Are the Planetside 2 system requirements misleading?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fifty6k, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Fifty6k

    Have at it.

    I play this game on 2 computers, 1 gaming rig at home and also at work with a decently built PC. My work PC is well over the system requirements (except that I have a 32 bit operating system, but a 64 bit system is not listed as a requirement). Knowing that the game requires you to have 4 gigs RAM AVAILABLE (not installed as the requirements state) to play the game without crashing every 10 minutes, why wont SoE change the requirements to read 64 bit operating systems only?

    If you are using a 32 bit system what do you do to help the crashes? Are we just going to have to wait until SoE gets tired of all the tickets and forum posts so they either fix the problems or update the requirements to clearly state what you need to play the game?

    I know that if you meet or exceed the requirements the only thing they guarantee is that you can start the game, but once you do, experiences my vary, but ****, come on! Crashing every 10 mins is a bit outside of the norm here.. Why cant they get the game to play as smooth as every other major title?
  2. Mordrake

    I envy your work.

    Agreed, game crashes consistently if you run with 32 bits. At least for a lot of people.
  3. Metsuro

    because the software is 32 bit, but requires more ram.
  4. BengalTiger

    I still have 2 GB of RAM and it works.

    Sure it crashes from time to time, but unless I'm flying at high speed the PC keeps up with rendering everything fluently.
  5. dr_Fell

  6. wowie

    I have a PC that barely meets minimum in all areas. It's pretty much impossible to roll with my outfit. When I think "minimum requirements" I think all settings turned to low, and running at 20 FPS stable. Instead I have to run the game using .ini tweaks, and still only get 5-15 FPS... unstable, with a CTD every 15 minutes I spend in an area with more than a platoon's worth of people in it. I have a friend with a computer many times more powerful than mine... and he gets 20 FPS stable on low. His PC should be the "minimum" specs.

    Hopefully this will change with the major optimization we're being promised in January.:)
  7. Bilderberg

    just get a 64 bit OS, problem solved
  8. Fifty6k

    I will, just have to find a time to back up all my work stuff and do it on my own time, and get a 64 bit win 7 copy.

    But this is mostly about the system requirements and if people agree that they are misleading.
  9. Fifty6k

    Ahh **** it.. Dayz stand alone should be out soon anyway.