[Suggestion] armor balance pass

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  1. shoguncawwill

    well its time to start thinking of having a blance pass to vhicles.armor is key for backing up light asults to cap bases and seting up routs for fighting across the grand maps of ps2.

    an idea is to move armor over to passave mostly for "esf" as they are not realy blanced do to vaules varring acoss factions. this do to the changes how lock on works as its fly the skys with armor or chaft..

    hopefuly this can be done as i like to fly the frendly and devilish skys of ps2.
  2. Liewec123

    i wouldn't trust this dev team (wrel) to do a balance pass.

    what we need:
    sizeable magrider nerf,
    sizeable vanguard buffs
    small nerf to prowler dps (kingsnake)

    what we would get:
    sizeable vanguard nerf (probably the shield.)
    magrider and prowler buffs.
  3. brutes359

    agreed, simply improving the vangaurds muzzle velocity to realistic levels would VASTLY change the dynamic of combat. The current glowing beachball that is the 150 mm shell is nice and dramatic, but youd have to be blind not to see it coming and casually step out of the way as a magrider past 500 m.
  4. BengalTiger

    Agreed, NC is hard hitting with some very accurate weapons (for who can deal with recoil), so the 150 mm should have let's say... a 50 m/s velocity upgrade for all shells.
    To offset this, the old ballistics curves could be re-introduced (the shells travel much flatter than they used to).

    For the Big Chungus I think 25 m/s more than currently would do it. It's already quite a powerful gun, so I don't think it needs a higher velocity increase, provided it keeps the current ballistics.
    For an indirect buff, the cannon's model could get shrunk by 10% to improve visibility in 1st person view.

    The Trawler also needs a bit of an upgrade. First off it has a very low ammo storage capacity, 375 rounds fully upgraded vs 900 for fully upgraded Basilisk. That's a huge difference. I'd be happy even with 500 rounds.

    Its velocity of is 425m/s is also very inferior compared to 600m/s of the Prowler's Palisade, 575m/s for the Magrider's Pariah and 550m/s of the standard Basilisk. This is also a huge difference.
    475 m/s should be minimum. It would still be shorter range, but not as much to be plain weaker than the other 3 options.

    Then there's the Enforcer, which has much larger projectile drop than the Halberd, and does not have any significant advantages. For this one I'd go unconventional, let's give it a 10 degrees max elevation increase so it can hit low flying planes from time to time, rather than boosting the normal stats.
  5. Johannes Kaiser

    Remember the days when it was new. It could 1HK infantry on a direct hit (iirc, might be rose-tinted glasses) and had an AoE. The weapon was arguably overtuned, then it was hit with the nerfhammer so hard it passed through Auraxis and came out the other side.
  6. BengalTiger

    I think those were the days when the Enforcer was a single shot weapon, rather than magazine fed.
  7. AuricStarSand

    I had a thread about why the Prowlers ability is used less often & that the projector for prowler is a underused ability.

    After that thread, people replied with niche uses for the prowlers abilities. As if that made the prowlers deploy ability semi equal to vanguards shield or magriders magburner.

    Yet after playing Prowler some more, no I don't agree that the Prowlers ability is EVER used by most TR MBT players. As often as a Vanguard shield is or esp Magriders magburner.

    I've studied how often all my allied tr alt team'ers use the prowler ability and its near non existent. Yet you see 8/10 vanguards use the shield. & 10/10 magriders use that magburner all the time quite often. To scale hills, to drift away from enemy la if your the magrider, or else soak dmg esp near nasons lanes for Vanguard defense.

    Yet the Prowler gets some sniping ability, when podshots are the LEAST played aspect of tank driving, where most tank battles take place on the road and not at some sniper hill.

    Where's the Prowlers ability or 2ndary benefit skill, are useless for tank duels. I also don't find the dps of the prowler anything to be raving about, when magriders have a new sniper gun & vanguard got a heavy dps gun.

    So unless Prowlers get a ability that helps them for tank verse tank mid range tank duels, similar to turbo mobility or a shield used while moving, then the Prowler is VASTLY underpowered for tank duels.

    & Unlike my last post, I will not see the perspective of someone debating that fact. Just because they list some SUPER NICHE examples of what the prowler ability is used for. Forget those trolls. I've studied how often my allies use this ability & they simply never use it.

    So if Magriders ability scores them a 10/10 and Vanguards scores them a 8/10 for how often you see people using these skills. The Prowler scores 2/10.

    Sniping hills is useless for tank duels, useless for mid range, useless for near range, useless for road fights, useless for avoiding enemy LA c4, useless for running away for soaking dmg for survival.

    I suppose I haven't tested Barrage for the extra dps to see if that's worth it, yet as far as digging spikes into the ground to immobilize yourself, when tank duels are about rocking back & forth behind a road corner or boulder & avoiding enemy LA c4, ye no thanks.

    & even tho I haven't tested Barrage, the extra dps doesn't seem it'll help. As the Prowlers issue right now is survivability. The Prowler makes me have to repair nearly twice as often as my Magrider main. If I survive at all as a Prowler. My magrider goes on killstreaks like its nothing, by zipping around. While my Prowler plays like a Lightning that's slightly buffed.

    On another note as the best Harasser driver of my server, for some odd reason I've had a heck of a time trying to maintain a Harasser killstreak these past 6 months. Seems the only thing a Harasser is good for these days is taking Halberd shots at enemy Collosus. Yet for everything else they don't killstreak enough. I'd say 2 out of 20 of my harassers hits a good kill streak run, & many runs just die so soon. While when I play vs main as a Magrider 10 out of 20 runs is a killstreak run. Harassers hp is paper. Else maybe since I've been playing TR alt, that the vulcan requires you to get so near I've been dying way more often.
  8. LodeTria

    Barrage is the main ability for the prowler, not the deploy shield. It can also be used on the move and doesn't require locking down anymore. The only thing lockdown does is boost velocity by 50%.

    Harrasers got nerfed in CAI when they changed the topgun resistances, and they've never been buffed since. They are pretty mediocre vehicles now. Bads will tell you they are super op or something though cus they have 15% accuuracy, as if that's the harassers fault.
  9. Johannes Kaiser

    It always had a magazine, which is mainly what made it so insane. Shot by shot it was weaker than the Halberd, but with 6 shots in the mag that doesn't account for much.
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  10. BengalTiger

    Ah ok...
    Sit down young fellow.
    i shall say to thou a story.

    There was a time when planetside 2 was not released yet, 'i the good corky days of beta testing.
    Back then the enforcer was a guided missile.
    'twere later redone into a single shot unguided weapon, and was most like the halberd.

    then they made another change, and it became what it is now.