Are there any games that could replace Planetside 2?

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    Maybe Star Citizen...

    There was also a Guy in the Forums here who asked for people to make a Minecraft PS2 mod....sadly no response.

    Good Threads die so fast here :'(
  2. dreyone

    thats weird, i could have sworn i posted a reply in this thread yesterday. an yway the closest thing would probably be arma. i recommend everyone go check that out since planetside 2 is pretty much dead/overrun by chinese/korean cancer swarmers anyway. Its very realistic and doesnt have any of the annoying new "features" of planetside 2 like useless weapons, unbalanced equipment, incentivizing 1-sided fights etc

    Wikipedia says that the follow Games are in THAT genre:

    Entropia Universe (MMORPG with FPS-Fightsystem)
    Neocron und Neocron 2: Beyond Dome Of York (MMORPG w. FPS-Fightsystem)
    PlanetSide 2
  4. SixNineFour

    Personally I believe a reincarnation of CnC: Renegade in MMOFPS format could work. But Westwoods plans for mmofps were scrapped when it was bought by EA and EA has kinda killed the franchise by now. I have no hope for any good CnC game of any sort anymore.

    There was this game called Eternal Crusade which promised to be grander than PS2, but that really didn't work out.
  5. Pikachu

    I've been looking in to this time to time. Following dev videos and look at the forums. It's not going well. Not even warhammer loving TotalBiscuit has bothered to talk about the game, even though he made a review for a crappy cellphone space marine game. Players say the devs can't balance melee or heavy weapons. The pendulum swings too far in either direction. The game has a bumpy population curve but on average it has less than 1000 players.
  6. D.M.B.-681

    just did a quick summarize here, quality of life and all that.

    Also, i got an email from ww2 online recently, somewhere around 1 may they are releasing on steam, free 2 play, with subscription (if you want to play with all the toys).
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  7. Tankalishious

    Lets hope for a PS3, cause PS2 all in all is a really really good game!
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  8. Pikachu

    With full budget this time and development time. PS2 had 1/3 the budget of DC Universe Online and 1/2 the development time.
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  9. ArtfulWalnut7

    i know how some of you feel about PS2 and how you greatly wish for an alternative to give Daybreak the Motivation the need. i cant say that i could be the person to give daybreak a run for their money but i can say that i am trying to form a team of people to make games and we were definitely talking about making a "Planetside-Type" Game. i dont know how long it will take and hell, i dont even know if it will ever happen but myself and a few other people are considering making a game like this.

    estimate : ( If you are interested for more, look for a prototype somewhere around 2021 ).
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  10. Jbeasty

    I wish you the best of luck =). A PS2 alternative is something I have wanted for a long time. I'll likely be on the lookout, even in 2021 lol.

    With the genre being nearly non existent, I think someone making a successful MMOFPS could make a killing and turn every modern shooter upside down. No AAA company will take that risk though.
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  11. OgreMarkX

    DBG will replace Planetside 2 with Planetside:Arena, and they will fail.

    They will move from a unique, market differentiated product, where they have distinct advantages, to an overly saturated, salty, and legally questionable model of a Battle Royale, where they have distinct disadvantages (see below) with a very high dollar tag attached to it via Battle Passes and Microtransactions and a game design meant to require both while claiming otherwise.

    mArKeTiNg gEnIuSuS.

    I do believe that at least a few people at DBG are starting to realize this.


    1. Small developer teams that emphasize modders over coders.
    2. Very bad QA.
    3. Proven track record of not following through (oh ya we'll have an ASP reset made available, oh ya, I aNsWeReD tHaT mAnY TiMeS aLrEaDy).
    4. Poor anti cheat processes (a very hard and expensive thing so my sympathies to DBG here).
    5. Poor and never maintained game design path.
    6. Questionable committment (staffing, longevity, investment in the games in general). This alone is not's a low cost approach that I appreciate and keeps games running, but in the BR world, which PS:A is (make no mistake), that low cost approach will kill them.
  12. AllRoundGoodGuy

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  13. Demigan

  14. OneShadowWarrior

    I wish there was, because all of us would be gone!
  15. GoriLoco

    With PS2 "limited resources", another game in the genre will easily beat it. This game has potential. Maybe some publicity through the medias can help attract more people and solve the "limited resources" problem.
  16. OneShadowWarrior

    There aren’t any combines arms games on the market and until that happens, PS has no competition, so they can do what they want.