001 and 1.0192. However there were a few in there that stabilsed to 1. The 2 modes that were stable were 1024x768 (Windowed) and 1360x768 (Fullscreen). Obviously neither of these are particularly desirable for play, but it is a workaround. I was not able to find any windowed full screen modes that were stable.

    So there are my findings on this issue. Hopefully others can benefit too. :)
  8. Zakuak

    Sorry older post but Argorian17's last paragraph is top notch comedy IMO. No offense to CodeForge, I hope you guys get it sorted out but you gotta at least grin at Argorians wit LOL.
  9. codeForge

    Humor is always a good thing.
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  10. Lyonid

    Five minutes... a new record for me. I was shooting blanks within five minutes of log on. Between time spent first refilling my infantry items and then selecting a drop zone, that meant about 2.5 minutes of actual play.

    I just submitted a ticket to have my remaining membership time frozen... because this is stupid (almost as stupid as me for forking over actual money). At most, I've gotten about 20 minutes of uninterrupted play since the fateful day of the merger. I feel like such an idiot for believing that an issue whose introduction coincided with with a maintenance event would be quickly isolated and remedied (by fix or by rollback of the malignant bit of the most recent changes). More fool I. :(
  11. Phaze

    My Planetside 2 experience, tonight...

    I login. A smart-sounding guy is alerting the warpgate that he is about to make a gal drop into a hot zone. I hop in with about 10 others. We take off. We head real high. He tell us this is a 1-way ticket and we'll be dropping right in with a mission to secure/hold the capture point. We arrive high above the point. We start taking fire. He drops us. Excited! I plummet towards the ground. Land. Battle rages.

    Everyone in the game immediately starts warping all over the @#$@ing screen like crazy.

    I shut the game off in disgust.

    12 days and counting....
  12. Playbizzle

    Using WinTimerTest timing is slightly off fluctuating slightly over and under 1.000 Can someone please tell me how to lock it at 1.000? No idea on how to do this any detailed advice would be great.
  13. Bronchikum

    Just in case I didn't mention already... (at least on my end) the de-sync always only occurs after something hostile (player, vehicle, hacked terminal, etc.) is shown on the minimap.
    I.e. after it's shown the de-sync gets a boost and game is unplayable after a few minutes.
  14. Playbizzle

    It definitely happens more in larger fights with more people around. It seems i can play anytime after 3 am eastern to early afternoon till maybe 4 pm when the rush of people start to come on. Its dsynce after dsync for the rest of the evening and night. WinTimerTester Stay's at 1.000 ratio but for whatever the reason its starts to fluctuate in areas with a large amount of people. Hence the the server merge made it worse. Something about how the game interacts with the cpu timing, but why does this happen more in a higher population? My cpu is not overclocked, no turbo, no AI software installed, HPET Support turned off, Ran bcdedit /set useplatformclock true in command prompt, re installed the game and anything else you can think of. So why am i still getting dsync? Also when it happens i can minimize the game reset WinTimerTester it takes a minute to stabilize back to 1.000 and then i can do damage again but only last for a minute or so. So its really not worth it still not playable. This should be all the info you need to know what is wrong with the game and fix it.

    Gigabyte mobo UD4P EX58
    i7920 cpu
    6gbs OCZ Gold
  15. Vachek

    Log on, 5 minutes later everyone is flickering, i can do no damage. Restart, 5 minutes later, everyone flickers, no damage. Restart 15 minutes, flicker, no damage. Log off
  16. JackD

    My System just crashed a few hours ago. Now when i log in players just warp around, performance degreases, just looks like the worst lag ever and everything moves strange. My Connection is fine it has something to do with the CPU

    Got a Asus P5B Deluxe and and a E6750 (2x2,66GHz) which i overclocked to 2x3,2 GHz.

    I never had that issue before and after overclocking. Since the game crashed i had the issue everytime i logged in from begin with. I also was able to fix it for me.

    CPU frequency: 333MHz = issue is gone
    CPU frequency: auto = issue is gone
    CPU frequency: 400 MHz game is unplayable
    CPU frequency: 388 MHz game is unplayable

    Didn´t test yet further, currently iam running Prime95 to check if my CPU is damaged since my system crashed a few hours ago but it looks like my CPU is fine.

    So as it looks right now, nothing has changed on my system but before it crashed it was able to run PS2 on 333 MHz and 400MHz, now iam only able to run it at or below 333MHz CPU frequency.

    So how iam able to play the game with a overclocked CPU again? I did it for weeks without a single problem. Is it possible that my game files are corrupted and i just need to reinstall the game?
  17. Phaze

    Can we expect a fix in tomorrow's update?
  18. Phaze

    * Nope. Same results logging in after patch.

    Day 13 and counting...
  19. Vachek

    Same here, still seeing the quirky movement or no damage bugs.
  20. Delain81