As well as the other problems, crap flying everywhere.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordMondando, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Jachim

    Hey LordMondano can you edit your title to something without a curse word maybe thats scaring off the devs ;)
  2. Jachim

    this was retweeted by the Devs as a great example of skill.. but its just the guy exploiting the fact that the enemy cant shoot him due to him being desynced the OPPOSITE way we are. Sigh.
  3. Choggo

    Out of curiosity, is there any NON NC players having these issues? I haven't gone back through all 10 pages, but it seems like all of us are NC...
  4. LordMondando

    Thanks to the forum software I can't, over 30 minutes has past.

    Apologies im Scottish, its barely a 'curseword' to my culture, more an adjective/adverb. for the record c rap is the word. Pretty mild stuff where I come from.

    I have found the instance on PG-13 a little odd, for what is a giant WW1 style futility murder simulator.

    I regret my choice of words now, because the lack of SoE response is getting a little ludicrous.
  5. Miggs

    I have a TR on Soltech, an NC on Woodman and a Vanu on Mallory, all three show the same problems, so it's not like it's a faction specific thing.
  6. Jachim

    Choggo I main TR and my other is VS both getting it
  7. LordMondando

    You must have missed the guy with his Vanu outfit and the various TR.
  8. MrsLeo

    Have same issue started after update. Firstly was amased how many slowpoke vanu was atacking our base, got a lot of kills until i got message from some1 "Do you know that you are warping around?" Tested it by just running around enemies without beign killed at all. The only difference is that only few of my enemies and friendlies looks like they warp around, but on minimap everything just zooming around map like crazy. Looks like same thing was posted in video above o_O

    Since i prefer games in hardmode to have more challenge - this is ruining my fun. And i barely can play 5-10 min before getting back to point i get this bug back, so i have to relog, droping my vehicle or abandoning my position during most interesting time of base atack or defence. :mad:

    i7-930 (tried both oc and not)
    6Gb Ram (tri-channel)
    Windows7 64bit
    Ultra config (shadows off)
  9. Squigzy

    Perhaps SOE has picked a few of us to be gods amongst men, and that we shall be able to occupy multiple spaces at once, and be no longer restrained by the laws of physics! Perhaps a new class is in the works! After all, SOE can do no wrong.. right?

    But yes, same issue.. No knowledge of a solution.

    But I do get the joys of having people send tells to me calling me a hacker and all sorts of nasty names, along with being told I am reported and caught on Fraps... Which is a nice feeling after sinking a ridiculous amount of money into this game and playing (as far as I know) legitimately.
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  10. Bloodlet

    Yeah I just logged on again with the idea that I'd go to a lesser populated continent. I got like a 7 kill streak before I died. Some of the times it looks like they were shooting the opposite side of the room when I was the only one there. I logged off too.
  11. LordMondando

    That or its a quantum non-locality buff we've all been given for just being the best.
  12. Feral

    damn, for me it seems to be the other way around, i get hit by stuff i cant even see, and i can empty an entire magazine into a guy right in front of me supposedly, and hit nothing but air, so apparently the SOE gods have blessed a few, while cursing others
  13. Jachim

    Sorry but for me EVERYONE ELSE is warping and I'm unable to kill them, but they can kill me fine
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  14. Pouk3D

    Catch of the day:





    The only thing that's missing is an E.T. theme song.
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  15. Finkin

    Ninja Prowler buff, nothing to see here, move along.....;)
  16. Bear

    I was on Waterson earlier and I noticed there seems to be an excessive amount of tracer fire. Not sure if that's related to the problem but it looked like the NC was shooting laser beams at me.
  17. Jachim

    Brb flying 2 Crossroads Hill 2 fite magriderz

    btw bear you from edmonton?
  18. Dony Freaky

    I played some hours ago and owned an entire platoon :cool:.
    Well, it appeared that i have that desync bug too and just warped arround so they couldn't hit me at all. :( Yeh, i guess i got reported by an entire platoon lol.

    @SOE: Be aware that alot of people will take advantage of that desync bug. It mean it was never easier to get a bunch of kills/certs/xp without any hacks. So people are NOT violating the tos, as far as i'am concerned.

    Well, i gone go play Kerbal Space Program more often these days till they get another hotfix out. :D
  19. Iscariott

    I just tried to play again, its completely impossible. Players stutter and warp around. Shots dont register. Then someone(somewhere on the map) shoots me and i die. Sigh
  20. Aranrya

    Same problem here too. Waterson NC. Ten pages of people talking about this hugely impacting issue, and not a peep from the Devs? Come on...
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