[Suggestion] Artillery!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alexkruchev, Aug 11, 2015.


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  2. Haquim

    I didn't notice its a necro, but better than spamming new threads all the time right?
  3. Reclaimer77

    The only people I've seen lately crying about being farmed are vehicle shi%ters whining about C-4 and Light Assault...
  4. Ronin Oni

    Actually no.

    If a thread has died out and is several weeks (or in this case, MONTHS) old, then it's best to start a new thread.\

    I believe it's even in the forum rules somewhere that you shouldn't necro threads.
  5. Nie_Tutaj

    If artillery were to be implemented, I'd want to see tech plants use it. Why? They have giant cannons inside of them! Just open up the main hangar and watch the world burn with artillery support, possibly controlled by AI.
  6. Targanwolf

    I would love to fight with artillery. All kinds of possibilities from shelling to breaking down walls :).
  7. SpartanPsycho

    omg yes
    if we got actually good scopes and long range combat the firefights (no fear of death0 would be epic
  8. SpartanPsycho

    There you go again.
  9. AxiomInsanity87

    This still instills hope in me.
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  10. Facts

    you didn't play PS1 is my thought.
  11. Targanwolf

    This would be a great step forward. Hell Even the Romans had artillery. DAOC a game of the middle ages has pallitones and Ballistae,Catapults and Trebuchets.
  12. Imp C Bravo

    I consider Libs to be the artillery of Planetside 2. ;)

    However if they DID make an artillery truck I would be certed and maxed on that thing in literally seconds. And I would run it all day every day.

    The fun of mass bombing that I get in my lib AND not having to be LOS in the sky visible to everyone getting rockets and flak 24/7? The option of using terrain to its maximum effectiveness and hiding behind the armor line so I can join large fights? Get a friendly MBT driver to sit by me and cover me from harasser asshattery?

    /drool. Let's make this -- please. I want to make sure infantry can't exist in any base that requires them to go outside to get to the spawn point!:cool:
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  13. Alexkruchev

    I also toyed with the idea of a Harasser chassis without it's 3rd seat and turret, with about half the speed and same armor. So it'd be an easy kill if anything ever got to it.
  14. Alexkruchev

    I find fighting vehicles as infantry quite a blast, actually. It's a good challenge, and one guy with a rocket launcher can ruin a solo tanker's day till the cows come home. Only ESF/Liberators really are unfair to engage as an infantry player solo.
  15. Serialkillerwhale

    Why exactly should these be Sunderers?

    Stick em on the ES MBT hull with a new turret.

    Maybe something like a plasma trebuchet arm? I have no clue.
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  16. ColonelChingles

    Most often the artillery chassis is not a current generation one, and even then it is often stripped down to allow for greater weight.

    The TOS-1, for example, uses a T-72 chassis but it's fairly unusual. Mostly because it's a shorter-ranged flamethrower rocket launcher. Needs a bit more armour due to being closer to the fight.

    The M109, on the other hand, is closer to traditional artillery. Only aluminium armour, which would probably protect against small arms but not much else.

    In that sense, a Lightning seems to make more sense for an artillery platform than a MBT. Unless it's assault artillery or something.
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  17. Jake the Dog

    I'd suggest its own chassis. Give it a more unique feel. Give it paper thin armor, immune to small arms though. Vulnerable to all forms of AV especially air units. Have when it shoots it pings on the map. Everyone will know where its at. Have a secondary gunner seat with the same options as the sunderer (basi, kobolt, fury etc.). Also allow it to have a direct fire mode for heavy AV work, however direct fire would make it extremely vulnerable. for long range fire make it 1-2km, which would have the arty piece shoot in the general direction then to solve the rendering issue, have it drop from the sky on that location. Direct fire would be effected by rendering though.

    King of battle and s***.
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  18. Scr1nRusher

    They have artillery cannons in the Files for all MBT's.
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  19. Pikachu

    Since GU4, march 2013.
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  20. strikearrow

    I like the mortar idea better. Short-range (250m) 60mm mortars for engies.