As a NC HA, TR MAX makes me sad..

Discussion in 'MAX' started by foam, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. foam

    The entire backstory of the Terran Republic is them using high speed gas-propelled weaponry. I envisioned extremely fast firing but relatively low-damage per bullet weaponry. So far this has been noticeably achieved, except when it comes to the TR Max unit.

    In my humble opinion as a veteran gamer (Oh yea, I went there), the TR Max Chainguns need to be reworked, in terms of both how fast it fires, the amount of damage it does (balance for the insane firing speed) & how it sounds.

    I will now be posting youtube clips accurately showing to what the TR miniguns need to be sounding like, or looking like.

    The way it is now, the TR Max when outfitted for AI, sounds like it has a popcorn shooter attachment. I have tested the rapid firing AI version, and it is only slighly better.

    The default itself should pump out MASSIVE AMOUNTS of rounds per second, though obviously doing little damage per round.
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  2. Grotpar

    So, basically, strap the MCG to a MAX and remove the wind up time.

    I'm okay with that.

    But MAXes have bigger problems right now.
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  3. foam

    Pretty much, but the RoF should be way faster and the gun visually beefier, since it's connected to a giant powered robotic exoskeleton.
  4. Policenaut

    I agree. The TR MAX should be ******** out lead and thunder, instead we get this "tink tink tink tink tink tink tink". I want to be a sexual tyrannosaurus.
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  5. foam

    I want you to be a God Damn Sexual Tyrannosaurus too.
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  6. xpsyclosarinx

    ^^ This thread just got awkward..
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  7. Eric Smith

    I honestly don't care how it sounds, so long as I get to kill people. And with my dual Cycler MAX there isn't a base fight I've been in where I didn't kill at least one guy even while charging straight into the mouth of Doom itself. And I've frequently went on 15-20+ killing sprees with it (even much more, if I don't let my exuberance get the best of me). This is how it sounds to me: "Tink tink tink thump. Tink tink tink thump. Tink tink tink thump. Tink tink tink thump. Tink tink tink tink tink tink... dammit that's a MAX, I'm dead..."
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  8. Zephirenth

    I'm mostly sure the T7 mini chaingun has gotten close to such ballsy gun noises. Now if only we could strap those things to our arms. I wouldn't even mind the wind-up.

    And Eric, I'mma letchu in on a little secret:
    If it's a MAX you're shooting at, and you're rocking double cyclers, just keep your distance, and more importantly,

  9. foam

    tink tink tink tink
  10. Zedek

    Is the T9 Carv still better than your Heavy Cycler in every way? It was like that in beta... I hope it's been buffed proportionately for you guys. And yeah, Heavy Cycler sounds like ****.
  11. foam

    I'm not talking at all in this thread about TR Max AI weapon performance.

    I'm specifically referring to the visual and audio representation of the weapons.
  12. Eric Smith

    Yeah, the weapon itself performs well enough. If you dual wield you can pretty much blow away even a HA in mere moments. It's performance is pretty good, really.

    Many of the weapons looks and sounds could be improved. Shotguns don't sound like shotguns; and in real life rocket launchers don't look anything like a real gun (they go over the shoulder, have a side aim/scope, and the back-blast would do damage to anyone standing behind them).
  13. foam

    Are you after realism though? I'm mainly after movie-esque style "That was cool" moments.
  14. Eric Smith

    I'd like some realism with my sci-fi epic awesomeness, yes. Too much fantasy crap and you might as well be casting spells and shooting arrows impossibly fast and far. I mean, in this game we have planes that act like planes (well, mostly) and tanks that act like tanks, why should the rocket launchers act like rifles?
  15. foam

    I wouldn't mind launcher backblasts, but I can guarantee most people would rage about it since there is already a plethora of other things trying to kill you. Since friendly fire is already in, you have to make sure you don't your own guys as well, and backblast damage would just enhance friendly fire.

    Many features sound great on paper but are impractical during gameplay.
  16. Eric Smith

    I'm fine with no backblasts. The Rifle animation and, most importantly, the rifle's IRON SIGHTS are just stupid though.
  17. foam

    What do you mean?
  18. Guyshep

  19. Eric Smith

    Ever pull out one of the default rocket launchers for HA and try to fire at a target >100m away using the rifle sights? You have to arc the thing up 45 degrees, can't see the target, and if you're lucky you'll hit it. In real life nobody's dumb enough to make a Rocket Launcher with iron sights, Rocket Launchers use side sights with elevation markers to help you keep an eye on the target and aim.
  20. cody weathers

    Welcome to planetside boys, bad ideas turned reality as well as some good ol fashioned shoota boys

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