Army of The Republic

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by JamesNom, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. TigraXL

    You have just found it! Just fill in an application at uder recruitment tab.
  2. gualty

    Application filled.
    Hope to join AoTR on the field asap!
  3. Sturmybaby

    Welcome to the outfit and I'm sure you'll have a good time!
  4. Paulus

    We've seen a number of high quality applicants recently, Cobalt is alive and well.

    Come and join the rest of your valiant comrades and take arms against the heretics and rebels!
  5. cubiclesmurf

  6. cubiclesmurf

  7. Ripsipiirakka

    This regiment looks interesting!
    I made an application already.
  8. redphant

    Bump Ist Bump!
  9. Sturmybaby

    Bumb for a great outfit!

    We're still going strong and getting more members by the day!
    We are still recruiting so if you're looking for a good infantry based outfit sign up now!
  10. Furios

  11. stuart burdett

  12. Aelyn


    Saw that this thread is way older than I first thought. So is the outfit dead or...?
  13. RIctavius

    Not really
  14. redphant

    Not at all, our planetside activity is degrading because of the state of planetside2 and especially Cobalt but we're certainly not dead by a long shot. It's just old because we've been around for a while. And we're certainly still looking for recruits so if you're interested fill out an application at!
  15. BlacknBlue

    Was thinking of joining an outfit such as yours.

    Only started with Planetside2 a couple days ago and got thrown into Cobalt with no thought to it. What's up with Cobalt? don't mean to hijack this thread but don't want to invest time if the server is dying or something.
  16. TheFramptonator

    tbh the game itself has been dying, Hossin has delayed that by a few months.
    If you going to join AOTR (which i recommend you do if you want to), then you will also be part of a bigger picture like the TR alliance. So yes, if you put some time into Cobalt, then the server will pay you back with good and tough fights :)
  17. Paulus

    Can confirm AOTR is alive and here for any applicants who want to be part of the bigger picture. We enjoy a good working relationship with our brothers and sisters in other TR outfits, and you're sure of a warm welcome from the guys and girls here in the outfit.

    Don't worry if you've only just come to the game, we were all new once, and our outfit has a range of experience from guys like myself who were Beta Testers back in 2012 to other new players who joined yesterday. The key thing is we all wear black and red, and we work as a team to get the job done.
  18. BlacknBlue

    Joined AOTR yesterday afternoon, hours later I'm running with a squad wreckingface and having fun! and I'm only BR13 :):):)

    Thanks for having me guys
  19. razerbaz

  20. Paulus

    People of Ceres, did YOU wake up today and find your server is going?

    AOTR is ready to accept applications from fallen TR brothers who have found themselves moving to our server.

    Apply in game or at www.Terran-Republic.EU!