Are you guys going to bring back any huge features from PS1? Any plans?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bucketnate, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Bucketnate

    I saw a video about all of the gameplay features of Planetside 1. It was great! There were doors and door locks and whole hallways in facilities and things. I just can't believe we are missing so much of those small things. Even the much larger gameplay elements like the Inventory. I know the game has a very long life time where these things can be added, just wondering.
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  2. Business_Chad

    As a paid member (yes, I shelled the 120 for the membership, such is my faith in this game's developers), I hope they implement half of what PS1 had, the features weren't just original or clever, they were ahead of their time.

    Please make this happen, devs, you're my only hope.
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  3. silverme

    doubt it.
    the doors and door locks apparently would require a re-working of the net code
    hallways led to both sides standing on each end shooting at each other without being able to move through.
    and PS1 inventory would require a complete overhaul of the current inventory and probably the whole class system

    not that I'm saying any of that would be a bad thing but just don't see SOE doing it
  4. Ciel

    well...just bring back some of the old features, such as the leveled base design would do fine.
  5. QuantumMechanic

    Once you get beneath the surface you realize that Planetside 1 and Planetside 2 are two very different games. And SOE isn't really going out of their way to make Planetside 2 more like the original. So I wouldn't count on much.
  6. Stellus

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  7. Gisgo

    The thing i am missing more is the water... lakes, rivers, bridge battles, amphibious veichles. :(
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  8. Metalsheep

    This is exactly where the MAX suit fit into Planetside 1's gameplay. The MAX was designed specifically as a Spearhead to push through hallways and other choke points ahead of the squishy infantry. Mechanized Assault eXosuit.

    The MAX doesnt have as much of a place in Planetside 2 aside from as an AA unit or a soldier with slightly more HP.

    OT: I hope they add more of Planetside 1s gameplay elements into PS2. Doors, Inventory and Indoor Bases, as well as the base functions like the NTU system. And Sanctuaries. Sanctuaries would be nice so you really could push an empire off of a continent entirely, instead of just back to their invulnerable Warpgate.

    There is so much more, but this post would go on for too long to list it all.
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  9. Thardus

    Lot of it sounds like they're going to be bringing it in the future. Until then, I'm just happy that I'm getting my Lancer soon.
  10. BlueSkies

    Honestly, when I got into beta and saw that there weren't any doors I kind of figured it was because they were a little nervous. PS1 had a "door bug" that made it so some people during heavy fights wouldn't see the door opening and closing which really screwed you over in a base fight (try guarding a door and you just keep getting shot through it because it was actually open when you thought it was closed). They were never able to fix that, or the terminal bug that would crop up at red alert fights (you spawn in "PJs" with basic gear and had to hit up a terminal for your loadouts, the term bug would make the terms non responsive).

    So yeah.. I miss doors, door locks, hallways, and all things indoors and defensible... but I don't miss those particular bugs (Not sure what server you play on but Miller has recently been having an issue with ammo packs and whatnot not working, frustration...)
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  11. Littleman

    Yeah. The reason doors were left out was for syncing issues. Shields are sort of a door. While not accomplishing the same effect as a solid door, shields that stop larger ordinance but allow soldiers and bullets to pass through from both sides regardless of empire would act in a similar vein to how old doors worked without the whole syncing issue. Maybe SOE could even place ID scanners next to every door in a facility, that until hacked, hostile soldiers couldn't pass through the shield door. It would still be open to syncing issues, but since it's a "hacked or not" consistency that won't change until the facility flips or someone counter hacks the scanner, it shouldn't pose any more a problem than shield gates not coming down once the gens are blown. Note, this has never happened in my experience, they've always successfully come down.

    The short version: There are definitely ways for SOE introduce doors into PS2 that function in the same way as they did in PS1, just don't ask for solid moving objects that have to open and close all the time. Shield barriers with changing attributes are a good, fair substitute.
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  12. SirIsaacNeutron

    Just this, I still don't understand why devs try to make entirely different game rather than building upon what worked well in past.
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  13. Maljas23

  14. Bucketnate

    yea I remember that some of the vehicles were Amphibious, thats awesome!
  15. TWFTwilight

    What about a short animation, when you jump in a vehicle?
    What about a second gunner, who operates the MAIN cannon of a tank?
    What about a logistic system? Every base needs ressources to stay operational and players have to deliver these from the Warpgate to the main facilities, so the shield gen´s and turrets will stay online. If a main base is contested, the ressource pool it had, will slowly decrease. This will give player other things to do (driving a supply truck), besides schoting enemies and repairing stuff. Small squads could lay ambushes and disrupt supply lines, beeing valuable in important fights and it would make more sense to encircle a main base.
    I doubt they will bring back the inventory system, but maybe they can make it possible, that you can take the weapons of a fallen soldier.
    So much potential...
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  16. Daioh

    they are going to add different features

    remember, PS1 didn't have any of the good stuff when it was first released
  17. Dubious

    PS1 had all the good stuff at release
    All the bad stuff got added later
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  18. Rockstone

    All I want is some type of doors, and some type of Lattice.
  19. AmayaGlass

    What I fear the most is that they don't want to bring these features back, because they're "slow", "clunky" and not fun in compared to the fast paced fluid game play we have at the moment. I mean, when you look at the single scale combat game play mechanics, it falls in line with a lot of modern shooters of today, and not the tactical oriented combat scenarios of PS1. I fear that ever since development they were going for more of a run and gun style game play and not what was achieved in the past... and quite frankly I can see that in continued designed with the patches we're getting. I have a sad, lurking feeling that they're trying to, like millions of developers and producers before them, capitalize on the "modern shooter" genre more than others, a genre not known for strategic depth. In the modern view, the "slow" continues battles of alteration, attack and defense, front lines and pushes is just not a 'profitable' game concept. I can assure you that there's a lot more people out there that would rather run and gun and kill and maim instead of setting up defense points, covering fire, and intelligent counter attacks. In the end, the people that want "run-n-gun" are a bigger consumer base then those who want strategy, and they're probably going to cater to them more then the other crowd.

    I hope with the establishment of a meta game, my words will be shoved in my mouth. I want to be wrong, but I've seen so many other developers do it before too...
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  20. Gisgo

    You are right and i think the same.


    Developers should realize there are dozens of "fast paced FPS" out there, the market is saturated, the competition is wild, and the living span of a "fast paced FPS" is no more than 2 years (probably less).
    They should start using their brain and realize there is a huge playerbase that cant wait for something more complex, deep, strategic.
    This is a playerbase with cash and good willing to stay on a game for years, and there is no competition outside of mods, a well crafted AAA title would be a success.
    If i had the money i would craft it myself!
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