Are Vanu Weapons that bad?

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  1. JonnyBlue

    Having played TR medic and engineer (T1 Cy - Lynx) I decided to swap faction for a new experience so I made a Vanu LA , Not wanting to rush into action I decided to go to the VR training room and try out some carbines.

    After spending over an hour shooting at dummies at all ranges I was shocked by how bad imho these guns are , Now I'm not a great shot but with my TR weapons I can actually see the target and get kills.
    With nearly every Vanu carbine I was forced to put a muzzle flash and a reflex sight x1 if I didn't I could not see my target at all while firing , Another point was the insane recoil I was getting from these weapons at mid range which is the range I tend to fight at.

    In the end I picked the Serpent which seemed to be the closest I could get to the Lynx and in up close seemed a very good weapon but again mid range it took a whole mag to drop 1 stationary target over 60 meters even then I was struggling to see the target over the muzzle flash.

    My question is are Vanu weapons more for Veteran players or just people who are good shots or am I just not good enough to use these weapons?.

  2. Nody

    Better word would probably be bland; VS weapons tend to be smallest mag, mid level damage without great variety in them. Usually the second (if not first) best gun in any category is NS. Having said VS also have the most unique weapons (PhaseShifter, Lasher etc.) but unique does not always mean useful.
  3. Money

    They weren't bad when the ZOE was overpowered. This "Bloom off the Rose" effect the VS are enjoying currently is due to the NC/TR being the most recent "in favor" faction. Before long something for the NC will get nerferd, and these kids will run back to the VS.

    These kids all want the path of least resistance. All the faction guns are all within nanometers of each other. It will swing back the other way before long.

  4. pnkdth

    Short answer; They're a bit bland but by no means bad. I do tend to go with the flash suppressor on almost all weapons on VS though.

    Long(er) answer; Middle of the road faction. Other factions might just suit you better. Some people swear by high ROF, others prefer low ROF with higher damage, some larger magazines, others more hit and run with faster reloads, some prefer adaptable weapons others more specialized, etc etc etc.
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  5. Corezer

    they're fine. try solstice burst. super low recoil, easiest to max fire rate, and tight moving cof for a very consistent performance at all ranges as a headshot machine.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I've only ever used reflex sights and tbh I have never found muzzle flash to be a problem. For my money VS primaries are the most forgiving to use but feel less poweful - probably as I am more used to the big damage NC weapons or the high RoF TR weapons.

    I have overcome that perception by certing into first the VX6-7 and then the Serpent on my engie / LA and the HV45 on my Medic.Those higher RoF guns work fine for me.

    I also have burst carbines / ARs as a back up for longer range shooting on all factions and they are supremely accurate.
  7. Campagne

    Actually, smallest mag size is an NC trait.

    (See AC-X11, Reaper DMR)
  8. pnkdth

    I wouldn't call it a trait since it only present on those two weapons mentioned and the Rebel. They are both in the 200DMG class, of which no other faction has. That said, what he meant was probably DPM. VS have the same number of bullets on their 143DMG weapons NC have on their 167DMG. So in practical terms, VS does have the "smallest" magazine, well, batteries.

    VS LMGs also tend to have 25 bullets less than their 143 counter-parts on the other factions. There are exceptions, like the Bull and GD-7F which is similar to the Serpent, CQC ARs, and so on.

    Actually now that I type it out, factions traits seem to be all over the place. :D
  9. freeAmerish

    You know the Beamer replace pistol? It´s the only exception.
  10. Campagne

    It's arguable whether or not it's an actual trait, but as far as things go NC have the smallest mag sizes where they are not equal with VS. TR of course almost always has larger mags than the NC & VS.

    There is also the Desperado, which is nearly identical to the Spiker in terms of stats but has two less rounds in a mag, making it the smallest mag size for any of the four burst pistols. Stuff like that. :p

    VS does have a lot of 75 round LMGs though, I'll give you that.

    Eh. "Mag size" means "mag size" and "DPM" is "DPM." Much in the same way that "accuracy" does not mean "bloom." ;)

    Faction traits are at least anchored in their extremes. :p
  11. FieldMarshall

    VS weapons are ok in terms of performance.
    Though i find almost all of their weapons very boring to use except for the unique ones (Lasher, Betelgeuse, Phaseshift etc.)
  12. ModsFreeAreForTV

    They used to be overpowered as hell, that's why I liked them. Now since they got a major nerf while I was gone from the game they suck. I play TR mostly now which is a shame cause I really liked how "easy mode" VS was.
  13. Eulayze

    I didn't see anyone else mention this but there seems to be a bug in VR that makes vanu muzzle flash outrageous, especially when using the shooting gallery style areas in the main VR building. It's not nearly that bad in the live game. That at least explains why you felt you had to put a flash supressor on every gun.
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  14. JonnyBlue

    Ahh ok that might explain quite a lot ill certainly test that out tonight after work...thx.
  15. Fennel

    VS infantry weapons tend to be in the area where their recoil and bloom isn't as sustainable as the TR and the per-bullet damage isn't quite on NC's level. The end result is that the bloom tends to get pretty severe at targets even medium distances away -- as a result, fire discipline and controlling the length of your bursts to about 4-5 bullets tends to make the most of the VS's innately high accuracy. If you try to go full auto you'll be missing quite a bit, especially if you're used to the way TR guns handle.
  16. The Shady Engineer

    Like Eulayze said, VR is bugged and when you shoot at the range marked targets, hit particle effects will show. It happens on all factions just most noticeable on VS. Try stepping out of the VR platform where you spawn and then shoot targets. Should be night and day.

    As for the guns themselves, Terminus AR is basically a beefier Cycler with less magazine capacity and slightly higher recoil. Closest Lynx equivalent I guess would be the Serpent. Main difference between the two is that the Serpent kills faster but has less magazine capacity, reloads longer and is less accurate.
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  17. 0fly0

    Targetting someone at 60 meters with the serpent you're going to need a lot of burst fire, but why this weapon for that range? when i play VS i don't really like the cqc carbine, you're better with a lower rate of fire like solstice sf or a pulsar c.
    Also VS don't have good assault rifle like TR, we have the terminus wich is a good gun with low recoil but no way near the accuracy, ROF or mag size of the TR cycler.
  18. DarkStarII

    It's due to the invisible wall in front of the shooting gallery. What you're getting is the muzzle flash plus the bullet impact effect, which is why it's so blinding.
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  19. Liewec123

    imho there doesn't feel like much of a difference between TR and VS weapons.
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  20. Gutseen

    TR has the highest horizontal recoil (the "skillbeater" kind of recoil)
    Vanu's arms are kinda easy mode, Orion prty much owns mid-long-close range