Are there reasonable ways to revamp Heavy Assaults that everyone would be happy with?

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    Sure in a defensive situation ... but in a standard gunfight were you have to secure or repair a generator were a heavy or 2 might wait for you?
  2. JibbaJabba

    So send a support class in alone to engage in a firefight with an assault class? Your odds are less than they should be.
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  3. TooFewSecrets

    An "Assault vs. Assault" arrangement:
    An LA with the NS-11C landing 100% headshots vs a HA with the Cyclone (about 60% of NC heavies at this point) landing 100% bodyshots will result in a trade. Sure, LA can ambush, but it's almost impossible to land 100% headshots in practice, while aiming for the chest is trivial - this difference would end up being roughly accounted for. This is, of course, ignoring Carapace + Resist + Medkit cheese that can basically give a HA godmode. LMGs do lower DPS, but, again, what sort of LA god can land all headshots, and what sort of HA idiot can't land any?

    Is aimbot levels of skill losing to someone who can't land a single headshot balanced to you?

    Don't forget that the HA also gets to carry around a far superior anti-vehicle option that doubles as the ONLY anti-air option for infantry, and the best AI grenade in the game.
  4. ElricVIII

    The HA can't fly.
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  5. Ryo313

    LA HAS TO AMBUSH.. that's what LA is for.. ambushing and surprising ppl.
    throw a nade down to blind the HA ambush him and yes you can land headshots pretty good with a LA ... from ABOVE and you can quickly get back behind the ledge on the roof. where the HA can't even engage you.

    or you could go full cheese and drop behind the HA with a shotgun and kill him with 1-2 hits before he can even activate his overshield let alone turn around to fight you

    Environment is LAs best friend use it for gods sake. LA can win 1v1 situations with a HA if the LA knows his class and knows what he is doing. a HA is designed and supposed to fight 1v1 but LA can easily cheeskill any HA.

    are you talking about the Resist Shield? don't make me laugh.. it got nerfed to the ground and noone uses it anymore .. it became useless .... and a HA has to activate the resist shield before the fight or else it won't do much... what good is -35% dmg when you don't have any health left? LA with a shotgun is godmode against any HA
  6. TooFewSecrets

    And? Base design is terribly claustrophobic anywhere except the major bases. It doesn't matter if the LA can fly when the HA can force point-blank engagements by just standing on the objective. Or bring an LMG and shoot the LA from range more effectively than the LA can shoot back. If the LA tries to gun down a HA running between enclosed rooms, they just hit F and spam medkits until they get there anyway. And as soon as the HA forces a close range engagement, they can use their instawin concussion grenades.

    The HA also gets the only real AA capability of the five classes, and the best AV capability that doesn't cost nanites.
  7. TooFewSecrets

    I need aimbot AND an ambush AND a flashbang to beat an idiot who only lands bodyshots! Oh, I see, that's very balanced. Great argument.

    Or I can bring a pump-action shotgun, which can maybe two-shot an HA at point blank range if the pellets decide not to screw me. He could literally stab me to death faster.

    I see a LOT of HA with Carapace running the resist shield, because you can chug medkits and essentially become invulnerable long enough that the other guy empties their magazine, then you can gun them down while they try to reload.

    Ryo, I already proved you wrong in another thread, and you ran away crying. Don't embarass yourself again, please. I feel like you're just so bad at the game that you think the HA is the weakest class, and for that I feel a little bad, but you keep coming back for more.
  8. Ryo313

    oh right sry forgot that you are that morron who only trashtalks and doesn't know **** about the game ;)

    1. you must be really bad if you need an aimbot to land headshots i feel sorry for you.

    2. shotguns got a buff... they are pretty accurate up to 20m or so (barron) if you still miss a HA from that distance... sry mate l2p

    3. so you are telling me that you are reloading infront of the HA without taking cover whatsoever? srsly dude step up your game

    4. you only proved that you are an idiot and as i said before i'm done talking to you... i don't waste my time on such a worthless person like you are that can only spread nonsense around and doesn't even know how the game and the classes work. l2p and learn the game itself ( and before i forget it ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) )
  9. Icehole1999

    There is nothing wrong with HA. The only problem is players who still think they should be able to 1v1 a HA as anything else in a CQC fight.
  10. Lucidius134

    Personally if i was designer I'd remove the ability for the heavy to have a main primary, secondary, launcher and an overshield at once myself.

    Battle/scout rifles (full auto scout rifle) snd shotguns as primaries
    Getting a carbine or lmg would take the launcher slot
    Overshields can stay so long as Ha's pick av or ai. That or they could have both and drop the shield.

    That's not how they exist though so I'm not gonna suggest that ever. The foundation of HA have been placed and people have invested money and time. I think other classes just need to be more versatile like HA with options for specialization, as already suggested.
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  11. JibbaJabba

    Can you exaggerate and pick the most implausible corner cases possible to support your argument?

    C'mon man. You're asking folks to have a serious conversation and not being intellectually honest in return.

    What about this: Engy vs Assault matchup...

    An engy (support class) runs into an amp station gen room to repair a blown gen that the offense took out... The defender is either an LA or an HA... In the case of the LA the engy is likely going to lose. In the case of the HA the engy is going to win! Why? Because the HA is still trying to lug his fat *** over to the nearest vehicle gate to even get into the base. But yeah, nerf the HA!

    This discussion is so ridiculous.
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  12. TooFewSecrets

    That's a case of LA vs ANY class, not just HA. You're acting like HA has a passive mobility disadvantage, which it deserves, but doesn't have at all.
  13. CaptCran

    I think the more armor you have the slower you should be and have a stamina meter when you're sprinting. You're not going to be running full out all the time. And decrease the jumping ability. Restrict med/restore kits b/c you can't pierce through that layers of armor to administer it. And restrict some of the implants that can be used on that class. i.e catlike, cloak, etc.
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  14. ElricVIII

    While we're at it lets give engi a giant speed nerf as well because of that wheelbarrow of equipment he's carrying around. Turret, ammo packs, mines, and the same guns and basic armor as everyone else: what a load!
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  15. Humoreske

    I think that dbg should buff heavy guns. Although it is a feature of HA, there are too few players in use.
    Jackhammer is weaker than pump action...
  16. TR5L4Y3R

    yupp because all the other classes rarely bother helping me
  17. johnway

    The other option i can think of is to implement some sort of inventory/weight system like in ps1. Rework the classes a bit giving them one single defining feature to ensure that they can represent the class (medics have healing, engineers ammo dispensors etc). Then force the players to suit up accordingly between a support/offense role. Want to be more supportive?, grab the turret at the cost of heavier equipment.

    For HA they have to decide whether to have the big guns or durability. The LMG/launcher/shield will all be available by default. the problem is that you could only take one of these as a primary item. Do you go for durability but have no AV capabilities? do you go for the dakka route with plenty of bullets and the option to drop spare ammo (fulfilling a minor support role) or o you go for the AV role where you have massive amounts of firepower but have no Shield and limited primary weapon being a pistol of sorts (forgo that weapon and go for tracer rounds to make dumbfire rockets lock on).

    But why stop there, perhaps even other classes can have the HA shield and sacrifice speed or weapons. Why not give the HA Assault rifles with their shield. Hopefully the defining tools at the start will maintain their identity. Hell would we like to see a MAX engineer or medic who sacrifices one (or even Both!) of its weapons as a durable mobile healing/repairing support machine that has to rely on bash to fight back?

    Ok, i'm borrowing ideas from other games, i think the point i want to make is to have every class as flexible as possible, make people forumulate their own class builds/load outs for various scenarios and no class is considered op. its only up to how the player defines it.
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  18. CaptCran

    I can make them fly.... after I push them out of my Gal.