Are the Magrider Strafe Changes Intentional?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Varben, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Varben

    After being told that there weren't going to be changes to the maneuverability of the magrider, and then told that there will be no changes to the hovering ability of the magrider, there has been drastic changes to the maneuverability of the magrider. Strafing sideways while moving forward results in a massive loss of speed, equivalent to trying to stop. This makes it near impossible to maintain momentum in any direction other than forward, which is a massive hit to the magrider's ability to move around. I believe these changes are simply because of the attempt to slow down the magrider's ability to climb hills by using forward and sideways, since such a massive change to the way the vehicle handles is inconsistent with previous statements. I would like confirmation of this.
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  2. Tokra88th

    So true! This is reminding me of Planetside 1 where they nerf everything VS.....they boost the Vanguard and Prowler yet nerf the Magrider..... JOKE!
  3. Varben

    Yes, keep bumping my thread thank you.
  4. Justicia

    He's right though, the magrider can't even get up small inclines any more, and strafing halts your movement to a crawl.
  5. vrcarnage

    I think this was how they supposedly fixed the use of diagnol climbing. Instead of them fixing the problem they just made it to where you can't do it @ all. Sounds like the normal fix for soe lol
  6. Xae

    You can't move forward (or backward) while strafing in a Magrider.

    That is what they are talking about.
  7. AntiDemocide

    Is combat straffe affected? If not, then all is fixed.
  8. Louis Farrakhan

    welcome to the world of prowler/vanguards.
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  9. Gary

    You can still strafe around in combat, You just get your momentum slowed if you attempt to strafe whilst moving forward or backward.
  10. Tvayumat

    Thanks, we will.

    Know what other tanks can't move forward while moving sideways? EVERY OTHER TANK IN THE GAME.

    You can still strafe, the other tanks have to physically rotate their entire hull. So yeah, boo hoo for you.
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  11. IamSalvation

    Sorry, but atm the Magrider is a JOKE!

    I got a Rival Combat Chassi LvL 2 on it and it strafes slower with that now than it did before the patch without anything on it! I would guess its HALF the speed now!
    You cant even dodge a Phalanx Spear at long ranges! And that things shoot slower than anything in the game...

    With changes like that just take away the hover, give us tracks and a good weapon like the others get it, maybe they stop whining then... (or laughing like they are now)

    Yeah, all non vanu will say its "balanced" now.. but atm a Mag can´t win a tank battle against any of the other tanks, think it will lose vs a good Lightning player too....

    omg i want my Certs and SC back....
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  12. Gary

    They also Fixed the Vanguard and the Prowler.

    The Vanguard can take more punishment, The prowlers ability is now actually useful and not a waste of certs that get you killed.
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  13. AntiDemocide

    the prowler +25% is overkill though.
  14. Gary

    25% what?
  15. Varben

    The speed buff from lockdown is also overkill.
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  16. Slyguy65

    LOL good stuff that is actually how i wished they would nerf it...interesting...

    Seems fine to me...

    Either that or get your armor nerf'd

    Your tanks were OP get over it, they are making them more balanced now.
  17. Wobberjockey

    small nerf? no.

    you can't even get a mag onto magrider hill anymore.
    this is not a small nerf, something is broken
  18. Xae

    I play TR.

    Magrdiers weren't OP. Prowler drivers were dumb.
    Every single time my HEAT/Vulcan prowler fought a Magrider I won. Every. Single. Time.

    The bad prowler drivers with HE and 1 of 2 kept losing and crying.

    I just ******* 3v1'ed Magriders with my AP/Vuclan prowler now.
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  19. Sedisp

    Other tanks have a turret. VS has to rotate its entire hull.
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  20. Wobberjockey

    dude. when locked down you are firing rounds that move 2-2.5 times FASTER than the saron ever did
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