Are wallhacks a regular thing now?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jollybadger, May 9, 2014.

  1. jollybadger

    The last couple of days, I had people either abusing glitches or movement hacks, trolling (at least) the TR on Ceres. The player in question didn't kill me, he would just camp on a point or around it and harass others, by immediately recapping or cloaking/shooting noises. Two people reported being killed by him , but they wouldn't answer when I asked them who it was. And they had a lot of deaths in their history at that point...

    And no, it wasn't just a stalker cloak guy, after a few minutes of searching with flashlights, I gathered a couple of people and we blew up the whole area, inside and outside, even below and above of A-room (Indar Excavation) with mines, C4 and frags. As soon as we left, the point was capped again.
    That day it was a VS.

    Today, I saw an NC flying straight through the wall at C-point on Crimson Bluff, before the same **** started again.
    We where able to ignore it during the Indar Bio alert by capping Rashnu through another route eventually, but it was still annoying.

    Can we have some admins or interns with flying cameras or something to look for whatever is going on?
  2. z1967

    Likely either you are desyncing or they are desyncing. Blatant hackers in this game don't make it to the second day (usually).
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  3. Beeman

    I've seen something like this before in...quartz ridge, I think. C point, maybe...whichever one's in that big, crazy room. It's as though someone were clipped through the ground and capping the point when I'd walk away...then me and my friend both had to stand there to recap it. It was bizarre.

    Probably a desync, as z1967 said. Or some kind of exploit.
  4. Bindlestiff

    The bug is still in game where points flip without anyone being there, the same as the bug still exists where the game thinks you are in one base but you are actually in another.

    These were both 'fixed' but they actually aren't.
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  5. Cinnamon

    Try creating a new character on another server and play that instead.
  6. DQCraze

    Ya I'm seeing a lot more also, to the point of getting shot in the spawn room.
  7. Utrooperx

    Another example of bugs that need to be fixed before one more helmet/decal/fluff is added to the game...notice we still don't have "friendly fire" immunity in the Warpgates back yet?

    Because they really never "fixed' the "no damage" seems it was "easier" to just remove the immunity then ACTUALLY fix the game...:rolleyes:

    IMO, every item on this list needs to be 100% properly corrected before any other useless fluff is introduced...not "temporary fixes" that become permanent solutions to broken mechanics...

    The "points-flipping-with-nobody-around' bug? Why in the WORLD isn't that fixed?

    As far as "wall clipping" goes...I watched a guy run through walls/floors over and over on a outlying Biolab base cap point just the other day...Good Lord, if their connection is that bad, why isn't the server disconnecting them...or a little packet manipulation, maybe?
  8. ExarRazor

    sometimes its a bug, but other times, it is a noclip hacker

    you can tell the difference easily

    if the point begins to revet to your faction with only a single person near the point, its a bug

    if the point stops capping, but does not begin to revert with a single person on the cap point, its a noclip hacker, assuming you swept the entire area with a darklight and didn't find the stalker responsible
  9. 70g50

    During the double xp weekend there was someone sitting, with his mana turret, inside these tube things between quartz ridge and the little base before the tower. On two days in a row. You only saw the rockets fly out of the mountain.
  10. faykid

    Sometimes I get capture reward for a base far away from my current location. I even get call outs like "SCU critical" - when I am in the middle of a field far away from SCU based facilities. I guess some players receive "point conversion XP" for now reason, shrug, and go on, while you spend your resources blowing up an empty room.
  11. Frosty The Pyro

    I had a squademate drop from a gal drop in his max, and fall through the roof of a tower into thier spawn room. after a short wtf he opened up on them before he died (weather from enemy fire or the "restricted area" I do not know). The point is, every now and again things go wonky, dont jump to the hacker conclusion right off the bat.
  12. Jogido

    on a side note, Wall hacks refer to a person using a hack program to see through walls and solid objects.

    What u describe is more of some kind of no-clipping hack.
  13. SpcFarlen

    As others have stated sometimes its a desyncing issue or packet loss. An opponent is going to run around a corner. That bit of data that says he is at the apex is not there for some reason. He shows up as if coming through the wall because of the motion prediction algorithms.

    It really happens in any game. But of course, since PS2 can handle more players in any given area you will tend to see it happen more. Its just a larger sampling size. More occurrences but same percentage over all.
  14. NC_agent00kevin

    Lol Desync.

    Desync doesnt affect only a single player; it affects everything you see.

    Another favorite of mine is 'its your internet'

    lol again.

    Anyone who has ever had their net go bad in PS2 on them knows full well that it doesnt affect a lone player. It affects everything. And its a freezing/warping effect, not a guy casually stepping into a wall when under fire (as was the case last time I called it out)

    BS excuses are BS.
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  15. iller

    That's not a "Wall Hack" .... that's No-Clipping.

    A Wallhack is simply a "HUD" / U.I. hack that makes player models show up behind Walls (usually with chams or in wireframe mode).
    "Clipping" is one of the the oldest terms in BinarySpacePartitioning which refers to a player Entity making contact with a piece of geometry which has its attribute flags set to "World" or "Clips players".

    That said....
    after we noticed all that Debris in the skies, I also noticed I was starting to fall through GROUND terrain a lot more often too. So it's reasonable to expect that ALL terrain on Esamir /Amerish was compromised by the last patch and became Truncated somehow.
  16. Whatupwidat

    Aye, it's not necessarily a hack - I've accidentally fallen through an enemy spawn room roof, then their floor, and disappeared into ******* Narnia or something...I could spot enemies through the floor and after 30 seconds of trying to jetpack back out (I'm an eternal optimist) I relogged.

    Oddest glitch I've had. Well, other than the island from Lost appearing in the sky above Howling Pass Checkpoint.
  17. jollybadger

    well, in the last hour, I saw an NC medic two times, jumping out of the ground below a sunderer, killing it with C4, befor flying straight through the roof of a garage. If that's my internet, I'd like a more in-depth explanation on how this desync works.
  18. Prudentia

    i still remember when using Instant action back in the day you could land on a tower before the spawnshields rendered. so i ran into the spawn to find cover... just to notice that for some reason it was full of enemies :eek:
  19. Garrum

    Was in a biolab a week or so ago, and some guy was using some sort of noclip, repeatedly shotgunning people from inside walls. It was bad enough his own side called him out on it.
  20. FaLI3N

    There is currently a bug that makes some assets fail to render. It happened to me last night and I found that anything that didn't render I could walk/drive right through it with the exception of the 2 story buildings that has internal stairs on both sides leading to separate rooms and then the roof. My guess would be that it would be where all of the **** that floats in the sky of amerish and esamir comes from, instead of loading where it is supposed to it loads on a different continent (many of the assets you see floating in the skies exactly matched what was missing in the afflicted area).

    It only affected the areas between Howling pass and Mao tech plant for me on this occasion but this allowed me to drive through the bases of the AV/AA defense towers at the fronts of bases, right the struts that hold the tech plant up, and through into the tech plant itself. All buildings that you can see through you can also shoot through if you wanted from the complete safety of a non-rendered object including spawn rooms and points can also be capped if you stand inside something within the cap area such as an antenna.

    The things I didn't notice rendering that should of were the struts of the tech plant and the outside walls, antenna's, the lower floor of forward base defenses (the internal area and top floor were intact but you could drive right through the front and out the back), some rocks and most buildings had their outside walls missing (including spawn rooms).

    Needless to say if some jerk had this glitch they could abuse the hell out of it but it may explain a few of the things I have read here. All I did was test if I got hitmarkers through walls and then explore a bit without killing but there is definitely potential for abuse. It fixed itself after I respawned in warpgate and then flew back to the area but it persisted through many lives over fairly large distances beforehand (from howling to mao tech, may of been further past mao but I didn't see anything wrong with mao watchtower and didn't venture further past mao in either direction to see if it affected further).