[Suggestion] Arnold Voice pack should be available to all factions

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    It's the best voice pack hands down. "I need a doctor" sounds hilarious and "come on shoot me, shoot me now!!!" totally cracks me up. Everyone deserves to be a Arnold Imo. I mean come on guys, not being able to use this on my main is nothing short of torture.
  2. Iman7

    Want that? Join TR. It's fair because it has all to do with it.

    BTW, that voice isn't in the market anymore...
  3. Torok

    @OP NOPE!
    Btw your VS voice packs are terrific, really spooky stuff :)

    lol the voicepack is NC bru

    TR got Space drill sergeant and Russian voice packs.
    VS got Starscream and RoboStrogg
    NC has indeed the Arnold aka Kommando and Starcraft-based terran grunt radiomix voice.
  4. eldarfalcongravtank

    i really like the NC assassin voiceover though. any vehicle operator voice should have been with radio distortion like that in the first place
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  5. Iman7

    Hmm i could swear i heard TR soldiers with that voice pack.. Anyway, it has more to do with the TR than with NC's.. :x

    The Terminator seems like TR stuff... :D
  6. Rovertoo

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    Wut it is no longer available? What is this? Glad I actually bought it right away when it was released although I don't even play my NC alt all that much. I was quite literally throwing my money at SOE there^^. Though still everytime a Arnold pops up when I fight the NC as VS I'm like "damn you and your epic voice pack it's too good 4 you you silly sack of beans" and then I throw out a V-6 Zealot evil laugh just for the sake of it or to make myself feel better idk (evil laugh doesn't happen often enough SOE pls!). I'm usually still super jelly afterwards tho ;_;.
  8. Iman7

    Thinking about it... TR new voices SUCK. :(
    Russians? They don't seem english with russian accent to me... VS have new cool voices too. The american accent is very weak compared to that beloved Arnold voice pack or the other NC and VS...
  9. Slash Hammer

    The female VS Sentinel voice is NOT female at all (hope you don't have RL experience that proofs me wrong :confused:)
  10. \m/SLAYER\m/

  11. Goretzu

    Factional difference is factional difference.

    Black Flames all over again? :eek:
  12. Degenatron

    Maybe in a few years, they'll bind specific voices to classes. That way all heavies would sound like Arnold, all maxes would sound like the Sentinel, all LAs would sound like Daredevils, etc.

    Also, if everyone gets the Arnold voice then I suggest a "John McClane" voice for the NC:

    Medic: "you wanna stay alive, you stick with me."
    Taunt: "yippie ki yay mother******"
    Engi: "awe, wassa matter, no more bullets?"
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  13. CNR4806

    The irony in the fact that the Valkyrie as an extraction vehicle is most likely going to end up exploding... before it lands.
  14. Daithm

    I just realized I don't know where you buy the voice packs. Can you buy them in game?
  15. Regpuppy

    Infantry gear tab on the in-game shop. The first wave are all 500 SC. Newer ones are 1250 SC
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  16. Daithm

    Thank you and I may wait to buy them if they go on sale. Price seems a bit much for a voice pack in my opinion.
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  17. Tito

    all voices for 3 factions its the best