Are there any games that could replace Planetside 2?

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  1. Okjoek

    Taking a look at what makes PS2 unique is factors such as:
    Combined Arms
    Player made bases
    and potential for large population battles

    This isn't a thread made to complain that PS2 is dying or anything, but I am definitely concerned about the poor prospects on the game's future and feel I should have an idea of where to go if the plugs were ever pulled. What other kind of games scratch these itches listed above?

    The closest things I can really think of are maybe Battlefield 1 and the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II which looks to be a lot better than the existing one, but we'll have to wait and see.

    What do you think? Are there any games that grasp the traits that makes PS2 still a desirable game to play?
  2. Diilicious

    there wouldnt be nearly as many people playing this game today if there was a comparable alternative.
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  3. FieldMarshall

    No, sadly PS2 has monopoly on the whole mmofps genre.
    I wish it had some healthy competition. It might encourage growth and development.
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  4. Demigan

    I think that a comparable alternative would run into the same kind of problems. Although the fact remains that PS2 has had many missed opportunities. Just the construction system alone, if better meshed with the main game, could have propelled PS2 to a cult classic that would have stayed alive for another 10 years despite the rest of the balance.
  5. Liewec123

    not currently,
    some have tried (like MAG and Dust 514), all have failed.
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  6. Pikachu

    In 2001 there was World War 2 online. It was re-released in 2006 with name changed to World War 2 online: Battleground Europe.
  7. MichaelMoen

    The only thing I could possibly see is if DICE somehow expanded the scale of Battlefield by a huge multitude. Although I do remember the maps back in Bad Company 2 were pretty decently large.
  8. Pikachu

    I heard in some video about the BF series that the devs tried to have 128p on a map for BF3/BF4 but it didn't work. If they would go PS2 scale they would have to cut graphics and physics down a lot I think.
  9. TRspy007

    Yeah, no game can match PlanetSide, too bad devs don't​ wanna improve it
  10. Demigan

    I dont care! Gameplay over graphics! I would rather have 300 Vs 300 Vs 300 on a low graphic game than some high graphic crap that cant go beyond 60 vs 60, and even that is a stretch for most modern triple-A games. Theres 50 other games out there that can scratch the "ooh pretty 'splosions" itch.
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  11. Alkasirn

    Currently the only game that could replace Planetside 2 is Battleground Europe, though that's not too likely.

    For me personally, what attracted me to Planetside 2 was the open world massive pvp between multiple teams. So considering just that feature alone, Guild Wars 2 is an alternative. Though it's not first person. Or a shooter. It's still a good option for that "I want to capture bases with 40+ enemy players on my screen at one time" itch.
  12. PanzerGoddess

    Gameplay over graphics????......Im kinda both, Id like to believe this is 2017 where awesome graphics help with epic gameplay....
    planetside 2 graphics are like setting your exploits so you can have a "better" gameplay lol....even when the game runs the same on ultra, but as you say its all about gameplay lol
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  13. PlanetBound

    My preference is an Earth style game. Familiar looking things like buildings, plants, uniforms. Too bad there isn't anything on par with PS2.
  14. Shadowomega

    That was Battlefield 2 they tried to push 128 players.

    MAG was also SOE and Dust 514 was CCP, while Dust has failed it was console only and now there is an attempt to revisit having a fpsmmorpg inside the EVE universe. It was originally called Project Legion and has been renamed and is under the working title Project NOVA.

    As for other games that would enter the market would be Star Citizen: Star Marine but I don't have the details on how large they are going to push it.

    Sadly many companies see Planetside 1 and Planetside 2 as a commercial failure and intend to avoid making these games as many see the FPS community as very ficial and will go to the new shinny game of the season, Battlefield/Battlefront, Call of Duty, Titanfall, etc. The only way I can see another game coming along in this genre would be a bunch of fans getting together and making it a reality.
  15. LaughingDead

    Angels fall first is a good one imo.
  16. Demigan

    Well yes, good graphics is always great as an addition. But if I have to choose between gameplay and graphics, it's going to be gameplay every single time. Besides, there's enough you can do with a more cartoonish style graphics.
  17. DeadlyOmen

    Battleground Europe is a great idea, and the faithfullness to believable weapon performance is commendable. I played it for years, until PS2 came out.

    I'm considering EVE.
  18. Daigons

    Q: Are there any games that could replace Planetside 2?
    A: No. There won't be a viable replacement until the industry gets away from Kickstarters, constraining game design to the limitations of consoles, and thinking that the somehow a feeble smartphone is the best money making platform.
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  19. DeadlyOmen

    That does look cool!

    Match based gameplay. :-(
  20. Littleman

    Planetside's mishandling on both accounts kind of sealed the coffin on the MMOFPS genre. I trust another developer with more experienced and future-seeing leadership could stomp Planetside 2 into the proverbial pavement, but the current message being sent about the genre is "it doesn't work." Sadly, PS1 would probably still be with us if it weren't for the big robots and how bad they destroyed the player base. ...Or the hard on SOE leads had for E-sports and Battlefield, prompting PS2 instead of a big update for PS1. We wanted the mechs, but they came out broken OP (no one imagined shielding for the damn things, we just wanted tanks on legs) and it took entirely too long for SOE to address that broken balance.

    PS2 did everything wrong that it could from a balance and design standpoint, and it has largely amounted to a badly realized Battlefield clone created by amateur development leads. The construction system is an attempt to recover from that, but it's a bit late for that recovery now.