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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by A Crispy Taco, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. Eyeklops

    Wrong weapon for the role, AV Prowler != AA tank. If you dislike it now, wait until they nerf projectile speed and add more gravity.
  2. Eyeklops

    The Liberator is over efficient in small battles, and ineffective in large ones. This is the problem. They need to find a combination with better middle ground. Are the proposed Lib changes conductive to that goal, TBH, not really sure.
  3. Mxiter

    Libs are inefficient in large battles because they just don't use teamwork; Fly aloneand focus directly by 3-4 dedicated AA dudes were waiting during ages while doing nothing.

    Now use teamwork at your turn, bring 4-6 libs on this battle, kill those 3-4 guys and farm everything else.

    All organized event like community clash and server smash just showed that all you need to do is to get air superiority, bring some libs and farm everything else unless your goal is a biolab.
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  4. Obstruction

    i think the only thing Libs are going to be able to do after this is dominate 1-12s and farm scrubs. terrible ESFs will still die 1 v 1 and still cry about it. the difference is that at the higher tiers of skill the top teams could go up against top ESFs 1 Lib vs 1 ESF, and now it won't be possible. pre patch, top Libs would already be matched by a pair of medium skill ESFs with some strategy and skill crutch weapons like tomcats. post patch this will be no longer a contest for even the best Lib teams. ESFs will dominate anywhere they choose, and they'll end up the next natural target of the nerf committee.

    here's why, and i think it's interesting, because really this boils down to the Grinch stealing Christmas. the truth is coming out whether they realize it or not: people think AA isn't fun because it doesn't get points, therefore they don't want to have to use AA against air and they'd prefer air is just nerfed until it can't be used. then in the post-processing they rationalize this with any statistics or anecdotes they can grasp at. it's common behavior and i don't blame them, but that is the truth of it.

    i think if they just gave AA units a flat xp/minute for being in an AA so that it was rewarding to be on guard duty, they'd find out very suddenly how well AA scales and how (overly) effective it is when people are willing to use the tools they've been given.
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  5. dstock

    Agree with everything 1000% except giving free XP to people sitting in AA. Instead, I propose we just double the XP gain for all AA related duties, and add ribbons for flak damage. I heard they already did, but I'll be damned if I've earned one yet.
  6. Obstruction

    well i don't know if i meant that is an answer as a real mechanic, but more as an example of an incentive that would fill every possible AA role at every given opportunity. take what i said literally and think about it. every zerg would have multiple skyguards, and every idle MAX would switch to bursters. every heavy would sit on his G2A/dumbfire launcher for the free xp, and people would probably kill each other over sitting in those AA turrets.

    if every opportunity for AA guard duty was acted on, there would be no aircraft at any fight. instead the opposite is true.
  7. Phrygen

    That has absolutely nothing to do with my post.
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  8. dstock

    Right, I hear ya, and I think I understand where you're coming from.

    I guess what I was trying to say is, a real 'tank-zerg' should already have multiple Skyguards. That they do not implies sloth and a 'me-first' attitude that is downright ubiquitous in this game. 'Why would I bring a Skyguard, when I could play AP and compete for the same 7 vehicle kills that every other damn tank in this zerg wants, when we push to the next base?' By no means do I intend that as a personal attack, quite the opposite, that seems to be the consensus from reading the forums. MAXs in Sundies travelling to the next fight have no excuse to be anything but Bursters. The first thing that Sundy is going to do is deploy, so you can swap back to what you want. Out in the open, your main threat is planes.

    See what I'm driving at. The impetus is there, players just refuse to acknowledge it. I completely agree with your last line, and it's part of why I think all this 'QQ Liberators' stuff is BS. If the player population had the courage to let their SPM and K/D dip a bit to protect each other from Air, there wouldn't be any air left to defend against. Instead, the community wants SOE to nerf every damn vehicle in the game until it doesn't matter, so we can keep pretending this is futuristic COD.

    I dunno about you, but that sure as hell wasn't the game I signed up and paid good money to experience. Sorry if this seems personal, I think this stuff is just wearing down my patience with this game.
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  9. Obstruction

    yes that's it exactly. my point was that if you made the points gain in AA worth more than spamming the shields hoping for an infantry kill, you'd see very different player behavior. this is the same reason that i sometimes say if they removed kill and death tracking, and removed all xp for infantry kills, all killfarming and spawncamping would cease.

    it isn't that i think that's really a great mechanic for a game, but as a thought experiment it illustrates that if overall xp gain remained equal but spawncamping and AA switched in terms of xp/hour, you'd have a very different game. the "me first" attitude you're describing is actually already pretty well defined in game theory, although most of the available research material in that subject is pretty dated. it's called being a "rational actor." people don't cooperate or take the lesser benefit in a situation because we're hard wired in most cases to be pleased by benefit or advancement, and bored or displeased by stagnation or loss. anyone who operates outside of this is either an "irrational actor" or they are drawing pleasure from some other source such as taking the contrary view to get attention, or pseudo-psychopathic behaviors that take pleasure from causing others pain, or loss of benefit. there are many examples of that in the forums because they tend to float to the top in the "forumside game."

    anyway i think we're just experiencing another phase in the overall development of large population gaming, and gaming as a medium. this is getting into Idea Channel levels of metamedia, but i think this is just a step along the way to really great gaming experiences. looking back to the beginning of gaming, when i was a little kid, they didn't have a clue what they were doing with single player games. they had mastered quartermunching, but were unable to figure out what to do once the games moved into the home and didn't require that kind of design. this is much the same in my opinion, they are trying to apply the old single player console design sensibilities to something totally new. something where every player simply can't have the "Hero of Destiny experience" because there has to be a loser in pvp, and scrubs have to get good or cry themselves to sleep. and most importantly, this dichotomy is where the enjoyment lies for most people that actually get it. it's the struggle, the challenge, to find a niche and get good at it.

    anyway i'm rambling and i'm being asked to go enjoy the last few days we have to play A2A Lib. so i'm going to do that.
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  10. dstock

    Yeah, agreed. My enjoyment of playing AA is because I derive my pleasure from the game from a few simple decisions made long ago in my gaming 'career'. I like to take things that are seen as bad, and prove that they are functional. AA Harasser is a perfect example of that. I like to take the accepted meta, throw it out the window, and see if I can come up with something better. Similarly, my characters are all BR40+, my main is now BR90, and I don't really care how many kills or certs I can earn per play session. Since this game lacks a true meta, meaning a 'win' condition, or however you define that, I had to come up with my own, and I'm enjoying it.

    Thanks for your time and responses. Though we're quite OT at this point, I found this topic particularly engaging, and appreciate your efforts to discuss it with me. Add my Connery NC on friends, we should play together sometime, haha. I don't have any friends over there, it'd be nice to find a few people to play with. IGN is 'nudetayne'
  11. Snoozzzer

    Totally support your points taco.

    Also, I've shot down your buddies while farming air on Connery - though your tag is certainly one that I avoid (I thought you should know)

    Oh and to forumside haters out there - feel free to check my liberator stats. I think you'll find plenty to overlook (vehicle kills, playtime vs galaxy and reavers) and lots to discredit me with
  12. a-koo-chee-moya

    I apologize for misreading your quote. I thought that you were saying that gunning a lib is cheap xp, instead of AA getting no xp.
    Then I thought that Danath was the original poster of your post.
  13. Eyeklops

    Spawncamping might be reduced, but you could loose the interest of players who like to watch stats. I would still spawn farm anyway, even if it's worth nothing. There is enjoyment knowing people would rage over it, especially if there is no reason to do it. Nothing like watching the deer in headlights meet my 50. cal.

    Easy mode lobotomist.
  14. vanu123

    You could just reset the resistance value before the last lib update.
  15. FigM

    The role of infantry as it is now could easily be replaced by bots. Infantry gameplay is so mindless and repetitive that you'd hardly notice the difference.

    Perhaps when I started this game, I did enjoy infantry gameplay for a few weeks. But it gets old fast. Infantry gameplay has no long term playability factor. It's just very limited in potential.

    Now when I log in to play this game, I'm not interested in capturing bases or winning alerts. I log in cause I want to test my skills against other skilled players. It's competitive gameplay. And the best way to have competitive gameplay in this game is by use of vehicles, to search and fight other good vehicle players. Everything else is just a distraction, a way to accumulate points for spawning your next vehicle. Everything else just provides dynamic background environment for tactical maneuvering - things that could easily be done by bots
  16. Dreadnaut

    All it takes to kill a SINGLE LIB is a SINGLE LIB.

    You see what I did there?
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  17. Flag

    But not a single MBT, or lighting, or Harasser...
    Maybe an ESF.

    Of course assuming the Lib isn't terrible.
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  18. MasterDemoman

    Huh, I didn't know that, I know this is being off-topic but that is honestly pretty stupid, guess my AA lockon will now become my main Lolcket launcher.:eek:
  19. vsae

    Even though We cant afford
    the lib is over
    Even though We cant afford
    the lib is over
    I dont want to see you go
    the lib is over
    Even though We cant afford
    the lib is over
  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    MBT costs 450 resources, there AT mines and could be C4-ed, or killed by aircraft.. and infantry with rockets - no one crying, just dealing with.
    i don't pull liberator, unless base surrounded by enemy armor, so you can really wipe them all, but some 24\7 pilots, just ruins good fights, players enjoying, and no one called an liberator to help
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