Are SOE Releasing Empire Specific Buggies?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Flukeman62, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Flukeman62

  2. SinerAthin

    Stats and mechanics aren't that difficult.

    Stats are just variables of numbers. You can change a Vanguard's top speed from 50kph to 1000kph with just a few seconds in the main file.

    The mechanics are already in the game. (TR and NC will most likely use almost the same mechanic as the harasser, VS can just copy-pasta the already existing Hover-mechanic from the Magrider).

    I could imagine the difference would be for the empire specific buggies:
    TR: Highest top speed.
    NC: Extra armor and HP.
    VS: Easier manouvering, strafing & handling in rugged terrain or uneven flats.
  3. gigastar

    I believe the official release window for ES Buggies was "eventually".
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  4. Flukeman62

    my ideas are a bit more... complex
    all ES buggies=unable to equip a shield diffuser (a quality i think should be unique to NS). able to equip ES weapon on top turret
    NC=more armour. heavier than the harasser. no rumble seat(replaced with a passenger seat inside the buggie next to driver.extra NS turret for passenger (mounted like the flash weapon with 180 degree arc). more stable. vanguard shield.

    TR=faster. better handling than harasser. slightly less armour. night vision for the driver. driver has forward locked (locked = cannot be turned will always face directly forward) twin kolbalt which can be switched out for twin linked forward faceing locked basalisk. rumble seat cannot carry max's.

    VS= strafing. slightly less armour. immune to mines. slight glow from engines. no rumble seat(so 2 passengers only). slightly slower max speed but slightly higher acceleration.
  5. Metal Insomniac

  6. Flukeman62

    i won't hold my breath
    it is more than likely that we will need to wait for the ES buggies.
  7. R-A-B

    This is a misconception that stems from a fairly severe oversimplification. This is not one vehicle with a different skin and different stats. Frame, texture & sounds for the physical (or rather, virtual) model but then you have to look at empire specific weapons to mount on the vehicle and to be faithful, a unique trait (Anchor/vanguard sheild/magburner etc).

    Then you have to balance all 3 so they are as close as possible in terms of "performance" without being the same. Hell the amount of different stats to change, turn speed, reload speed, projectile speed, reverse speed, forward speed, speed on an incline, gun elevation speed, gun rotation speed. that is just the speed's I can think of off the top of my head.

    So no it is not about difficulty, it is about time. Time to create 3 different vehicles then time to balance them as best as possible by picking the right stats to change. something small and simple like speed? Or fairly large like gun elevation? (often overlooked as a huge con on the magrider). THEN you have to balance them with the rest of the armoury to insure that all of a sudden, lets say, the Lightning becomes obsolete. All of a sudden a new empire specific vehicle becomes considerably costly and complicated.
  8. Devrailis

    If anything, the NC buggy should be a battered, rickety pick-up truck with no main cannon and 6 rumble seats for those pot-bellied red-neck NC hicks to fire their (hacksaw)shotguns out of while screaming "MURICA!" at the top of their lungs. The NC buggy would be prone to exploding the moment it sets on fire due to copious amounts of alcohol present onboard. :cool:
  9. eldarfalcongravtank

  10. SinerAthin

    Well, I think that wouldn't make sense since Magriders are already affected by Mines, so we might skip their mine immunity and give them the same armor/durability as the TR's :p

    Why would ES buggies need a dedicated ability though?

    If you ask me, the way they handle (tanky&bulky NC, speedy TR, or hovering VS) are all pretty unique.
  11. Flukeman62

    they already do have the same armor (in my idea)
  12. SinerAthin

    I think you might as well have said:
    NC: Extra armor.
    VS and TR: Normal armor.

    To avoid the overcomplexity :p
  13. Flukeman62

    i was baseing it all around the harasser so NC=more armor than harasser
    TR/VS=less armor than harasser.
  14. SinerAthin

    Why should the VS and TR really have less armor than the harasser?

    I'd expect everyone to use their ES buggy once they get released.
  15. Strottinglemon

    I still think a community workshop is in order. Give us the tools and specifications and we'll work wonders.
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  16. Jeralamo

    was shown on the most recent command center.
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  17. Flukeman62

    i was just looking for some form of disadvantage
  18. SinerAthin

    As in, you want there to be a reason to use the NS Buggy even after we have our ES buggies?
  19. Flukeman62

    I personally hate the idea of obsolescence schemes in games. This way the harasser gets a role as a light max transport/light annoyance and the ES buggies get the role of armoured escort for tanks (NC), blitzkrieg (TR), mobile and stable sniping vehicle (VS)
  20. Joehunk

    Yes. IMO the Harasser should not have access to ES weapons like it does, but we should get ES buggies that do. I loved the Thresher in PS1.