Are SOE Releasing Empire Specific Buggies?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Flukeman62, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Flukeman62

    Because honestly there is not enough empire variety in vehicles right now.
  2. Oreo202

    In the future, possibly.
  3. Saintfanny

    No ES buggies, but theres a marketing list somewhere that says a new ES vehicle is coming in soon
  4. Flukeman62

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  5. SinerAthin

    Exactly how complicated is it to give the current Buggy a reskin, some new parts and make one of them float?

    It does sound like something some freelancer designers could do over a couple of weekends.(from my limited knowledge)
  6. PeanutMF

    I remember Higby mentioning ES buggies in a post, if someone can remember which one feel free to link it. :p

    He mentioned the Harasser in the same post and how it would be coming around about May while the ES buggies might be coming much later.
  7. Morpholine

    I miss my Thresher.
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  8. FlameGankin

    What would you do for the enforcer then? NC, as well as TR and VS, can already remake the Enforcer using the harasser so it'll be tough to make ideas for NC.
  9. Goden

    Too much work for SOE. Much easier to release one vehicle (or weapon) and add faction colours to it.
  10. Flukeman62

    all ES buggies=unable to equip a shield diffuser (a quality i think should be unique to NS). able to equip ES weapon on top turret
    NC=more armour. heavier than the harasser. no rumble seat(replaced with a passenger seat inside the buggie next to driver.extra NS turret for passenger (mounted like the flash weapon with 180 degree arc). more stable. vanguard shield.

    TR=faster. better handling than harasser. slightly less armour. night vision for the driver. driver has forward locked (locked = cannot be turned will always face directly forward) twin kolbalt which can be switched out for twin linked forward faceing locked basalisk. rumble seat cannot carry max's.

    VS= strafing. slightly less armour. immune to mines. slight glow from engines. no rumble seat(so 2 passengers only). slightly slower max speed but slightly higher acceleration.
  11. Cl1mh4224rd

    If you're at all familiar with the changes to Indar currently on the Test Server (and still in progress), you wouldn't be making jokes about their laziness.
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  12. Flukeman62

    yeah for once i really think they are trying hard but they promise too much sometimes and while what we get is good it isn't what we expected
  13. Cl1mh4224rd

    How many times in your life have you ever gotten what you expected or better? I find it interesting that we (people) seem to blame others for not meeting expectations imposed upon them by ourselves, but rarely stop to consider if maybe it's our own expectations that are the failure. We also often excuse our attitude by claiming our expectations aren't actually very high. Heh. Humans...

    That's not to say that high expectations are necessarily bad, though. They're probably useful as a motivational tool to encourage improvement. I think the key, however, is not to trash people for failing to meet our own high expectations, but to acknowledge (or even praise) any improvements made and encourage an upward trend.
  14. Dudeman325420

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  15. R-A-B

    Making them look different is simply aesthetic and functionally pointless. To be empire specific they have to literally have different mechanics/stats. Which requires a lot more design.
  16. Metal Insomniac

    They will have ES weapons mounted on them, at least.
  17. Flukeman62

    but they still should introduce ESBs
  18. Flukeman62

    higby tweeted that that wont be the case
  19. Metal Insomniac

    What, really? Link, please.

    If true, this is incredibly disappointing.
  20. jjruh

    Forget Empire Specific buggies, I want my Empire Specific ATV
    VS Ghost Here I come