As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Revanmug

    I actually got that on a vid but I just haven't upload it since my game crash 3 sec later and you have 10 sec of a frozen gameplay. I just thought it was the spawn pain field that was missplace. Wouldn't have been a first time really.

    But seeing this happening to several people, that's the only possibility and I'm just not going to play. Even though I tweeted it to Higby, there is always a possibility that people/GMs think you are hacking. Even if you can appeal to it, it will be a waste of time.
  2. Mattsville1

  3. Hilv

    Please fix this SOE ... really missing dropping HE on LordMondando's head!
  4. Diplocaulus

    Yep, serious warping is what I was seeing just now on the Genudine (US West 20) server.

    Also, at one point my frame rate was reduced to a crawl, even though I have two GTX 560 video cards working via SLI.
  5. mackattack

    Well I have the same prob as you guys, Thing is though it was working fine all day postpatch then all of a sudden bam.
    I cant even play it now. What the frick. I have put in over 60 bucks into this game,.....I have 2 670's in sli and a oc 2500k with 16gb of ram.
  6. mackattack

    oh and im on soltech server
  7. Tchoutchawn

    Happened to me on Soltech about an hour earlier. I was at the Crown and everyone started glitching everywhere.
    First time:

    The game crashed right after this so I decided to give it another try and deploy myself back to the Crown:

  8. Seadogs

    I've gotten this alot before the patch but only on Esamir. Now it happens everywhere. Hopefully this will get it fixed since it's so widespread now.
  9. JTDeuce

    I have this exact same problem whenever I log onto my TR character on Matherson. My NC on Connery isn't having this issue so far.
  10. Pikaflu

    I am having this problem too... Tried restart but its still like my game is out of sync with everyone else. I stopped playing because I don't want to be banned like others. SOE please help ( T _ T)
  11. FireKetchup

  12. Bloodlet

    Hotfix announced. Hope it fixes this. Servers should be coming down soon.
  13. The Minion

  14. Bloodlet

  15. Revanmug

    Hey, bumping this back up since the "hotfix" (with its hilarous blank firing tanks) DIDN'T fix it.

    Just in case you are wondering.
  16. Eisenhauer

    i got exactly the same problems on EU Miller
  17. LordMondando

    Ok going to try w/ new hotfix, however not hopeful as didn't see this issue even acknowledge.

    Am hearing that people have supposedly been banned for experiencing it.

    Given people (miller at least) regularly report people for lagging and a tired/lazy moderator might not bother to really look into the difference.

    Figures crossed.
  18. Testament

    Same, logging in right now..
  19. LordMondando

    Nope... still warping all over the place. Only appears to be better as theres far less people on.
  20. LordMondando

    Doing more testing with the outfit members who are on,

    Be nice though if SoE could at least acknowledge this is a problem.

    Or at least inform their server mods not to bad everyone who's warping around.