As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Jed142

    yeah its soo ****.
    Lord, i tried another server, same issue.

    people with this issue either :
    1. cant play because they're sacred of getting banned
    2. are exploiting it and farming certs :(

    makes me sad that i cant play :( I cant imagine if i had my booost active, i'd be soo depressed.
  2. LordMondando

    Sorry SoE not going to let this lie.


    Recognize its a problem, devote some resources to fixing it please.
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  3. Bloodlet

    Bump again.
  4. bakerbones

    this is how i'm experiencing it on Briggs

  5. Partybooper

    I'm on Ceres (EU) here, and I got exactly the same issues. Thanks LordMondando for your persistence to keep this thread at the first page. This issue is gamebreaking and needs to be #1 top priority on the upcoming bug fixes list.
  6. Testament

    Mallory seems to be going on pretty good for me now. No idea why.
  7. Fivetide

    Same issue here. The server seems to think i'm somewhere i'm not. Everything lags like mad and it takes forever to use jumppads and teleporters. I'm getting shot by players that are not on the screen and my bullets dont hit whatever i'm aiming at. The players i actually do see, dont see me as they are not shooting at me. I got a lot of "out of bounds" messages too while in the middle of a biolab.

    The only solution was to logout (my game then crashed) and restart the client. But after playing for a bit the same happened again.
  8. Azzer

    I have a feeling they've badly screwed up some netcode with this update, somewhere... it feels that way for me, and looks that way watching all these videos.
  9. LordMondando

    I can appreciate its sunday, but when your a major games developer and launching a patch, its hardly sacrosanct time off, again to reiterate

    all im asking from SoE is going 'yeah we know this is a gamebreaking bug, we are on it'. As they have done with 'lol my fupuses no so many no more'.

    So, you were having exactly.. exactly this problem, on that server and now its better.

    Guess i'll give miller a quick try, don't ban me lololololrolfcopeter.
  10. Testament

    It was perfect this morning but now its horrible again. Guess the server load affects the lag.
  11. LordMondando

    Yeah, confirmed still there.

    Gets worse towards the end.

    I'm not seeing any correlation between server load and the issue, was just as bad (from mine and my outfit members perception) at 7am GMT (sunday- about as quiet as miller gets to be honest with U.S crowd heading off and EU crowd mostly not up yet) as it is just a few minutes ago.
  12. LordMondando

  13. Bloodlet

  14. Eisenhauer

    i have been researching this a little more. here is what i found:

    1/ it is the same on all servers i play on
    2/ it is not connected to frame rate issues/problems
    3/ it seems to be getting worse over time. i launch the game, start in the warpgate and everything seems fine. minimap looks normal , things feel good. the more i play , the more enemies i encounter , the more it will de-sync, meaning more people warping and the warping getting more extreme . after 10-15 minutes it looks like in the videos i posted.
    If i go straight into a hot-zone it will get bad quite quickly. if i play on esamir with few players around it will be fine for quite a time.
  15. Bloodlet

    Agreed with 2 & 3. I can't comment on 1 since I only play on Mattherson.
  16. ThommiX

    Wow they managed to tweet about it...When do they understand that the forums are the place to announce stuff like that...
    Making a tweet and making a forum post doesn't take long...
  17. Bloodlet

    I don't think they tweeted about this specifically. That was a player pointing this thread out to them if I am looking at the same thing.
  18. ThommiX

    Oh,even worse handling the situation from them then...
    Funny how none of these companies that run mmo's don't seem to learn from each other's or their own mistakes.
  19. Revanmug

    I tried it again this noon...

    **** that. As usual, it just got worse as time move on.
  20. Cpt Target

    Seems the best thing to do is to rollback the update and start again. I can deal with how it was, well they fix this junk. All the areas modified are experiencing issues and it's really game breaking.