armor piercing rounds for infantry

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Madiadk, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Madiadk

    give all infantry weapons armor piercing rounds.. cost 100certs

    does 25% less damage on infantry

    does 30% more damage on maxes

    does 100% more damage on reavers an attack buggys

    your infantry gun is now able to damage tanks sunderes, liberators an galaxys
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  2. Strikejk

    But what If you wanna equip both? You can't!
    So we need a inventory !
    Welcome PS1 ;)
  3. DHT#

    I'd be ok with this for the most part, but I think that might be too much damage against harassers and ESFs. And it should be -25% damage on infantry shields only, I think.
  4. Strikejk

    Every ground Vehicle feels like a paper tank currently, you don't really wan't to increase the infantry potential against those, trust me.
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  5. VonStalin

    so ESFs should have shield like infantry then.. But idea is good.
  6. M2_Bradley

    Correction.Some sniper rifles.An SMG firing the same round as a pistol should not be able to fire AP ammo.
  7. DHT#

    I think I'd rather have a bunch of infantry doing minimal damage to me with small arms than swapping to heavies and becoming actual threats.
  8. JKomm

    It shouldn't be for every weapon, at least not fully automatic ones. But for weapons like battle rifles it would be a nice fit, also would give them a better purpose than they have now. Also with the addition of Combat Medic's using battle rifles it would also mean it wont be a super rare thing to see with people using AP rounds(Of course they would have to sacrifice high velocity rounds for this).
  9. ColonelChingles

    Uhhh... what would be the point of a tank if it couldn't withstand infantry small arms anymore? :confused:

    The tank itself was invented in WWI as a means to be impervious to most infantry arms. They weren't heavily armed at all (some just carrying LMGs), and were meant to break the stalemate that was trench warfare.

    Ever since, there hasn't been a contemporary tank that was vulnerable to the small arms of its generation. Although it's funny that you can pierce a WWI Mark IV tank with modern 5.56@100 yards, but even against WWII medium tanks like the M4 small arms are completely useless. They do nothing. Nada. Zip.

    Because having handguns deal damage to tanks is... absurd really.
  10. Gundem

    Just wait until we have handheld Railguns though, just watch those tanks quiver in their treads!
  11. Vikarius

    Sure as long as BSARs OHKO on any upper torso hit to better match the kind of TTK the rest of the weapons have in the game.

    Also, Cloak will have to be invisible to all graphic settings (you have counters available now)

    and VS gets a new viable faction trait