Are we ever gonna do anything about the ZOE?

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  1. MonnyMoony

    I use ZOE - but only on my AA max loadout.

    I find it can be utterly devastating on divebombing ESFs. You wait until they are taking a direct line towards you - then pop ZOE and unleash both bursters. The closer they get - the more damage they take and even if they do a Kamikaze - they rarely make it close enough. The only issue I usually have is against Reavers packing an M30. Also useful to inflict damage on overconfident Gals and Libs - although Bursters cause so little damage that it is barely a deterrent unless there are others burster maxes or skyguards in the area.

    Outside that specific circumstance - ZOE is pretty useless. I run with Max Charge on both my AV and AI loadouts.
  2. MonnyMoony

    Perhaps ZOE should be re-worked like this.

    ZOE basically overdrives your weapons causing more damage (say 20% more) - but in doing so - there is a chance that you will actually cause them to overload.

    Instead of taking extra damage, a ZOE Max should have a % chance for the weapons system to overload, locking them up for a period of time.

    It could start out at 20% and reduce 2% per level - so even certed up to the hilt - there is still a 1 in 10 chance that your weapons will lock upon activating ZOE - and so using it would be a gamble each time - one which won't always pay off.
  3. Gundem

    Random chance is a bad game mechanic. That would either leave it being OP or useless. Plus, most people hate random chances to stop working.
  4. Jubikus

    All the ES max abilities are basically useless. Zoe is the worse at completely useless. NC shield is useless in that it only covers one direction poorly situational use without cover or while reloading. TR lockdown was the most usefull especially against air but with the archer the only time you get to lockdown is inside a spawn room.
    Zoe is complete garbage but its simply the least shiny turd youll almost never take any of the ES abilities over charge.

    Honestly all 3 need a bit of tuning ZOE needs to just be scrapped and turned into a new situational ability as the whole reason it was nerfed was because it was the only ability that was particularly good against infantry Agis shield you cant shoot and lockdown well your stuck in one spot so its pretty easy to geurilla rockets in at you and hit which is why its never used in AI loadouts.
  5. Imp C Bravo

    I am not 100% positive, but I am 90% sure that ZOE NERFS your AA damage....You know -- further out the target is the more of a damage penalty ZOE gives it...
  6. Liewec123

    glad you bumped this, agreed the max abilities need a revisit, ZoE especially.
    i really really want to use it again, but whenever i do i feel like an idiot as i stare at the death screen wondering how i died so fast...

    currently it is "decent" for AA but thats it.

    my suggestion:
    revamp the skill,

    ZoE 2.0
    duration, 15 seconds
    cooldown 30 seconds

    upon using the skill you now get a heat bar,
    the more you fire the more the bar fills up (like normal heat bars)

    as the bar fills you deal more damage (5 stages, 4%, 8%, 12%, 16%, 20%)
    and move faster (2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%)

    if the bar overheats however, you get the complete opposite effect while the system cools,
    as it cools down over several seconds you will deal less damage (20%, 16%, 12%, 8%, 4%),
    and move slower (10%, 8%, 6%, 4%, 2%) both effects gradually falling off as the bar cools.
    overheating also ends the overdrive early.

    ranking up the skill could slow how quickly the heat bar fills,
    at higher rank it could fill slower to allow you to more easily stick around the "sweetspot" top end of the heat bar.
  7. Cyrek


    This is 10m from target, you're doing 200 damage with Quasar and Cosmos with ZOE, this is 20% more damage from regular.


    Past 10m your damage starts to decay a little and at 15m you are doing your standard weapon damage without ZOE.


    And finally this is 25m where you're doing your minimal damage. 125 damage. Try NOT to engage your enemies around this range when ZOE is up. Close range = Greater reward, greater risk; Farther range = Less risk, less reward.
    Damn I hate spoonfeeding, doesn't anyone else?

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