As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. LordMondando

    Also getting LOTS of flashing world bug still, rare to play for more than 15 mins and not get it.
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  2. LordMondando

    In eisa tech plant now apprenlty 'warping all over the place', mini map if going mental constantly and as the tech plant is terran, im getting the 'this area is restricted' pain message over and over again.

    Game quite frankly unplayable.
  3. Testament

    I can confirm all of the above...
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  4. LordMondando

    GU02 Warpathon: Warp Harderer

    If this is what speed hacking feels like, lol how the **** is that fun?

    Disappointing.... really disappointing as I was meant to go on ops today.

    Some acknowledgement from SoE Please this bug exists. I'm just going to keep bumping this thread until that happens.

    Also just re-upped my sub, 2 days ago. So... might be time to talk about refunds if this goes on much longer.

    I am a patient man SoE, I understand the nature of bugs, I appreciate I am largely just unlucky. I don't particularly like that this isn't even being acknowledged and that the thread of a ban potentially hangs over my head.

    So yeah, for myself and the other folks having this same problem, just going to keep bumping this.
  5. LordMondando

    Oh... and im not counting the auto response 'send dxdiag (I did) and msinfo plz' autogen 'response' as a 'response'.

    Given the only factor that has changed from 12 midday gmt to 8pm gmt was a game update, its not my end sony.

    But i've sent you the precious msinfo.txt as well. Hope that helps you rule out what we already knew, that its not the fault of my drivers or windows install.

    And also, Did update the Nvidia drivers at about 9pm (to the latest beta 313.. something something), after about 3 test plays, have been 4 subsequently. No noticeable change. So again, unlikely that's it.
  6. LordMondando

    Repost of the video im calling 'GU02 Warpathon: Warp Harderer' - had posted it to wrong account, woopsie poos.

    Opened support ticket - check
    Assemble Empirical evidence - check
    Submit irrelevant data in support ticket - check
    Bug independently confirmed as repeatable - check

    Your ball, see you in an hour or two for a bump.
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  7. Josh Reynold

    Ive got that exact same problem
    Yesterday it was playing fine, then after the servers went down for maintainance and that 4GB patch, ive had problems and glitches left right and center
    tanks and people flying through the air, random disconnects, lag when interacting with vehicles, menus and equipment stations
    When I shoot at someone I can see the round hit, but it does no damage, 5 shots on a medic with an NC14 Sniper and the guy doesnt die
    The games just become unplayable
  8. LordMondando

    Ok last one (as I don't want to get banned for 'speedhacking').

    I call this,

    Space god reaver scratches.

    Also notice the return of flashing world bug, as noted that's happened in about 40% of my total game time so far. Its definitely worse.
  9. LordMondando

    Whats your in game name brah?
  10. LordMondando

    bumpety no 1
  11. Eisenhauer

    here's a video from what i am seeing now. look at the minimap and watch vehicles and players warp all over the place. i had issues like this in the past but always to a very limited extend. now its all over the place.

    yesterday i also had the "restricted area" warning when i was in tech plant.

  12. LordMondando

    Starting to think it might be a bug in the netcode. The problem appears less with the rendering , hit detection etc part of the engine and more with the 'this is where stuff is' part of the engine.
  13. Eisenhauer

    absolutely agree with that. look at this video here. not much action but everything is somehow out-of-sync.

    i also had low framerates afterpatch but that problem disappeared after deleting the useroptions.ini file and re-setting all graphics options.

  14. SGT Ace

  15. Jed142

    netcode, or some other network issue for sure ( < noob )
    Could it be linked with the router issues that they have found in the stickies?
  16. LordMondando

    I doubt it anything to do with routers.

    I'm not ruling it out, but as I have the BT bog standard one (the home hub 2 - indeed the set up they have been issuing to everyone for about a year and a half if not more with their recent network upgrade), you'd presume it would be more widespread if it was anything to do with it.

    I will look into it a bit more, but im skeptical its a problem at that end.

    Again have to stress was playing on Miller right upuntill the server going down 12 noon, not a single problem.
  17. Jed142

    wow really? i will try another server as well. thats very interesting. I'm on Briggs server, the AU one...
  18. Big_PHat

    I have this problem as well. But with a nice twist! All of my weapons stops dealing damage sporadically. This is not beneficial when trying to rid TR and VS scum from our rightful lands on Woodman[IMG]
    See video for a small demonstration:

    Notice how my friend Matrix dodges the grenade. At which point another Matrix moment comes into play: "There is no grenade!"
    Annoying to say the least :)
    Hope this gets fixed soon! I'll keep following this thread (mostly for LordMondandos fantastic writing :) )
  19. Azzer

    Amazing set videos. Makes me almost scared to play the new patch for fear of being banned for glitching while the game glitches out like mental. Think I'll wait for a patch for the patch.
  20. Bloodlet

    Actually no if you read his specific posts he had similar issues. So hush. Regardless his fix didn't work for me.