Are there going to be two Shotguns? [MODEL PREVIEWS]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phazaar, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Phazaar

    Since I was immensely upset by the SMG issue (not to be debated here; I feel upset, perhaps I shouldn't, but I do and that's not up for debate), I felt it worth asking the question this time after everyone clamoured that I 'should have known there were two SMGs coming out', as if it's everyone's responsibility to create a ******* Reddit account etc.

    So, has it been discussed that there are two coming out, because here's what the gamefiles show:










    Apologies that the files do not 'prove' they are from the gamefiles - I had to screenshot with Fraps and it only took the preview screen on the model viewer. Just do a search for 'Shotgunpump' in the game .paks and you'll be able to confirm.
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  2. StormStrafe

    The NC pump-action shotgun available in-game is the model without the buttstock.

    Considering that they released two different SMGs at two different times, I think they will do the same with the pump-action shotguns.

    I believe the models with the buttstocks will have more increased effective range (less damage drop off and/or tighter spread) than the currently available pump-action shotguns.

    Awesome models by the way. I love the side saddle shell holders on the NC ones.
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  3. Munq

    And the VS one looks like just like any other VS carbine/AR/SMG. God dammit..

    Whatever, I don't like shotguns anyway.
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  4. Phazaar

    Hearing a lot of people on /yell talking about waiting for the second one. Sounds like we're all learning our lesson, SOE.
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  5. MadGelo

    yea, waiting for the better one next week. lol
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  6. ChaosRender

    Not sure why anyone is mad about the SMG it makes prefect sense to always release guns one at a time.
  7. MadGelo

    if you want to make as much money yes it does.
    People like you are rather annoying
  8. ChaosRender

    It is better for balance as well since you can fix any under or over performance before you release more versions.

    And I am sorry but I am tried of people crying because they jumped at the first piece of candy they saw and the person who waited got a choice that was just as good but suited them better.
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  9. Marked4Death

    For real, I thought VS were supposed to be Trays baby for art styles. Could use a little more creativity I feel.
  10. Phazaar

    As stated, please keep this crap out of the thread. It's not about pieces of candy, it's about not informing your playerbase, and releasing new things that are improvements over old ones, after spending a year reassuring the public that F2P wouldn't mean P2W and all new content releases would be side-grades. Regardless though, this is simply a search to see if anyone -knows- that a second one is to be released, and not that this is another redundant model like the railguns etc.

    Consensus in game seems to be that another is coming out, but no one is sourcing the information. I'd welcome that source.

    Anywho, my money's on the second one having a 2/3 shot larger clip and longer range. The trade off will be something worthless like recoil. And if they don't sort out the ridiculous inability to interrupt the reload cycle, reload time.
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  11. Doogle

    Waiting for the next shotgun first

    Fool me once, shame on you....etc
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  12. Loegi

    They never announced that they're going to release two shotguns, unlike the SMG. So if they do that now they're going to lose quite a lot of trust.

    Sure seems that way with those models though.
  13. WalrusJones

    I bet.....

    They are going to be much longer range, much better with slugs, and slower firing.
  14. centurionvi

    I wouldn't be surprised. Remember the Nighthawk model they accidentally added and removed? This new one ain't it.
  15. Playful Pony

    To be fair, so does the ones for the two other factions... The SMGs were a fresh breath, but it doesn't seem they plan on keeping up that trend. I can certainly see the need to limit the designs somewhat, but when every single weapon is just a very slight variation on the previous one both in looks and how one uses it... At the very least a pump-action should feel and play diferently from any of the other rifles...
  16. Goretzu

    It makes perfect sense for SoE to release the weaker one have everyone buy it and then release the stronger one.

    For the player it makes perfect sense to just wait for the stronger one to be release and just buy it. :cool:
  17. Munq

    At least TR and NC shotguns don't look like TR and NC carbines.
  18. Phazaar

    Or to leave SOE to their incredibly amoral business practices and pay honest companies for their fun time.

    The problem is that SOE have a monopoly on this genre at the moment. When that changes, they'll see what it's like to have to compete with someone that values their customers as that's the only USP any rival needs to bring to the table.

    If any large tech provider operated in this way it would not make sense for them to release a weaker one then an upgraded one with a product lifecycle like this. People don't want to be treated like idiots or have their investments wasted, so they would go elsewhere.

    Take Nikon.

    Nikon release the D5. It costs £3000 and does lots of cool stuff.

    Two weeks later, they release the D5S. It costs £3000 and does more stuff.

    The D5 drops in value as only a few people do not find the extra stuff warrants what will become a good few hundred pounds difference. Early adopters sell their D5 to get the D5S, and feel the burn of a few hundred quid lost in their pocket. Next upgrade cycle, they realise they'd rather feel that burn on selling all of their lenses and flashguns, buy the Canon 1D7 and not have to feel their wallets get lighter during the next upgrade cycle.

    The only differences here are that there is a competitor producing an almost identical product, and that people are able to sell their (now redundant) old cameras. This means people will get fed up of this even faster than were there a resale market available.

    PS. (SOE = Sony Online Entertainment, not Sony online Entertainment).
  19. centurionvi

    Actually they do.
  20. Munq

    Nope I was wrong. Right you are.

    Anyway, I think we agree they need to start looking different.