Are the Magrider Strafe Changes Intentional?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Varben, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Jaloro

    Its broken. Let the TR/NC enjoy it for a while but its clearly broken.
  2. Varben

    I love how my post asking if the changes are intended since they weren't explicitly worded in the patch notes is mentioned as some sort of whining crying post.
  3. DogmaticKerr

    You misunderstood the meaning of that completely. When I say that they are not supposed to be on equal footing, I mean that one tank is not supposed to be just like the other. The Magrider is not supposed to be like a Vanguard or Prowler and vice versa, etc. Your tank is NOT supposed to be MY tank! There are also canonical considerations, such as the fact that the Magrider works off of alien technology and is supposed to be a fixed-cannon *hovering tank*.
    There is also something to be said for the fact that each tank really had situations in which it worked best and better methods of deployment. None of this really tracks with taking the most maneuverable tank in the game, that was supposed to be the most maneuverable tank in the game, and making it something akin to a floating log.
    It really does seem to me like a lot of you clowns really have to get a better perspective of the game than to constantly vilify your in-game enemies and wish for nerfs on them just so you troll the forums about it.
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  4. SinerAthin

    Indeed, there's a reason why so many modern tanks choose to have a turret rather than build the cannon into the main chassis.
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  5. Vertabrae

  6. Navoletti



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  7. Talizzar

    So you have a hard time dodging a rocket that should be coming in at 2000mph? About freaking time SOE! Mags were impossible to hit without lock on missiles. Stop the QQ now you sound like the flyboys..........You had 3 months of OPness now deal with something that is realistic. Thanks.
  8. Bambolero

    No no, just reread everything from your first post in this thread on and you'll realize, you described yourself in that rant of yours I quoted perfectly, you were projecting without even knowing, just like the "I am TR!!" slip lol, but it's cool as long as you understand your problems, that's the first step and you took it, I'm happy for you.
  9. shakkar

    im so proud not to play tr.
    i really dont understand whats wrong with you.. bad childhood?
    i have no fun so nobody can have some... and if i dont get a lolly, nobody should.

    now your prowler is fine, im fine with it too..why shouldnt i be happy that prowler mobility and power was pushed?
    its good for the game, its good for the fight ..i want a challenge and im happy with it.
    but why should i, as a nc and a vs tanker be happy that one of these get nerfed the fun out of it??
    i really dont understand that new thinking...
    dumb ppl everywhere - and sooooo many!

    ... sad.
  10. Nature

    Had nothing to do with the fact that vulcan was absolutely absurd in close rangers. Certainly not... was all your skill.
  11. Fortress

    I haven't been able to play yet, but this sounds like a really fun patch.
  12. Flix

    And you try to talk around the fact that it is perfectly possible to turn with prowler/vanguard while keeping the speed while you said yourself that this is not possible at all. That video prooves you wrong. End of diskussion. It IS possible. Even on uneven terrain. If you cant do it yourself then practise.You nowhere mentioned anything about fightingdistance. It`s of absolut NO matter.

    And on the reducing frontarmor. I love that. How exactly are we supposed to win ANY closerange encounter that way? You would simply outdmg us 10/10times. Not with your additional gun no, WIth your maingun. And THEN you flame us for beeing good at longrange. WHAT THE **** do you want from the tank to be good at? Getting destroyed? Good at beeing a victim close and at snipingranges?
  13. Ganelon

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  14. Sedisp

    Again merely stating a very long version of "I am rubber you are glue" does not give you any more credit.
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  15. Bambolero

    The only clown in this thread so far is you, you keep crying about your OP toy being taken away and desperately trying (with childish arguments) to justify it's return, which will not happen..
    Get used to it, adapt, learn to play or ragequit, those are your options...
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  16. Pinback

    I just decided to test it, and you can in fact move forward and backwards while strafing. Not saying they didn't nerf it's quickness, but you would think you couldn't do it at all reading all these posts.

    Note here, I've spent maybe 2 hours tops in a Mag before this patch, so I certainly can't judge this nerf fairly (also I'm NC so...)
    However, it still has a clear maneuverability advantage over the other faction tanks (as it should), the question is, do it's disadvantages balance with it's advantages.

    I would not consider myself qualified to answer that question. But I think the Vanu players should at least note to themselves, that the change feels way more drastic when you've been playing that tank as it was, for months, and as always on the forums...

    ...the fish you caught on your camping trip last weekend, was only half the size you told everyone at the office.

    Anyway, debate on. I'm expecting more changes to be inbound quickly, so enjoy the rage while you can. In a few weeks it will be someone else's turn, and you can start the thread about the TR/NC tears.
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  17. Takara

    I'm not of a tanker, but I have noticed the magrider feels like it is stuck in a mud hole now. Very very slow acceleration and strafe speed. If that is how it was changed...what ever but none of that was in the patch notes.
  18. Tvayumat

    Keep telling yourself that. The evidence speaks for itself.

    If you really think that a 2/2 prowler with a vulcan scoring a point blank kill against magrider side armor proves anything in terms of balance well... I guess I'm sorry.

    You're right, I didn't mention mid to long range in my initial post. I must not have meant that, then. Good thing I have you kids around to tell me what I mean all the time or I'd be lost.

    I'd like to address this little gem. First of all, flawlessly executed product plug for Absolut. Secondly, range has no impact on accuracy while moving? Really? Is that really something you want to have said?

    I think you can edit posts up to an hour, so you are still inside the window.
  19. RblDiver

    Higby 4min ago: "Magrider strafing seems bugged, not intentional to go that slow while strafing. We will look at it."
  20. Bambolero

    Did you reread the posts though, you did absolutely everything you were accusing me of in just few posts lol, kinda funny.
    It is YOU that showed weird emotional attachment to game characters, it was YOU that started insulting posters and even more, all members of a faction lol.
    Dude, wake up...
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