Artillery no fire zone

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by MichaelS, May 5, 2018.

  1. MichaelS

    Can we please reduce the size of 'em? I can understand that we all want to prevent the siege of spawn rooms, but with their current range and the base density, you usually have nothing to shoot.
  2. Liewec123

    haven't they removed artillery no fire zones entirely on PTS?
  3. Clipped!

    I would hope they do such on live soon, or the Flail stay rather difficult to use, especially since the bombardment zone seems to not go whether the dart does. You have to shoot the dart like you're accounting for the bullet drop on a tank shell. I've hit stationary sundies directly with the dart and the barrage misses them completely.
  4. ProfGiggles

    As far as I know, the no fire zone for the Flail and Glaive are the same as what the Orbital Strike used to sit at, but since Orbital strikes can now be dropped within bases, this should no longer be as relevant. I think the zone is a 250 meter radius from the central point of a base? I'd say that it can safely be reduced with a 100 meters. When every base has a 250 meters no fire radius, that doesn't leave much room to actually use these artillery pieces, Its the same problem that the Orbital used to have.
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  5. Clipped!

    Aye, Flail's are useless except to shell enemy construction bases, or when someone decides to leave a deployed sundy in the middle of a vehicle capture zone. And even against stationary vehicles the smoke is too much of a tell unless it's placed behind them, and even if you do get behind them, they can hear the shots falling and just move out of the way as the audio tell is more than plenty of a giveaway because it's both loud and lasts for several seconds. Not to mention that you could have just used some C4 if you managed to sneak up on them instead of.

    And speaking of artillery, OS's can't even kill deployed sundys on a direct hit because it barely deals enough damage to set it on fire and because it's anchored to the ground preventing it from getting launched. I know this because I've dropped an OS on an enemy sundy only to find it still alive afterward. I've used this knowledge to avoid getting killed by several OS's as infantry by hopping in a deployed sundy and waiting it out.