Are the Magrider Strafe Changes Intentional?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Varben, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Tabakki

    Everyone here seems to be missing the point...was the Mag better than the other two faction tanks? Unequivocally, yes. However the VS paid for it in almost every other area...worst infantry rifles, check. worst AI MAX, check. worst ESF, check. So, the only real advantage the VS had has been nerfed into uselessness. Guess I'll be spending a lot more time on my NC alt, until SOE comes to it's sences and reverts this stupid over nerf.
  2. Jestunhi

  3. Izriul

    Matthew Higby@mhigby
    Magrider strafing seems bugged, not intentional to go that slow while strafing. We will look at it.
  4. Ganelon

    The only correct thing in that list would be the VS AI MAX, the rest is bollocks and you know it.
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  5. Tvayumat

    Don't worry VS, SOE is back to rub powder on your chafed little bum bums.

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  6. kill

    Dude. That's a freaking lie. VS have the BEST rifles. They have the BEST ESF (Mos almost as good). They have a very solid MAX.
  7. Jestunhi

  8. Bambolero

    Dude, you didn't just typed that nonsense with a straight face did you?
    That's why people 'don't feel your pain' and laugh at your QQ now, because of posts like yours, some of you are delusional...
  9. altonyc

    Our infantry rifles are just fine. More or less the same as the TR, but with 10 fewer rounds per mag and a faster reload (and no bullet drop, but I find bullet drop to be negligible in the first place).

    I think we might have the worst AI MAX, but we might have just not found the right weapons yet (and our AV MAX is awesome)

    No. Reaver is worse.

    And, even though a few people have posted it,

  10. ritual


    @kill we definitely do not have the best rifles. we MAY have one or two good ones, but NC and TR both have the upper hand when it comes to infantry weapons. Bullet Drop is not even an issue in most situations. If anything we're pretty much dead even with the TR, with the NC having a slight advantage at range if they know what they're doing.
  11. {joer

    God I hope so, because the magrider was 90% of the balance problem. If the mag is on par with the other tanks, omg they might have a mostly balanced game now!

    Odds are though it was a stealth nerf that they will "fix" unlike the traction nerf which means the other tanks roll down hills.
  12. Sedisp

    I have not once derided you sir. You seem very standoffish. I'm not your dad I promise I won't treat you like that.
  13. {joer

    Welcome to the TR and NC's world. They broke that right before release and haven't fix it even though they said it wasn't intentional.
  14. Izriul

    Is there something wrong with you? You sound bitter. Where am I crying about the mag? Anywhere...find it. Go on.

    I linked the exact quote from higby. You sound upset about that, deal with it.
  15. Tvayumat

    To be fair I didn't mean that as a direct reply to YOU, more as a general mean-spirited and admittedly bitter taunt to all the VS who have been shedding tears over this.

    I'm sorry if you felt singled out.
  16. Wobberjockey

    i've seen vanguards on mag hill before. will probably see prowlers up there too with their new WG position.

    also from higby
  17. Flix

    What are you talking about? Stop construkting stuff around "Tanks cant turn tracks while driving". That was the part I had a problem with. That doesnt change if you bring up more "balance"-stuff. Turning while driving. The end. If the tank can kill something while doing so is irrelevant. Can he change the diretion he drives while he drives. Yes or no. Answer is Yes. Can he kill something while doing so was not the point.
    By the way. Sidearmor of the mag. Did you realy brought on this point after proposing to lower the frontarmor of the mag before that? Nice...nice. What do you guess would have happend if that nerf would come?
    And you shouldn`t bring on things like "you kids" if you want to be taken seriously...whats next on the list? Calling others noob?
  18. Dixa

    neither of those tanks require the front of said tank to be facing their enemy to fire, nor is their aim completely thrown off if they hit a tiny rock on the ground.
  19. Tvayumat

    Clearly this upsets you. I'm sorry that you are upset.

    The argument is null, apparently it is being changed back. Go forth and rejoice.
  20. Dixa

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